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Amateur Radio Newsline #911

Amateur Radio Newsline #911 02 Feb 1995

Notes: 1-Newsline is still behind schedule, see the Closed Circuit Advisory.
       2-Special thanks to Joe Brown, KB2NBN, for all his work on the Fido
         problem.  Joe will be distributing Newsline into the Fidonet Ham
         Radio echoes for us.

Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a
service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk.  The transcribed version is produced
by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly
distributed to online services and bulletin board networks by Steve Coletti
and Dale Cary.

Editorial comment, news items and all other business should be directed to
     Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, Newsline's Producer and Editor-In-Chief.
     E-Mail - or
     Phone/Fax - +1 805 296-7180, fax senders wait for voice prompt.

Text Version information:
     America Online - (Terry Stader, Sysop) or
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     Usenet - (David Dodell - Moderator rec-radio-info)
     FTP, ( - (Scott Erlich, Boston ARC)
     Internet mailing list (individuals) -
     Internet mailing list (re-distributors) -
     BBS Networks - Steve Coletti (within the conference/echo) or
           via Internet.
                    (RIME users can RO mail to ->35,
                    Fidonet users can Netmail to 1:278/307)

- - - - - -
 (*                                                             *)
 (*      *   * ***** *    *  **** *     ***** *   * *****       *)
 (*      **  * *     *    * *     *       *   **  * *           *)
 (*      * * * ***   * ** *  ***  *       *   * * * ***         *)
 (*      *  ** *     * ** *     * *       *   *  ** *           *)
 (*      *   * *****  *  *  ****  ***** ***** *   * *****       *)
 (*                                                             *)
 (*                ****    *   ****  *****  ***                 *)
 (*                *   *  * *  *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                ****  ***** *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *  *  *   * *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *   * *   * ****  *****  ***                 *)
 (*                                                             *)
   The following is late news about Amateur Radio for Radio
 Amateurs as prepared from NEWSLINE RADIO scripts by the staff of
 NETWORK.  For current information updates, please call
                    Audio Version of Newsline
     Los Angeles............................ (213) 462-0008
     Los Angeles (Instant Update Line)...... (805) 296-2407
     Seattle................................ (206) 368-3969
     Seattle................................ (206) 281-8455
     Tacoma................................. (206) 927-7373
     Louisville............................. (502) 894-8559
     Dayton................................. (513) 275-9991
     Chicago................................ (708) 289-0423
     New York City.......................... Out Of Service
     Melbourne, FL.......................... (407) 259-4479
             Electronic Hardcopy Version of Newsline
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     GEnie (File Library)................... m345;3
     Dallas Remote Imaging BBS (DRIG)....... (214) 492-7573
       In bulletin number 36
     The Midwest Connection BBS............. (701) 239-2440
       In bulletin number 6 of the ham radio conference
     Delphi.....................In the ham radio conference
     CompuServe/HamNet.................... HamNet Library 0
     Internet...............In the newsgroup
     Internet FTP:
       In archive: pub/hamradio/docs/newsline
     Local BBS's............In the Ham Radio conferences on
       Fidonet, RIME, Intellec, I-Link and AR-Net

