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Amateur Radio Newsline #907

Amateur Radio Newsline #907 03 Jan 1995

Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a
service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk.  The transcribed version is produced
by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly
distributed to online services and bulletin board networks by Steve Coletti
and Dale Cary.

Copyright owner is Newsline.  Permission to reuse all or part of either
this written or the audio form requires that the item be taken in it's
entirety, not be subject to any further editing or commentary, and that
full credit given to Newsline as the source.  

Permission is granted to all amateurs who want to transmit the audio
version in it's entirety over nets or repeaters.  The text version may be
used for packet distribution as long as it is sent in its entirety and the
BIN header is kept intact.

NOTICE: When Newsline is transmitted in it's full form over voice or
digital forms of Amateur Radio, it is recommended that the closed circut
advisory be deleted.  Audio, Computer, and Packet retransmissions must be
made without the editing or deleting of any other part of the Newsline
content.  Unauthorized additional commentary to the original message is
also prohibited.  To do so is a violation of copyright and subjects the
initiator to legal action by Newsline.

Newsline may also be excerpted for code practice transmissions, and may be
used as a reference source in bulletin board discussions under acceptable
Fair Use practices.

Any other use is not allowed without the expressed permission of Newsline.

Editorial comment, news items and all other business should be directed to
     Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF, Newsline's Producer and Editor-In-Chief.
     E-Mail - or
     Phone/Fax - +1 805 296-7180, fax senders wait for voice prompt.

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 (*      *   * ***** *    *  **** *     ***** *   * *****       *)
 (*      **  * *     *    * *     *       *   **  * *           *)
 (*      * * * ***   * ** *  ***  *       *   * * * ***         *)
 (*      *  ** *     * ** *     * *       *   *  ** *           *)
 (*      *   * *****  *  *  ****  ***** ***** *   * *****       *)
 (*                                                             *)
 (*                ****    *   ****  *****  ***                 *) 
 (*                *   *  * *  *   *   *   *   *                *) 
 (*                ****  ***** *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *  *  *   * *   *   *   *   *                *)
 (*                *   * *   * ****  *****  ***                 *)
 (*                                                             *)

    The following is late news about Amateur Radio for Radio
 Amateurs as prepared from NEWSLINE RADIO scripts by the staff of
 NETWORK.  For current information updates, please call

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    For questions or comments about the text version, contact me at
 D.CARY@GENIE.GEIS.COM on the Internet.

    For the latest breaking info call the Instant Update Line listed
 above.  To provide information please call (805) 296-7180.  This 
 line answers automatically and will accept up to 30 minutes of

    Check with your local amateur radio club to see if NEWSLINE
 can be heard weekly on the air in your area.

    Articles may be reproduced if printed in their entirety and
 credit is given to AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE as being the source.

    For further information about the AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE,
 please write to us with an SASE at P.O. Box 463, Pasadena, CA

                                              Thank You


 Some of the hams of NEWSLINE RADIO...

 and many others in the United States and around the globe!!!



      The following advisory is not necessarily for broadcast. 
 This is just a reminder that the address for the Newsline Support
 Fund is Newsline, in care of Andy Jarema - N6TCQ, Post Office Box
 660937, Arcadia, California 91066.  Again, and as always, we thank
 you.  This ends the closed circuit with Newsline report number 907
 for release on Friday, December 30, 1994 to follow.

                       The following is a QST 

    A communications industry group says it's time for the FCC to 
 show local governments who's the boss on radio matters.  The EAA 
 wants federal regulation to stop any and all local radio frequency
 interference rules.  Also, a new Russian ham satellite is in orbit
 and operation from Palestine may not count for DXCC.  These
 stories and more on Newsline report number 907 coming your way
 right now!


