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TUCoPS :: Radio :: bccops.txt

BC VHF Police Frequencies


British Columbia RCMP & Police Radio Frequencies               91-02-04


142.1850   Richmond Dispatch
142.7850   Richmond Information
139.0800   Richmond Tac-1              (located in all cars)
139.3800   Richmond Tac-2              Ch-22
138.0450   Richmond Tac-3
139.2800   Richmond Tac-4
138.6950   Richmond Tac-5
138.1950   Richmond Tac-6              Surveillance
142.0350   Richmond Freeway Patrol
138.9450   White Rock Dispatch
139.8600   White Rock                  Patch with Blaine
139.2150   White Rock                  Patch with Langley
142.3050   White Rock                  Patch with Surrey
139.0800   White Rock Tac-1
139.3500   White Rock Tac-2
142.4250   Surrey Ch-1 South Disp.     (In actual radio switch order)
142.3050   Surrey Ch-2 South Disp.     simulcast of Ch-1
142.7550   Surrey Ch-3 North Disp.     covers area north of 88th
139.0800   Surrey Ch-4 Tac-1           Lower Mainland Tac-1
139.4400   Surrey Ch-5 Info            also car-to-car
139.2900   Surrey Ch-6 Radar           also detectives, car-to-car
155.6700   Surrey Ch-12 Radar          also Freeway Ch-4
139.3500   Abbotsford Dispatch         Ch-14
139.5300   Abbotsford Dispatch         Rptr G
139.0800   Abbotsford Tac-1            Ch-16
142.9650   Matsqui Ch-1 Dispatch       (Matsqui City Police)
140.2950   Matsqui Ch-2
139.0800   Matsqui Ch-3 Tac-1          Patch with RCMP
139.7700   Chilliwack Dispatch
139.3500   Chilliwack Tac-2            Ch-14
139.2150   Chilliwack Tac-5
139.2900   Chilliwack                  Ch-19
142.0350   Freeway Patrol F-1
155.6700   Freeway Patrol Ch-4         Radar (Mustangs), Sry Ch-12
139.0800   Freeway Patrol Tac-1        also Lower Mainland Tac-1
140.1300   Freeway Patrol Tac-2        also Nanaimo Tac-3, Whistler
139.2900   Freeway Patrol Tac-3        North Vancouver
140.6400   Freeway Patrol              Sumas rptr
139.5900   Freeway Patrol (100-Mile)   83 Mile to 132 Mile on 97
139.4100   Freeway Patrol (Ashcroft)   Spences Bridge to 83 Mile on 97N
140.0400   Freeway Patrol (Bstn Bar)   Spuzzum to Kanaka Bar
140.6400   Freeway Patrol (Chilliw)    Port Kells to Bridal Falls
139.5000   Freeway Patrol (Clrwater)   Hwy 16 N of Kamloops
140.1000   Freeway Patrol (Hope)       Bridal Falls to Spuzzum
139.2450   Freeway Patrol (Lytton)     Kanaka Bar to E of Spences Bridge
139.5000   Freeway Patrol (Quesnel)    Alexan. Ferry to 5M N of Stone Cr
139.2450   Freeway Patrol (Will. L)    132 Mile to Alexander Ferry
139.4700   Hope                        Hope - Boston Bar
139.2450   Hope Ch-A                   Chilliwack
139.3500   Hope Dispatch               Ch-14
139.0800   Hope Tac-1                  Ch-16

139.3800   Merritt Dispatch
139.2450   Merritt Dispatch            Rptr A
139.0800   Merritt Tac-1
139.3200   Kelowna Dispatch            Rptr D
139.5300   Kelowna Dispatch            Rptr G
139.9200   Special                     Police
159.0300   Administration              Canada-wide
139.2450   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr A
139.4100   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr B
139.3200   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr D
139.5000   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr E
139.5600   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr F
139.5300   BC Interior Dispatch        Rptr G
139.0800   BC Interior Tac-1           Ch-16
138.9450   BC Interior Tac-2
139.1400   BC Interior Tac-3
139.1850   BC Interior Tac-4
139.2150   BC Interior Tac-5
155.6400   Canada-wide                 F-9
139.1700   Canada-wide                 F-20
155.2950   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-6
155.5050   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-7
155.9850   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-8
155.7450   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-10
155.3250   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-11
155.8800   Canada-wide area dispatch   F-13 (also Wash State Police)
139.1700   Emergency                   RCMP
139.1700   Pursuit                     RCMP

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