   For questions or comments about the text version, contact me at
 D.CARY@GENIE.GEIS.COM on the Internet.
   For the latest breaking info call the Instant Update Line listed
 above.  To provide information please call (805) 296-7180.  This
 line answers automatically and will accept up to 30 minutes of
   Check with your local amateur radio club to see if NEWSLINE
 can be heard weekly on the air in your area.
   Articles may be reproduced if printed in their entirety and
 credit is given to AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE as being the source.
   For further information about the AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE,
 please write to us with an SASE at P.O. Box 463, Pasadena, CA
                                             Thank You
Some of the hams of NEWSLINE RADIO...
 and many others in the United States and around the globe!!!
 (* * * *   C L O S E D   C I R C U I T   A D V I S O R Y   * * * *
 (*                                                               *
 (*     The following is a closed circuit advisory.  Our support  *
 (*   fund administrator Andy Jarema, N6TCQ says that there is    *
 (*   less than two hundred dollars available in the account and  *
 (*   that at least a thousand dollars is needed to make the      *
 (*   monthly expenses.                                           *
 (*     As you already know, the vast majority of the donations   *
 (*   goes directly toward paying our monthly phone bills and     *
 (*   electronic mail services.  This is how we get the news,     *
 (*   and it is how we deliver it to you.  If we loose the        *
 (*   telephone, the E-Mail or both, we will have no way to get   *
 (*   the news and no way to disseminate it to you.               *
 (*     Simply said, we need the assistance of every listener     *
 (*   who appreciates Newsline to help to keep it on the air.     *
 (*   The Newsline Support Fund is separate from the service.     *
 (*   It exists for the single purpose of channeling donations    *
 (*   directly to the those providing services to the Newsline    *
 (*   organization.                                               *
 (*     The address for the Newsline Support Fund is Post Office  *
 (*   Box number 660937, Arcadia, California 91066.  As always,   *
 (*   we thank you for your support.                              *
 (*     That ends this weeks closed circuit advisory with         *
 (*   Newsline Report number 911 for release on Friday, January   *
 (*   20, 1995 to follow.                                         *
 (*                                                               *
 (* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 (*                                                               *
 (*      This delay in transmission was caused by moving to a     *
 (*   new apartment in the same town.  We are still neck deep in  *
 (*   boxes, but we got the computer set up.  Got to have your    *
 (*   priorities straight.  We should be posting in a timely      *
 (*   fashion next week, as long as data comes in from CA.  73    *
 (*                                                               *
 (* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                      The following is a QST
   A tower case in New York, the unlicensed are named in the
 United Kingdom and paging world-wide.  Truly an international
 edition of Newsline coming your way right now.
   Mark Nadel, NK2T says that his ongoing problems with the
 township of Hempstead, New York are almost over.  This as the
 result of an accord reached on Wednesday January 25th between him
 and Hempstead's Board of Zoning Appeals.
   By way of background, Nadel is the New York ham who filed suit
 against Hempstead in Nassau Supreme Court after the Zoning Board
 continually rejected his application for a variance to maintain
 his fifty-five foot high transmitting tower.  This, even though
 the same board had approved an almost identical installation in
 nearby Merrick back in 1989.
   With the assistance of Senator Alfonse D'Amato and
 Representative Peter King, Nadel brought the situation to the
 attention of former FCC Private Radio Bureau Chief Ralph Haller,
 N4RH.  As previously reported, last October 25th Haller intervened
 in the case by sending the Zoning Board a letter.  It told the
 board that local authorities may not base their regulation of ham
 radio antenna structures based on the possibility or actuality of
 interference to neighboring consumer electronic instruments.
 This, Haller said is the singular purview of the federal
 government as administered by the FCC.
   The Haller letter is credited with having a profound impact on
 the Zoning Board and is credited with helping to bring about this
                         VANITY CALLS HERE!
   The FCC has announced its intention to implement a vanity call
 sign program, and also to resume the issuance of club and military
 recreation station licenses.  In a January 24 news release, the
 Commission released a general outline of the new program.
   Amateurs will be eligible to apply for a call sign of their
 choice in four "gates."  The first group eligible to apply will
 be previous holders of a call sign or the close relative of a
 previous holder of an amateur call sign who is deceased.  The
 second group will be Amateur Extra Class licensees, then Advanced,
 then all others.  The FCC will announce the opening of each
 "gate" by public notice.
   The FCC said that the first gate will open as soon as a new
 application form, FCC Form 610-V, is available and the
 Commission's licensing facility is prepared to begin processing
 the applications, no sooner than April, according to FCC staff.
 Applications for club station licenses will be accepted as soon as
 the FCC's Report and Order on this matter is released.  Club
 station call signs will be issued systematically, unless under the
 fourth "gate" the trustee of an existing club station applies for
 the call sign of a deceased member as a vanity call sign for the
   The fee for the use of vanity call signs will be 7 dollar(s)
 per year, or 70 for dollar(s) a ten-year license term, according
 to Wireless Telecommunication Bureau staff.  However, on January
 12, 1995, in a notice of proposed rule making, the FCC proposed a
 fee of 3 dollar(s) per year, for fiscal year 1995 (which began
 October 1, 1994).
   Amateurs will be able to list up to 25 call sign choices, from
 any call area, FCC staff said.  It is expected that it will be
 several weeks before the new form 610-V is approved.
                    ARRL HACKED ON THE I-NET
   The ARRL has been hacked on the Internet.  The League says that
 a message claiming to be W1AW Official Bulletin falsely states