    If a Washington-based communications trade association gets
 its way, state and local regulation of radio frequency energy
 matters will be a thing of the past.  Instead, jurisdiction on any
 issue involving RF should rest with the FCC.  That's what the
 Electromagnetic Energy Association says must happen if new
 technologies are to be developed.  As Newsline's David Black,
 KB4KCH, reports from our Southeast Bureau in Alabama, what the
 Association wants could have a major impact on amateur radio.
    This could be the start of sweeping new rules that take away 
 power by local governments to regulate radio frequency issues. 
 The Electromagnetic Energy Association is made up of some of
 America's leading communications and telecommunications companies. 
 The EEA says existing technologies are on a collision course with
 increasing state and local RF energy regulation.  Amateur radio
 operators will be watching this one with interest.  
    Don Stoner, W6TNS, is past president of the National Amateur
 Radio Association.  He says what the Energy Association wants
 could give hams new ammunition when fighting locally imposed
 operating restrictions.  Stoner says he's backing the Energy
 Association 100-percent.
    Without FCC preemption, the association says technologies
 including advanced television, digital audio broadcasting, and
 personal communications services cannot be fully realized.  In a
 December 22nd petition, the Association asks the FCC to issue a
 Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on the matter.  EEA Chairman
 Jesse Russell calls FCC preemption of state and local regulation
 of RF energy something whose time has come.  
    The EEA says FCC preemption is warranted whenever local laws 
 obstruct the intended social, technological or economic benefits
 of continued service or future advancements in communications.

                          RS-15 IN ORBIT

    The new Russian Radiosport 15 satellite is in orbit and on the 
 air.  According to information supplied by Leonid Labutin, UA3CR, 
 RS-15 was launched on December 26th at 03:00 UTC into a 64 degree 
 inclination orbit with a period of 124 minutes 24 seconds.  The
 apogee and perigee distance from earth were stated as 1946 and
 1809 kilometers respectively.

                    DX - PALESTINE ZC6B UPDATE

    Don't look for the December 11th, ZC6B operation to be counted
 for DXCC credit.  This is because the call sign has not been valid
 since July of 1968.  That's when the ZC6 prefix was deleted from
 the DXCC countries list.  While the operator who is identified as
 Dr. Sammi Tarazi has reportedly sent the paperwork for this
 operation to the ARRL under the current DXCC rules it is unlikely
 that DXCC credit for Palestine using the ZC6 prefix can be
 reinstated.  This is because the allocation list of international
 call signs shows that the prefix ZC6 is legally allocated to the
 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    Even if no DXCC credit is granted the QSL card from that 
 operation is truly a collectors item.  If you were lucky enough to
 contact ZC6B, QSL to Dr. Sami Tarazi, Box 1008, Gaza, Palestine 
 via Israel. 

                          NEO NAZI PACKET

    A South American Neo-Nazi ham radio group is spewing message of
 hate out onto the worldwide packet radio airwaves.  Amateur radio 
 operators throughout north America are outraged by a message 
 originated under the call sign PP5SH that endorse the so called 
 "Skin Head" movement and other fascist doctrine.
    The pro-Nazi posting was transmitted into the worldwide packet 
 network through the PY2GN Sat Gateway in Brazil.  It herald the 
 return of fascism to rule the world.
    While many SySops tried to kill the pro-Nazi posting as soon
 as it appeared, the sheer volume and duplicity of routing is
 making censorship of this messages an almost impossible task.  

                  ORACLE TO NZART:  READ OUR LIPS!

    ORACLE, New Zealand' Organization Requesting Alternatives 
 through Code Less Examinations has told that nations national
 Amateur Radio society that it plans to continue its lobbying
 efforts to overturn mandatory Morse Code testing.  The lobby group
 has also issued a policy paper that takes to task the position of
 the New Zealand's Amateur Radio Transmitters.  As reported last
 week, the NZART endorses continuing the status quo.
    Specifically, ORACLE says that the NZART statement does not 
 accurately reflect the actual position of Morse code policy in New
 Zealand.  Rather it reflects a conservative view of the national
 ham radio society.
    With regard to the Minister of Communications letter to NZART
 also reported on by Newsline, ORACLE Managers say that the
 response says that the ministry is open to further discussion on
 this matter.  They note that the Minister is legally the
 Government spokesperson for amateur radio.  ORACLE interprets his
 words as meaning it would be unwise to adopt the three very
 specific positions recently proposed by the NZART. 
    ORACLE notes that the letter shows that the New Zealand 
 Government has a more progressive view of amateur radio than
 appears to be the case for NZART or the IARU on Morse code
 policy.  It believes that there can be a change at such time as
 evidence of significant opinion is produced.  
    Finally, ORACLE says that it is recognized by the New Zealand 
 Government on this issue.  It guarantees it will be active in 
 producing evidence in support of abolishing Morse Code testing 

