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FCC Announces AM expanded band allotments


	       In its Review of the Technical Assignment Criteria for the
AM Broadcast Service, 6 FCC Rcd 6273 (1991), recon. granted in part and denied
in part, 8 FCC Rcd 3250 (1993)["AM improvement Order"], the Commission adopted
measures to facilitate an overall improvement and revitalization of the AM
broadcast band and to effectuate the necessary incorporation of new spectrum
between 1605 and 1705 kHz into the AM broadcast band.  The Commission concluded
that the public interest would be best served by using the expanded AM band to
improve the overall quality of the AM service by lessening interference and
congestion in the existing band. On May 3, 1993, the Commission opened a filing
window for existing AM stations to file petitions to migrate to the expanded
band. On December 3, 1993, the Commission announced a ranking of all petitions
to migrate in accordance with the priority groups and improvement factors
described in the AM Improvement Order.

     This Public Notice announces the expanded band Allotment Plan, and
identifies the stations that are eligible to apply for authorizations
associated with specific allotments, based upon the previously announced
ranking of the petitions. Stations not receiving an allotment were
precluded by one or more of the following: the Canadian agreement, the
Mexican agreement, the Region 2 agreement, Federal Travelers' Information
Service Stations ("TIS"), harmonic frequency relationships with existing
stations, or preclusion by stations of higher ranking.  The Canadian agreement
restricts the assignment of stations within 500 km of the common border to
1620, 1640, 1660, 1680, and 1700 kHz with a US priority on 1680 kHz and a
Canadian priority on 1630 kHz.  Stations on 1620, 1640, 1660, and 1700 kHz
must be notified to Canada. A comparable restriction applies to Canadian
stations. The Mexican agreement restricts assignments within 450 km of the
common border to 21 specified frequencies at specific locations. If an
expanded band proposal for a station was within 45 km of an allotment
specified in the Mexican agreement it received an expanded band allotment
provided it was not precluded by a station with a higher ranking or other
factors.  U.S. Government TIS facilities were protected in accordance with
the guidelines of 47 C.F.F  90.242(a)(2)(i). Expanded band stations were
not allotted within 30 km of an existing station if the frequency
relationship being considered was twice the frequency of the existing
station. The allotments also maintain a separation of 53 km from existing 1590
khz stations and 200 km from existing 1600 kHz stations. Finally a
proposed station may have been precluded by the allotment of a frequency
to a station(s) having a higher ranking. Stations not selected for
migration will be afforded thirty (30) days to file for reconsideration of
the Allotment Plan with arguments limited to addressing errors in the
selection process. After the Allotment Plan has become final and no longer
subject to Commission reconsideration, the Commission will enter the allotments
into the Commission's AM Engineering Data Base. The Commission will issue a
Public Notice of the finality of the Allotment Plan and call for
applications to be filed.  Stations selected for migration will be
afforded sixty (60) days from the date the plan becomes final in which to
file an application for construction permit on the allotted channel The
application should be filed on Form 301 and must be accompanied by the
normal filing fee for such application. After acceptance of the application for
filing, the Commission will then put the application on a cut-off list. The
application will then be subject to petitions to deny but not to competing
applications. After grant of the construction permit application and
construction of the authorized facilities, the expanded band permittee
will then file a covering license application on FCC Form 302.  Licenses
for stations in the expanded band will be issued for a term that is
concurrent with the existing license for operation in the 535-1605 khz band.

For more information, contact Jim Buttle at (202) 418-2660.

Call Licensed to    State     kHz  kHz
WEUP Huntsville     AL        1600 1610
KFVR Cresent City   CA        1310 1610
KECN Blackfoot      ID        690  1610
KENN Farmington     NM        1390 1610

KXBT Vallejo        CA        1190 1620
KHMO Hannibal       MO        1070 1620
WVMI Biloxi         MS        570  1620
WLNC Laurinburg     NC        1300 1620
KQWB West Fargo     ND        1550 1620
WEHH Elmira Heights NY        1590 1620
KPAR Granbury       TX        1420 1620
WGOD St. Thomas     VI        1090 1620
KRIZ Renton         WA        1420 1620
KSHY Fox Farm       WY        1530 1620

KIDR Phoenix        AZ        740  1630
WPGS Mims           FL        840  1630
KCJJ Iowa City      IA        1560 1630
KYUU Liberal        KS        1470 1630
WSYD Mount Airy     NC        1300 1630
KTMT Phoenix        OR        880  1630
WTAW College StationTX        1150 1630
KTKK Sandy          UT        630  1630

KLOQ Merced         CA        1580 1640
KRKS Denver         CO        990  1640
WAOK Atlanta        GA        1380 1640
WIWO South Bend     IN        1580 1640
KLXX Bismark/Mandan ND        1270 1640
WTRY Troy           NY        980  1640
KTRT Claremore      OK        1270 1640
KPHP Lake Oswego    OR        1290 1640
KURV Edinburg       TX        710  1640

KITA Little Rock    AR        1440 1650
KFRN Long Beach     CA        1280 1650
KNRO Redding        CA        600  1650
WBIT Adel           GA        1470 1650
KCFI Cedar Falls    IA        1250 1650
KSVE El Paso        TX        1150 1650
KSOS Brigham City   UT        800  1650
WPMH Portsmouth     VA        1010 1650

KBLU Yuma           AZ        560  1660
KRCX Roseville      CA        1110 1660
KCOL Ft. Collins    CO        1410 1660
WCCF Punta Gorda    FL        1580 1660
KAGY Port Sulphur   LA        1510 1660
WRGC Sylva          NC        680  1660
WJDM Elizabeth      NJ        1530 1660
WPJC Adjuntas       PR        1020 1660
KHVN Fort Worth     TX        970  1660
KEYF Dishman        WA        1050 1660
WNNO Wisconsin DellsWI        900  1660

KWHN Fort Smith     AR        1320 1670
KECR El Cajon       CA        910  1670
WRCC Warner Robins  GA        1600 1670
WTGM Salisbury      MD        960  1670
KKOJ Jackson        MN        1190 1670

KKIS Concord        CA        1480 1680
KQXI Arvada         CO        1550 1680
WELX Callahan       FL        1160 1680
WKCT Bowling Green  KY        930  1680
WNSW Brewer         ME        1200 1680
WEBC Duluth         MN        560  1680
WNED Buffalo        NY        970  1680
KDSX Denison-ShermanTX        950  1680
KPOZ Seattle        WA        1590 1680

WKRG Mobile         AL        710  1690
KFRE Fresno         CA        940  1690
WBCI Normal         IL        1440 1690
WGHB Farmville      NC        1250 1690
KCRC Enid           OK        1390 1690
WRRA Frederiksted   VI        1290 1690

WFMH Cullman        AL        1460 1700
KCEE Tuscon         AZ        940  1700
KAHI Auburn         CA        950  1700
WOKB Winter Garden  FL        1600 1700
KRGI Grand Island   NE        1430 1700
KAHZ Fort Worth     TX        1360 1700
WAGE Leesburg       VA        1200 1700
KCPL Olympia        WA        920  1700
WKSH Sussex         WI        1370 1700

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