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Amateur Radio Newsline #910

Amateur Radio Newsline #910 21 Jan 1995

1 - This edition is a week behind.  See the closed circuit advisory.
2 - Our copyright information will now be included only once a month due to
    it's bandwidth.
3 - We have not been able to fix the Fidonet posting problem from our local
    BBS.  We are trying it again from an alternate site with a fix that we
    hope will work there.  If it still doesn't get out properly, then we
    will be dropping the Fido feed for a while.

Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a
service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk.  The transcribed version is produced
by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly
distributed to online services and bulletin board networks by Steve Coletti
and Dale Cary.

Editorial comment, news items and all other business should be directed to
     Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, Newsline's Producer and Editor-In-Chief.
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     Phone/Fax - +1 805 296-7180, fax senders wait for voice prompt.

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     BBS Networks - Steve Coletti (within the conference/echo) or
           via Internet.
                    (RIME users can RO mail to ->35,
                    Fidonet users can Netmail to 1:278/307)
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 (*      * * * ***   * ** *  ***  *       *   * * * ***         *)
 (*      *  ** *     * ** *     * *       *   *  ** *           *)
 (*      *   * *****  *  *  ****  ***** ***** *   * *****       *)
 (*                                                             *)
 (*                ****    *   ****  *****  ***                 *)
 (*                *   *  * *  *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                ****  ***** *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *  *  *   * *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *   * *   * ****  *****  ***                 *)
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   The following is late news about Amateur Radio for Radio
 Amateurs as prepared from NEWSLINE RADIO scripts by the staff of
 NETWORK.  For current information updates, please call
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     Louisville............................. (502) 894-8559
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     New York City.......................... Temp. Disconnected
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   Check with your local amateur radio club to see if NEWSLINE
 can be heard weekly on the air in your area.
   Articles may be reproduced if printed in their entirety and
 credit is given to AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE as being the source.
   For further information about the AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE,
 please write to us with an SASE at P.O. Box 463, Pasadena, CA
                                             Thank You
Some of the hams of NEWSLINE RADIO...
 and many others in the United States and around the globe!!!
(* * * *   C L O S E D   C I R C U I T   A D V I S O R Y   * * * *
 (*                                                               *
 (*                  Explanation for the Delay                    *
 (*                                                               *
 (*      You may have heard this in your newscasts, but here it   *
 (*   is from the scene.  Phone service was cut off to a very     *
 (*   large part of northwestern Minnesota on Saturday, January   *
 (*   21st do to an individual cutting through 19 large phone     *
 (*   cables and fiber optics at five sites around the Fargo, ND  *
 (*   Moorhead, MN area.  This severed phone service to over      *
 (*   25,000 customers in the area.  Service is not expected to   *
 (*   be fully restored until this coming Saturday (seven days    *
 (*   later).  This script was received while out on a service    *
 (*   call to another city.  One doesn't realize how dependent    *
 (*   one is on phones, until you lose them for an extended       *
 (*   period of time. Please be patient while things are getting  *
 (*   back to normal.  Thank you.                                 *
 (*                                                               *
 (* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
 (*                                                               *
 (*      The following advisory is not necessarily for trans-     *
 (*   mission over amateur radio.  This is just a reminder that   *
 (*   the address for the Newsline Support Fund is Newsline, in   *
 (*   care of Andy Jarema, N6TCQ, Post Office Box 660937, Arcadia *
 (*   California 91066.  Again, and as always, we thank you.      *
 (*   This ends the closed circuit with Newsline report number    *
 (*   910 for release on Friday, January 20, 1995 to follow.      *
 (*                                                               *