                 2400-MHz COMMENTS FILED BY ARRL

    The ARRL has filed comments on an FCC notice of proposed rule
 making, in ET Docket 94-32, a proposal to reallocate a block of
 spectrum from federal government to commercial use.  Some of that
 block includes parts of the 2400-MHz band shared by Amateur Radio
 on a secondary basis with the government.
    The ARRL asked that the Amateur Service be given primary
 allocation status at 2402 to 2417 MHz, and that it be given at
 least co-primary status at 2390 to 2400 MHz.
    The League also said that because a previous government study
 had recommended the 2400 to 2402 MHz segment for amateur use, it
 would be desirable to make the entire segment 2390 to 2450 MHz
 amateur primary.
    The ARRL notes that any fixed or mobile service station that is
 granted an assignment at 2390 to 2400 MHz, must be required to 
 protect the Amateur Service from interference and must tolerate
 any interference received from amateur stations.  
    In summation, the League requested that the FCC not make any 
 additional allocations in the 2390 to 2417 MHz band.  Rather it
 wants to have Amateur Radio made the primary allocation status in
 that band.

                         HAM SCOUTING NEWS

    Dates have been set for the 1995 Jamboree On The Air operating 
 event.  JOTA is an annual event in which Boy Scouts and Girl
 Scouts and Guides from all over the world speak to each other by
 means of Amateur Radio.  JOTA 1995 will take place Saturday
 October 21, 1995 at 00:01 hours local time to Sunday October 22 at
 23:59 hours local time.  For more information, contact the ARRL
 Educational Activities Department.

                           K6IR HONORED

    The Quarter Century Wireless Association, the QCWA has named
 Kenneth Miller, K6IR, of Rockville, Maryland as recipient of its
 Distinguished Service Award for his "engineering accomplishments 
 and his leadership of the Radio Club of America Scholarship
    Millers professional career spans over four decades in the 
 executive management and development of products in the electronic
 equipment manufacturing business segment of industry in the United
 States, Europe and Asia.  In his role as an executive with Lear
 Jet, Motorola, American Standard, the Singer Company and other
 well known corporations, K6IR participated in the production and
 marketing of a broad array of high-tech electronic products
 including airborne and ground based communications, navigation
 instrumentation and digital communications devices.  
    The award was presented to Miller at the recent QCWA National 
 Convention in El Paso, Texas.

                      NEW 2 METER TROPPO RECORD

    In DX, new tropospheric ducting, continental distance record
 has been reported on the 2 meter band.  This, on November 5th when
 Rene Shaw, WB4MJE, of Big Pine Key, Florida, and Serge Spilfogel
 VE1KG, of Halifax, Nova Scotia worked over a 1687 mile path.  The
 previous record was 1468 miles was set by K5WXZ and K1RJH.  It
 had stood since October of 1968.

                             DXCC LIST

    Also a reminder from the American Radio relay League that the 
 annual DXCC list will not appear in QST magazine.  Rather, look 
 for it in the 1995 DXCC yearbook due out in February.  Anyone who 
 made a DXCC submission during the past twelve months will 
 automatically receive a copy.

                       CABLE PIRACY SENTENCE

    The National Cable Television Association's anti-piracy
 division is praising an Arkansas judge's decision requiring a man 
 convicted of cable copyright theft to pay a record $2.7 million in
    Jan Gregory Manzer, who went by the alias V.C. Hacker, was
 fined the $2.7 million and sentenced to 46 months in jail in U.S.
 District Court in Hot Springs, Arkansas after being convicted of
 illegally modifying General Instruments VideoCipher descramblers. 
 He was also found guilty of constructing satellite receivers with
 software that allowed other dealers to receive unscrambled
    Jim Allen, who heads up the NCTA's office of cable signal theft
 says that operations like Manzer cost the cable and satellite
 industry billions of dollars a year in stolen programming
 services.  The message of this court decision is that cable piracy
 leads to jail time." 
    At the Manzer sentencing hearing, representatives of HBO and 
 Cable Home Communications Corp. testified that Manzer's actions 
 cost the industry millions in lost revenue. 
    Manzer is expected to appeal.


    And for this week and for this year, that's all from the
 Amateur Radio Newsline.  You can write to us at Post Office Box
 660937 Arcadia, California 91066.

 (* * * Newsline Copyright 1994 all rights are reserved. * * *

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