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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: vendkey.txt

Vending Machine Keys

                              VENDING MACHINE KEYS
                                  By The Pyro

This worked for a friend of mine at school (I would) never do anything like
this) it got him over $900 in one day.
Here's how to do it:

On almost all vending machines they have those damn round almost unpickable
locks on them so:

When no one is looking quickly press a piece of AIR-HARDENING clay into the
lock.  (Press hard enough to get a good impression.)

Remove the clay carefully and let it dry for however long the clay has to dry
as specified on the package.

You now have a key to fit that lock, (this Type of 'key' can be easily crushed
if you're seen.  But if you're smart you won't though)

Have Phun!!

Typed by: Pirates of Puget Sound
Reprinted from: TAP magazine, December 1983, Issue 89

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