 (* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                      The following is a QST
   A killer quake in Japan, floods in California and a missing
 yachtsman is found.  All these ham radio stories and more on
 Newsline report number 910 coming your way  right now!
                           JAPAN QUAKE
   Ham radio operators around the world are being asked not to try
 to send messages into the earthquake ravaged city of Kobe Japan.
 This is because these is no way to get these messages delivered at
 this time.  For hams in the United States wanting to provide
 assistance the problem is even bigger.  This, since no bi-lateral
 third party traffic agreement exists between the United States and
 Japan.  As such, United States hams are barred from handling any
 form of health and welfare messages until and unless both nations
 declare a need for amateur radio to get involved.
   By way of background, on Sunday Morning January 16th here in
 the USA, the city of Kobe was rocked by a 7 dot 2 magnitude
 trembler.  The devastation in that city is wide-spread.  The
 casualty list as of Wednesday January 18th says that 3000 are dead
 and at least another 1000 are still missing.  At least 40,000 are
 homeless and these figures are expected to rise as rescue efforts
   As we go to air, CNN reports that much of Kobe is without
 public utilities.   This includes telephones and electricity and
 the situation could remain that way for several weeks.  As a
 result, most hams in the Kobe region are off the air.  Those few
 who do have power and whose equipment survived the quake are
 probably involved in providing inter-city communications within
 Japan.  They cannot be bothered handling health and welfare
 requests from outside the country until such time as the
 immediate emergency is past.
   Once again, if you live outside of the United States and you
 are being requested to send traffic to Japan, please hold all
 messages until such time as word comes from Japan that these
 messages can be delivered.  If you live in the United States
 please wait until you are told by the FCC that a temporary third
 party agreement has been put in place to permit emergency traffic
 to Japan.  As we go to air, no such order has been issued by the
                       YACHTSMAN FOUND
   Some good news.  Ernie Nievera, N2MBC reports that missing
 yachtsman Tony Wee, WZ7B who left San Diego on December 1st has
 turned up safe in Hilo, Hawaii on January 7th.  Tony was presumed
 missing after loosing regular contact with the Maritime Mobile
   As it turned out, Tony had trouble charging his batteries
 and could not use any electronic equipment including his High
 Frequency ham transceiver.
   N2MBC says in his packet report that Tony has scrapped his
 voyage for the Philippines and selling the boat in Hawaii.
   Until he turned up in Hilo, boaters along the US West Coast
 had thought WZ7B was shipwrecked somewhere off Baja California,
                       2310 MHz REALLOCATED
   Word that the FCC has voted to allocate spectrum from 2310 to
 2360 MHz for a new satellite digital audio radio service.  This
 band is part of spectrum from 2300 to 2450 MHz, all of which is
 currently allocated to the Amateur and Amateur Satellite Services
 in ITU Region 2 on a secondary basis.  This, with the exception of
 2310 to 2390 MHz which is restricted from use by hams.
   The FCC says the new audio service will allow direct satellite
 to ground radio to areas of the country and to minority and ethnic
 groups that are inadequately served by traditional, terrestrial
   The Commission notes that service and licensing rules for the
 new allocation will be addressed in a later rule making.
                           OFF THE AIR
   Word that health and welfare station K4CG is shutting down due
 to federal budget cutbacks.  K4CG is located in Alexandria,
 Virginia.  It was formerly known as NMH and was the site of the
 Headquarters for the United States Coast Guard radio station.
                          BOY SCOUT NET
   The Boy Scouts of America has established a new net called BSA
 Net International.  It meets every Sunday at 20:30 UTC on 14.290
 MHz.  KB8OCC will act as net control.
                        10-10 CONVENTION
   The 10-10 International net Inc. will hold its convention in
 Tuscaloosa, Alabama on June 16th and 17th.  Information is
 available from K4CIH for a business size SASE or packet from
 K4CIH at the KD4CIF packet BBS.
                      IRAQ HAM CONVENTION
   Also on the convention scene, Adel Aswad, YI1FC says that Iraq
 is planning to hold a world-wide amateur radio convention in
 March.  He says his government wants invite all active radio
 amateurs around the world to attend the gathering.  With Iraqi
 strongman Saddam Hussein still running Iraq, it will be
 interesting to see who from outside that nation accepts the
   Turning to the Newsline science page, word that the amateur
 radio space program has a new communications tool that will
 eventually benefit all hams.  Here is what it is and how it works.
