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Amateur Radio Newsline #908

Amateur Radio Newsline #908 10 Jan 1995

Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a
service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk.  The transcribed version is produced
by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly
distributed to online services and bulletin board networks by Steve Coletti
and Dale Cary.

Copyright owner is Newsline.  Permission to reuse all or part of either
this written or the audio form requires that the item be taken in it's
entirety, not be subject to any further editing or commentary, and that
full credit given to Newsline as the source.  

Permission is granted to all amateurs who want to transmit the audio
version in it's entirety over nets or repeaters.  The text version may be
used for packet distribution as long as it is sent in its entirety and the
BIN header is kept intact.

NOTICE: When Newsline is transmitted in it's full form over voice or
digital forms of Amateur Radio, it is recommended that the closed circut
advisory be deleted.  Audio, Computer, and Packet retransmissions must be
made without the editing or deleting of any other part of the Newsline
content.  Unauthorized additional commentary to the original message is
also prohibited.  To do so is a violation of copyright and subjects the
initiator to legal action by Newsline.

Newsline may also be excerpted for code practice transmissions, and may be
used as a reference source in bulletin board discussions under acceptable
Fair Use practices.

Any other use is not allowed without the expressed permission of Newsline.

Editorial comment, news items and all other business should be directed to
     Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, Newsline's Producer and Editor-In-Chief.
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   The following is late news about Amateur Radio for Radio
 Amateurs as prepared from NEWSLINE RADIO scripts by the staff of
 NETWORK.  For current information updates, please call
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   For questions or comments about the text version, contact me at
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                                             Thank You
Some of the hams of NEWSLINE RADIO...
 and many others in the United States and around the globe!!!
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 (*   on Friday, January 6, 1995 to follow.                       *
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                     The following is a QST
   The CTIA says no to local tower zoning.  It wants the FCC to
 preempt local and state government regulation for all structures
 used for mobile communications.  Also, the FCC says no to further
 deregulation of packet radio auto-forwarding, and a major ham
 radio newsletter mails its last issue.  Find out which one on an
 expanded Newsline report number 908 coming your way right now!
   A wireless telecommunications industry group has asked the
 Federal Communications Commission to preempt any and all state and
 local rules governing tower sites used for cellular telephones and
 other mobile communications services.  In a filing with the agency
 on Tuesday, December 27th the Cellular Telecommunications Industry
 Association says that local and state governments will impede
 industry efforts to build the transmission towers needed for new
 wireless services unless the federal government steps in to ban
 further attempts at municipal level regulation.
   CTIA says that there are more than 38,000 local governments
 being lobbied by so called "not in my backyard activists."
 People and groups who do not want any radio installations near
 where they live or work.  In its filing to the FCC the CTIA asks
 if these activists will be allowed to thwart a national pathway
 for what CTIA terms parochial or ill-informed reasons?
   The trade association's petition maintains that a 1993 law
 prohibits state and local governments from regulating entry into
 mobile services.  It asks the FCC to codify the law into its own
 telecommunication rules and regulations and them act to enforce
   If CTIA is successful in getting the FCC to issue a Notice
 of Inquiry or Notice of Proposed Rule Making on its request, it
 will be important for the Amateur Radio community to support it.
 This is because the Cellular Telecommunications Industry
 Association request goes far beyond what we hams currently have
 under PRB-1.  In fact, if it is enacted, the CTIA federal
 preemption request may well mean the end to local municipalities
 regulating ham radio towers and antennas except possibly for
   Further liberalization of the rules concerning automatic
 packet radio message forwarding will not happen in the foreseeable
 future.  So says the FCC in denying Phil Karn, KA9Q's request for
 reconsideration of a decision concerning message forwarding
 systems in the Amateur Service.
   By way of background, on March 30, 1994, the FCC adopted an
 Order dealing with contemporary message forwarding systems.  In
 it, the FCC said that the control operators of intermediate