 that the American Radio Relay League plans to petition the Federal
 Communications Commission to drop all Morse code requirements
 for all Amateur Radio licenses in the United States.
   The league says that an authentic ARRL Bulletin numbered
 ARLX004 was apparently altered and re-posted on an internet
 newsgroup.  From there it has quickly spread worldwide.
   But the League has no plans to file any form of no-code
 expansion petition.  It says that the real ARLX004 concerned a
 balloon launch from Iowa.
   The ARRL adds that it views the dissemination of forged
 Official Bulletin as an extremely serious matter, but stops short
 of saying what action it will take if the person who posted the
 phony message is found.
                     REVOKEES TO BE ANNOUNCED
   On the regulatory scene, Great Britain's Radiocommunications
 Agency has announced that they will begin to publish details of
 those whose amateur licenses had been revoked.  Until now this
 information has been regarded as confidential.  The agency says
 that the decision to make public will be a deterrent to others
 thinking of breaking the radio regulations.  It says that
 publication  will make other hams aware that license revocation
 and a ban on use of ham radio communications is a punishment that
 the government feels is applicable for some egregious offenders.
                         CEPT AGREEMENT
   Also from overseas, another international ham radio licensing
 agreement has been signed.  Word that Estonia, Israel and Turkey
 have signed the CEPT agreement.
   This arrangement permits temporary amateur operation in those
 countries without additional paperwork.  Twenty seven countries
 have so far implemented the CEPT pan-European licensing scheme.
                        NEW 10 GHz RECORD
   A new ham radio microwave record is set.  Roger Bowman, VK5NY,
 and Walter Howse, VK6KZ, have claimed a new world distance record
 on the amateur 10-GHz band.
   On December 30, 1994 Bowman and Howse claim to have worked over
 a path of 1911 kilometers.  Both operated portable with one near
 the city of Adelaide and the other near Perth.  VK5NY used 180
 milliwatts to a 400-mm dish.  VK6KZ ran 100 milliwatts to a
 similar antenna.  The 2-way contact was on SSB phone.
                         GLOBAL PAGING
   Federal regulators have cleared the way for a new national and,
 eventually, global satellite service offering an array of two-way
 communications including phone and fax.
   Unlike conventional satellites that orbit thousands of miles in
 space, the new service uses satellites that orbit close to the
 earth.  The orbit is low enough for people on the ground to use
 special hand-held phones and other devices to send and receive
 calls, messages, pages and other services.
   After nearly five years of work, the Federal Communications
 Commission completed a plan on how companies may provide the
 service. Specifically, the commission, with the help of industry,
 resolved how public airwaves will be shared among companies.
   According to the Personal Communications Industry Association,
 4 million Americans, that's 1.4 percent of the U.S. population,
 will subscribe by 2003 to satellite delivered communications
                     CHALLENGER REMEMBERED
   The Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club will be operating a special
 event station from the new Challenger Learning and Teaching Center
 of Chattanooga.  This from 11:00 UTC on January 27th until 21:00
 UTC on January 28th.
   The station will sign the call W4AM and operate near the middle
 of General class phone bands on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters, as
 well as locally on 2 meters and 70-cm simplex.
   The Learning Center is named for the space shuttle Challenger
 and its seven astronauts who perished in a launch accident back in
 January of 1986.  The club hopes to attract young people to their
 station and into the hobby during the center's opening.
                        WATCH FOR MIR
   Shuttle STS-63 the Mir rendezvous flight is scheduled to launch
 February 2.  The shuttle will fly up to Mir, but will not dock.
 And it just so happens that Mir will be visible in the morning sky
 over much of the U.S. during this flight.
   Normally the shuttle's exact flight path is not known until
 after it has launched.  However, Mir's orbit is well established
 and should remain stable from now until the end of the STS-63
 mission.  Since the shuttle will fly to Mir, we only have to track
 Mir to tell us where to look to see both spacecraft.
   According to AMSAT's Dave Mullenix, N9LTD, the best way to be
 ready for this space spectacular is to start right now.  You'll
 need a tracking program that can check for visible passes.  For a
 satellite to be visible, it must be above your horizon and in
 sunlight while you are in darkness on the ground.  Since Mir and
 the Shuttles are both fairly large objects in low earth orbit, the
 two of them flying in formation should be a beautiful sight to
 watch and possibly to photograph.
   In DX, word from Botswana that A22MN, will be leaving in
 February.  Dave will move on to Finland where he will be there for
 the next 3 - 4 years.  Meanwhile he has been trying to work
 stations on 80 and 160 meters.  He is reportedly upset because the
 same individuals keep calling him on these bands and they are not
 giving other stations a chance to work him as an new one.  Please
 QSL only to manager WA8JOC and not direct to Dave.
                           BHM E-MAIL
   And finally, unless you've been asleep for a few years, you've
 already heard plenty about the information superhighway.  It seems
 that everybody has their own E-mail address these days.  In fact,
 we here at Newsline have not one, but a half dozen.  Now, an
 Alabama amateur radio club is taking what may be the first step of
 its kind onto the superhighway.  The Birmingham Amateur Radio Club
 has set up its own E-mail address for Hamfest information.  Bill
 Levey, WA4FAT, helped arrange the Club's Hamfest address on
 America On Line.
   If you'd like information on the Hamfest, here's the Club's E-
 mail address.  Send inquiries to Birminghamfest95@AOL.COM.
 By the way, the BirmingHamfest-95/Alabama Section Convention is
 set for May 20th and 21st.  And get ready.  You can just about bet
 that more amateur radio clubs will follow suit by jumping on the
 superhighway with their own E-mail addresses, as well.
   And for this week, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline.
 You can write to us at Post Office Box 660937, Arcadia, CA 91066.
(* * * Newsline Copyright 1995 all rights are reserved. * * *

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