   AMSAT-North America has joined the World Wide Web service on
 the Internet.  This new pilot project will make available a
 variety of hypertext documents, pictures, video, and audio
 materials related to the amateur satellite program.  Users will
 need a computer with an Internet connection and a special browser
 program.  The Web presents a very friendly, easy to use interface
 to a wealth of information on AMSAT's new server and on thousands
 of other servers worldwide.  Graphical browser programs such as
 "Mosaic" are freely available for many popular computers,
 including the PC running Windows or OS/2, the Macintosh, and UNIX
 machines using the X Window System.  Text mode browser programs,
 such as Lynx, are freely available for text terminals attached to
 host computers.  The project also joins the AMSAT.ORG mailing
 lists as a service of the Electronic Publishing department of
   More information on this World Wide Web project is available
 directly from Amsat North America or your local Amsat area
                     TRAKBOX FIRMWARE FIX
   As most active satellite Trak Box users must know by now,
 here is a bug in firmware versions 3.30a through 3.30h.  The
 problem relates to the clock settings now that we are in the
 year 1995 and became apparent at midnight on December 31, 1994.
   A new code to fix the problem is available from various
 sources for the benefit of those users who have programming
 capability.  The code will be posted on the KO-23 and KO-25
 satellites as soon as the birds are back in normal service.
 Meanwhile, Track Box users can also find the new operating code
 in DL5 of the HAMNET Special Interest Group on Compuserve.
   For those Track Box users not having programming capability,
 Tucson Amateur Packet Radio is taking orders for new ROMs for
 your Trak Box.  Please contact that organization for more
 information on any charges and availability.
   In DX word that Seborgia may soon be on the air again.  This in
 a fax received by several DX newsletters from 3A2LZ who states he
 has received operating permission for 1995.  Look for him as
 IK/3A2LZ/1P0D usually on weekends operating CW and RTTY until the
 battery in his laptop computer runs out.
   Also, DU9RG, has announced that plans are being made for a
 Spratley Island operation around April 10th to the 16th.  The
 callsign that will be used is DU0K.  No other information was made
 available as we go to air.  Also a reminder that Spratly is a
 disputed territory and is claimed by several countries.
                        OMEGA RADIO MOVE
   This note to those who listen to Newsline by satellite
 rebroadcast over the Omega Radio Network.  Word that Omega radio
 will be moving to a new satellite and transponder in two weeks.
 Effective February 1st, look for programming like the Friday
 Night Live TVRO Show, This Week in Amateur Radio and Spectrum
 on the Telstar 302 communications satellite on Channel 21.
   Again, the change in satellites and transponders for hobby
 radio programming of the Omega Radio Network takes place on
 February 1st.  Look for it on Telstar 302 on Channel 21.
                       A CASE OF HONOR
   And finally, here is a sad tale as reported by Tony Breathmach,
 EI5EM over in Dublin, Ireland, which would leave a sour taste to
 any serious DX operator.  A blatant request for a bogus QSL card
 for DXCC credit!
   According to a packet radio dispatch from the Irish Amateur
 Radio Association, EI5EM says that after a recent CW QSO with a
 European Station on 80 meters he received a package direct to his
 address.  A correct QSL card was enclosed for the 80 meter
 contact, but also included was a card for a CW QSO on 160 meters
 that Tony says never took place.  A blank third party QSL card
 was also enclosed for a special event Marconi Station QSO.  Also
 included was a note specifically requesting a QSL card for the
 fictitious QSO on 160 meters.  The note said it was needed for
 8 Band DXCC as 160 meter QSO's with EI prefix stations are
 particularly difficult.
   But it gets worse still.  EI5EM says that the operator also
 supplied a list of blank QSL's in addition to the special event
 one enclosed.  Tony said it was obvious to him that these would
 become available if the 160 meter QSL was sent.
   But we can all be very proud of EI5EM.  Tony filled out only
 the legitimate QSL card and returned the other two cards with
 appropriate comments.  Among the rare cards available from the
 operator in question were HB0, IS0, 4U1ITU, UA0, 4K1, 7X2 and
 numerous others.
   But here is the real kicker.  Tony says that printed in bold
 type on the rogue operators QLC card were the words "DXCC Honor
   And for this week, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline.
 You can write to us at Post Office Box 660937 in Arcadia,
 California 91066.
(* * * Newsline Copyright 1995 all rights are reserved. * * *

   * This is the official BBS distribution of Amateur Radio Newsline *

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