 forwarding stations, other than the first forwarding station,
 would not be held accountable when their stations retransmitted
 improper communications inadvertently.  It said that the purpose
 of the Order was to relax the amateur service rules to enable
 these systems to operate at high speed while retaining the minimum
 safeguards necessary to prevent misuse.
   But Karn tells Newsline that he felt the FCC order did not go
 far enough.  That as written the rules still impede technological
 advancement in amateur radio data communications.  He wants only
 the person originating a message to be held legally responsible
 for what it says.
   "All I was asking for was that the burden for the content,
 responsibility for the content of an amateur communication should
 be on the originator.  And that the requirement that the first
 forwarding station be also responsible or authenticate the
 originating station was unworkable given the technology.  It was
 conceived for a BBS environment, but not every use of amateur
 packet radio uses a BBS." Karn, KA9Q.
   But in its December 23rd action denying reconsideration, the
 Commission said the Order did not address, nor was it intended to
 address, what accommodations should be made for message forwarding
 systems that may be developed in the future.  It added that if the
 present accommodation becomes unworkable in a system using a
 different architecture, the managers of those particular systems
 affected can request necessary rule changes at the appropriate
 future date.
                          GAZA UPDATE
   We have yet another update on the controversial ZC6B operation
 from Palestine.  The  Ohio Pen DX Newsletter says that it has
 received a FAX from Arie Surkiss, 4X6UO.  Surkiss is the High
 Frequency Manager of the Israel Amateur Radio Club.  His FAX is a
 real eye opener on the situation and reads as follows. -- quote --
   "According to the Israeli Ministry of Communication, Spectrum
 Manager Division, the Ministry has not issued such a prefix and
 there is no Israeli involvement in this operation.  As far as I
 know the ITU has not issued a prefix to Gaza or Jericho." -- end
 quote --.
   Meanwhile, IARU Secretary Larry Price, W4RA reports receiving a
 FAX of his own.  This one from the PLO established Palestine
 Amateur Radio Association with information which may shed some
 light on the disputed ZC6B call sign.  The FAX contained a
 newspaper article dated December 12, 1994 from the "Al Quds
 Newspaper" stating that the call was issued in 1948 to Dr. Sami
 Tarazi but never used because of the war that broke out.
   As reported last week, all Palestine calls were canceled by the
 ITU back in 1968.  The ZC6 prefix is now the property of the
 United Kingdom and not authorized for use by the PLO sponsored ham
 radio group in Gaza.
                            WLR DEMISE
   After twenty one years and 687 issues the Westlink Report ham
 radio newsletter has terminated its operations.  This, effective
 with its January 1st, 1995 issue.  Its owners cite health and lack
 of sleep as the primary reasons for the demise of the publication.
   The Westlink Report began its publication life as HR Report in
 January of 1974.  It was written by Joe Schroeder, W9JUV and
 published by Communications Technology Incorporated.  This was the
 same group that put out Ham Radio magazine.  Schroeder says that
 in the 1970's, it was an idea whose time had come.
   "Lets face it.  One of the reasons or the reason that HR Report
 and subsequent efforts of yours and other people have been
 successful and have added to amateur radio is that the traditional
 publications, QST, CQ, 73 and at the time Ham Radio all had very
 long lead time.  As the world progresses, the lead time to get
 things done gets shorter and shorter.   So what we were doing to
 get the information out so the people could react and start adding
 their contributions to whatever it was that needed to be done long
 before it would have been possible under the conditions ten years
 earlier."  Schroeder, W9JUV.
   357 issues and 8 years later Poco Press took over HR Report,
 renamed the newsletter the Westlink Report, moved publication to
 California and continued bi-weekly for another thirteen years.
 This makes the Westlink Report the longest running newsletter
 serving amateur radio as well as the first to be published
 regularly from west of the continental divide.  Schroeder says
 that the main impact of newsletters and other ham radio news
 services is to make Amateur Radio operators more aware of what it
 takes to keep the hobby service alive.
   "Basically, the most important thing about amateur radio news
 is that it made amateurs as a whole much more aware of what it
 takes to keep amateur radio viable both on a national and an
 international scale.  Because I think, back certainly when I was a
 much younger ham.  We didn't talk amateur radio politics.  We
 didn't pay much attention to the FCC.  They did what they thought
 was right for amateur radio and a few people up in Newington took
 care of our needs.  And that was it.  I think there is far far
 more awareness and far far more involvement of rank and file
