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Amateur Radio Newsline #912

Amateur Radio Newsline #912 06 Feb 1995

Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a
service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk.  The transcribed version is produced
by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly
distributed to online services and bulletin board networks by Steve Coletti
and Dale Cary.

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   The following is late news about Amateur Radio for Radio
 Amateurs as prepared from NEWSLINE RADIO scripts by the staff of
 NETWORK.  For current information updates, please call
                    Audio Version of Newsline
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   For questions or comments about the text version, contact me at
 D.CARY@GENIE.GEIS.COM on the Internet.
   For the latest breaking info call the Instant Update Line listed
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   Check with your local amateur radio club to see if NEWSLINE
 can be heard weekly on the air in your area.
   Articles may be reproduced if printed in their entirety and
 credit is given to AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE as being the source.
   For further information about the AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE,
 please write to us with an SASE at P.O. Box 463, Pasadena, CA
                                             Thank You
Some of the hams of NEWSLINE RADIO...
 and many others in the United States and around the globe!!!
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 (*   As always, we thank you for your support.                   *
 (*      That ends this weeks closed circuit advisory with        *
 (*   Newsline Report number 912 for release on Friday, February  *
 (*   3rd, 1995 to follow.                                        *
 (*                                                               *
 (* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                     The following is a QST
   The ARRL invites repeater coordinators to a league sponsored
 meeting, Japanese hams rally to provide communications in the
 earthquake ravaged city of Kobe and another honor for a well known
 British ham.  These stories and more on Newsline report number 912
 coming your way right now!
   Repeater coordinators.  Put on your traveling shoes.  The ARRL
 is inviting you to an open meeting later this year.  A meeting
 that the Board of Directors says is to discuss ways of
 strengthening FCC support of local and regional coordinators, and
 related issues.
   This is only one of many decisions made when the ARRL Board of
 Directors met in San Antonio, Texas, January 20th and 21st.  Here
 are more of the highlights.
   First, the Board adopted a Strategic Long Range Plan that has
 been in preparation since May of 1994 and has instructed President
 George Wilson, W4OYI, to begin its implementation.  W4OYI
 appointed three new committees to coordinate the most critical
 aspects of plan implementation.
   Also, a package of legislative goals was adopted, including
 positions on special call sign and licensing fees, spectrum
 allocations, liability protection for volunteers, RF
 susceptibility of consumer equipment, better rules enforcement,
 and commercial competition for spectrum.
   And the cost of being an ARRL member is going up.  This after
 an operational plan and budget for 1995 and 1996 was approved.
 The dues increase takes effect on April 1st.  On the other side of
 the coin, a fund raising effort in support of the AMSAT Phase 3D
 satellite project was approved, including a $150,000 matching fund
   On the regulatory scene, a draft petition for greater
 flexibility in spread spectrum operation was revised to limit such
 operation to bands above 420 MHz, and the General Counsel was
 instructed to file the petition with FCC.
   And the ARRL will file comments supporting participation by
 radio amateurs in state and local emergency communications
 operating plans under the new Emergency Alerting System that will
 replace the Emergency Broadcast System.
   Also, the board ordered something many hams have been wanting
 for several years.  Studies were ordered of ways to oppose
 restrictive covenants that limit amateur operation, and to
 increase FCC enforcement of its amateur rules.  Sometimes called
 Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions, these are deed
 restrictions placed on many homes at the time that they are
 constructed.  They also make it difficult for ham radio operators
 to find new homes.
   In other matters, the final report of the Ad Hoc 219 MHz
 Committee was adopted, in preparation for an expected announcement
 of an amateur allocation in this band.  Also, the Hiram Percy
 Maxim Birthday Celebration that was so popular in September 1994
 was made an annual event.
   Finally, Helen Grauer, N0BCI, the widow of ARRL Director Paul
 Grauer, W0FIR along with and Directors Ed Metzger W9PRN and Frank
 Butler were elected to three year terms as Directors of the ARRL
   The complete minutes of the January board meeting will appear
 in March issue of the League's QST magazine.
   An amateur radio operator once considered a hero is now a step
 closer to losing his license.  The FCC has ordered a license
 renewal hearing for Herbert L. Schoenbohm, KV4FZ.
   In 1992, Schoenbohm was convicted in U.S. District Court of
 fraudulent use of a counterfeit long distance telephone access
 device.  Now, the Commission says that conviction is relevant to
 evaluating whether Schoenbohm will comply with FCC rules governing
 amateur radio.
   The Commission says it appears Schoenbohm lacks the requisite
 qualifications to have his Extra class amateur radio license
 renewed.  Schoenbom, who lives in the U.S. Virgin Islands, says he
 will prevail in court.
   In addition to house arrest and two years probation, Schoenbom
 was ordered to pay a $5000 fine.  He says the FCC was asked to
 hold the license renewal hearing by people who want him off the
   The next step is for an FCC Administrative Law Judge to set a
 hearing date.  No word yet on exactly when that will happen.
   Herbert Schoenbohm is no stranger to controversy.  Fifteen
 years ago, he took on rich yacht owners who paid for radio
 callsigns and operated illegally while in the Caribbean.
 Schoenbohm got the FCC to declare that people operating from U.S.
 flagged vessels must hold valid amateur licenses and are subject
 to FCC rules.  That victory made him a hero to hams worldwide.
   More recently, he founded the controversial Better Amateur
 Radio Federation.  Now, the man other hams once looked up to has
 to prove to the government that renewing his license will serve
