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Read about the Association of Clandestine Enthusiasts and find out how to get a sample issue and join the club.

                                  PO BOX 11201
                     SHAWNEE MISSION, KANSAS  66207-0201

Dear Radio Listener:

    The Association of Clandestine Radio Enthusiasts is a club whose purpose
centers around the monitoring and logging of pirate, clandestine, covert,
numbers, and other unexplained or unlicensed broadcasts. The ACE provides
its members with loggings of these broadcasts as well as other information
about the motives of the broadcasters in its monthly publication THE ACE. 
The ACE as an organization does not encourgae, support, or condone any
illegal activity, but simply seeks to understand the nature and reasoning
behiund such broadcasts as a way of furthering our enjoyument of the radio
listening hobnby. If your interest includes listening to pirate radio
stations, clandestine broadcasts, and covert communications, then THE ACE is
for you!  Our monthly newsletter contains regular features as well as
special articles. The regular features are:

DiaLogs by Kirk Trummel. This column contains the latest in pirate radio
loggings. This column provides the most comprehensive source of pirate
Veried Response by John Arthur.  John features various editorials in his
monthly cloumn as well as providing the latest in pirate QSL news. He edits
the twice-yearly "The Directory" the most complete directory of pirate radio
station maildrop addresses.
Covert Corner by Harry Helms.  This column explores covert communications
of all types. Harry also adds his own brand of commentary to various
DX Clip Board by Andrew Yoder. Andrew presents a feature column that
explores the pirate stations and operators. In-depth station profiles are

Clandestine Profile by George Zeller. George lends his knowledge in the area
of clandestine broadcasting to the readers of the ACE. Learn about the
motivations behind the various clandestine broadcasters by reading his
monthly column.

   Samples issues of the ACE are $ 2.00 with prepayment required. We are
sorry we cannot provide free samples, but printing and postage costs make it
impossible.  Overseas samples are $ 3.00 US.  Annual dues are $ 18.00 in US
& possessions, $ 19.00 in Canada/Mexico, and $ 25.00 World Air Mail.  Send
your subscription to:  ACE, PO Box 11201, Shawnee Mission, KS  66207. Don't
miss another issue!  Subscribe today!


Yes, I want to subscribe to the ACE:

Enclosed please find $_______(US check, cash, or money order only please




Please mail to:  ACE, PO Box 11201, Shawnee Mission, KS  66207-0201 


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