 amateur radio in planning for the future and in looking at what's
 going on day than there was 25 years ago."  Schroeder, W9JUV.
   Today, most amateur operators read about the world of ham
 radio on their favorite packet bulletin board, hear it on their
 local repeater from Newsline or listen by satellite to This Week
 in Amateur Radio.
   And there is some good news in all of this.  Westlink Report
 readers will automatically receive Worldradio Magazine to fill out
 the term of their subscriptions on an issue for issue basis.
 Also, Newsline has agreed to assume the duties of administering
 the Westlink Report Young Ham of the Year Award program.  An
 announcement on the date for the 1995 presentation ceremony will
 be made within the next few weeks.
                       ALABAMA SM RESIGNS
   Some names in the news.  First the ARRL's Section Manager
 for Alabama has resigned.  Ken McGlaughn, KM4JD, cites personal
 reasons not associated with amateur radio for his decision to
 step down.
   McGlaughn's resignation took effect December 31st, that's half
 way into his second 2 year term as Alabama Section Manager.
 Taking over the duties is Tom Moore, KL7Q.  Moore is active in
 ARRL activities and is recognized as a driving force in amateur
 radio in that southeastern state.
    Out west, William Wetzel, N6RKY has been named
 Administrative Director of the Southern California Digital
 Communications Committee.  Wetzel is best known for his fund
 raising efforts earlier this year on behalf of the Claremont
 Amateur Repeater Association.  This, in Clara's successful court
 fight to ban several unwanted users from its systems.  Wetzel
 replaces Jim Fortney, K6IYK who resigned from the SCDCC post for
 personal reasons.
                          CAREER MOVES
   Some friends of the amateur satellite program have recently
 made upward career moves.  This according to Harold Price, NK6K
 who reports that Professor Martin Sweeting, G3YJO, has been made
 Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Surrey Satellite
 Technology Ltd.  This gives him overall responsibility for the
 administrative, financial & technical strategy of SSTL and
 specific responsibility for marketing.
   Dr. Jeff Ward, K8KA and also known as G0SUL, has been promoted
 to Technical Director of Surrey Satellite Technology.  He is now
 in charge of all technical and project matters for SSTL, reporting
 to the CEO.  He also has a seat on the SSTL Board of Directors.
 SSTL is the commercial arm of the University of Surrey's UO-SAT
                        WIRELESS TEACHING
   The Clinton administration says that it wants to use some of
 the billions of dollars that will be raised by auctioning the
 nation's airwaves to connect U.S. classrooms to the Information
 Highway.  This, according to Vice President Al Gore.
   The Federal Communications Commission was directed by Congress
 to sell the airwaves as a way to reduce the federal budget
 deficit.  But the auctions could raise more money than Congress
 initially intended.  Gore suggested that some of these extra funds
 could be used to plug the nation's schools into the
 telecommunications networks of the future.  FCC chairman Reed
 Hundt, who shares the same vision, has endorsed the proposal.
   Gore, speaking at opening ceremonies at the latest spectrum
 auction said the White House plans to discuss the idea with
                           ARRL ON AOL
   The American Radio Relay League has a new E-Mail address on the
 America Online service.  Messages intended for the league should
 be posted to AOL address HQARRL1.
   Electronic mail can also be sent to the League via Prodigy, MCI
 Mail and over the Internet.  Please be certain you have the
 correct mailbox or address for the ARRL on each of these services.
   From England comes word of a new GB2RS News Broadcast on the
 70 centimeter band.  It started on November 27th and takes place
 on 433.525 MHz on FM every Sunday beginning at 20:00 UTC.  The
 bulletin station issuing the broadcast is G4OBE located in
 Enfield, just north of London.
   Pat Bowers, KF5OL who teaches fifth grade at Swinburne
 Elementary School in Farmington, New Mexico has twenty four
 students that are looking for someone to write to.  If your
 interested please send a note via packet introducing yourself to
 Pat and the class to KF5OL@KA5JNJ.
                          DX - ZS PIRATE
   In DX, Ralf Aue, DL3JSW reports that he recently worked ZS6BUD
 on 160m and immediately sent out a QSL.  In return he received a
 letter from ZS6BUD telling Ralf that he does not have equipment
 for that band.
   The real ZS6BUD told DL6JSW that he has received quite a few
 QSL's for contacts that he did not made and that a pirate station
 is most probably an eastern block operator as he has been heard in
 Australia when Russian stations were also active.
   Ralf adds that if you work ZS6BUD on 160 meters don't bother to
 QSL.  It's simply a waste of time.
   And for this week, that's all from the Amateur Radio Newsline.
 You can write to us at Newsline, Post Office Box 3506, Arcadia, CA
(* * * Newsline Copyright 1995 all rights are reserved. * * *

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