 the public interest.  More on this story in future Newsline
   The unlicensed community radio statio Radio Free Berkeley
 received a temporary reprieve.  This, after a federal judge
 rejected a Federal Communications Commission request for a
 preliminary injunction to shut down the station.
   Free Radio Berkeley is a 20 watt FM station that broadcasts
 from 9 p.m. to midnight on Sundays.  It's operated by Stephen
 Dunifer who says that he wants to expand the station's hours.  But
 the FCC says that the small alternative station was illegally
 broadcasting without a license and should be shut down.  It argues
 that there is no constitutional right to operate a radio station.
   But in an order issued on Friday January 20th, U.S. District
 Judge Claudia Wilken.  Judge Wilken said she questioned the FCC's
 rules governing small stations like Dunnifers'.  She stopped short
 of ordering the FCC to adopt new rules authorizing the operation
 of such stations.  She did say that the FCC, not the courts,
 should decide how to regulate "micropower" stations like Radio
 Free Berkeley, and indicated that the government cannot simply run
 them off they air.
   The FCC says that the ruling was the first time a judge has
 rejected the FCC's request to shut down an unlicensed radio
 station.  The agency will be appealing the case to a higher court.
                  HAM RADIO IN THE KOBE QUAKE
   Ham radio was used to aid communications following the January
 16th earthquake in Kobe Japan, but only within the borders of that
 country.  Japan declined to declare an international
 communications emergency.  That meant only nations with third
 party traffic agreements could handle emergency related traffic.
   But inside the country it's a different story where more than
 200 hams are still providing communication in the Kobe area.
 Amateur Radio is being used to connect relief centers and to
 exchange information on road conditions and traffic, the health,
 welfare, and whereabouts of residents, and the availability of
 water and food, according to the Japan Amateur Radio League.
   The JARL and the Japan Amateur Radio Equipment Industry
 Association are conducting the communications effort at the
 request of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.  200
 handheld transceivers for 430 and 1260 MHz, as well as three
 repeater stations, were supplied by JAIA.  Each portable station
 has been assigned a special call sign, 8J3 series.
   But there are still 400 relief centers handling a total of
 240,000 evacuees that are still not being served by this
 communication system.  The Japan Amateur Radio League says that it
 is considering equipping at least half of them with amateur
 stations, if they can get the hams and the go ahead from the
   And this reminder to hams in the United States.  No bilateral
 third party traffic agreement exists between Japan and the United
 States.  Since Japan has declined to declare an international
 communications emergency, it is illegal to send or receive third
 party messages for stations in Japan.  Don't do it unless you want
 to you want to chance getting a pink slip from the FCC.
                     IARU MEMBERSHIP SOUGHT
   Still on the international scene.  Amateur Radio societies in
 Turkmenistan and Burkina Faso have applied for membership in the
 International Amateur Radio Union.
   The president of the Turkmenistan Radio Amateur League is
 Eugene M. Zwontsov, EZ8BO.  He says his organization has 24
 members with the total number of licensed amateurs in Turkmenistan
 is 32.
   The Association des Radioamateurs du Burkina Faso says it has
 29 members, including a number of officials of the Office National
 des Telecommunications.  Its president is Youssouf Kaba, XT2KY.
   The administrators of the World Radiosport Team Championship
 1995 report progress in organizing the event and solicit questions
 and comments.
   WRTC-95 will be held July 8 and 9, 1995, in Washington, DC, in
 conjunction with the IARU HF World Championship.  The Frankford
 Radio Club has joined the Potomac Valley Radio Club in
 coordinating applications for operators/participants.
   Many other Washington area amateur radio clubs also will help
 with the arrangements and logistics for WRTC-95.
                          HELP WANTED
   AMSAT North America says that it is seeking the services of a
 full-time person to oversee the final assembly and testing of the
 Phase 3D spacecraft at its Orlando, Florida Integration Facility.
 The person must have at least 5 years of hands-on experience in
 the aerospace industry including cable harness design and
 installation.  Both domestic and international travel will be
   Also, AMSAT's Phase 3-D project is in need of a volunteer who
 can read and translate technical Russian.  If you can help in
 either of these projects please contact Dick Jansson, WD4FAB at
 Amsat NA.
                       SOLAR ASSISTANCE
   NASA has completed the second of two shipments of solar panel
 modules, marking delivery of the first U.S. Space Station flight
 hardware for NASA's cooperative space endeavors with Russia.
   The hardware shipments each consisted of 45 solar panel
 modules that were developed for the cooperative solar array
 project, an effort that brings together NASA's advanced
 photovoltaic technology with Russia's proven structures and
                         DX - LEBANON
   In DX, OH1NO says that he will be active from Lebanon as
 OH1NOA/OD5 until August of 1995.  Look for him on 80 through 10
 meters including the WARC bands mainly on CW and QSL via OH1MRR.
   Also, Kenya is on the air.  5Z4FO has been active on 80
 meters CW and SSB below 3800 kHz starting as early as 22:15 UTC
 and as late as 04:15 UTC.  He has also been active on 160 meter
 mostly CW on 1832 kHz around 01:00 UTC.  QSL via KB4EKY.
                    ANOTHER BROADBENT HONOR
   And finally, a second very high honor has come to Ron
 Broadbent, G3AAJ, in as many months.  A recent GB2RS News
 Bulletin reports that Ron has been elected a Vice President of the
 Radio Society of Great Britain.  The election was by the RSGB
 Council with the announcement was made at RSGB's presidential
 installation dinner on January 14th.
   In late December, Ron was awarded an MBE or Member of the
 British Empire honor in the New Year's Honours List "for services
 to amateur radio," which decoration he is to receive personally
 from Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace later this month.
   And for this week, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline.
 You can write to us at Post Office Box 660937, Arcadia,
 California 91066.
(* * * Newsline Copyright 1995 all rights are reserved. * * *

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