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VAS #89: Late Night Revenue

 炮      桎烝 桎烝                                                       
  炮        桀樛           Vaginal and Anal Secretions Digest          
 陳 炮  桎烝               Issue #89 - Released: August 16, 1993        
 陳陳 炳     樛樛                                                       
                             Late Night Revenue                              
 Author: Mel Farr Superstar           Official Size: 6,333 Bytes            

        Greetings my friends. This issue of VaS, the worlds coolest periodical
will explain to you the proper methods of earning a bit of cash while also
giving you something to do wednesday nights besides watch PBS.
        Of course this issue deals with ILLEGAL topics... Oooh how EVIL EVIL
EVIL. So of course these things would only THEORETICALLY work. Yeah not that
we have ever tried any of them <snicker>. So in a way this is a disclaimer.
If you pull it off, send us money. If you get caught I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO IT.
        Anyhow lets cut to the chase:

Method Numero Uno: The Garage.
        The garage is a wonderful storage area. Its enclosed, usually attached
to the house, so a sense of security is there, and many valuable things are
kept in it due to this false sense of security. Things you may find are
golf clubs, tool sets, beer, etc. I wouldnt bother with the cars or the
lawnmowers, they are a bit tricky to move.
        Anyhow most people have doors on the side of their garages, and most
of the time they don't bother to lock them. And sometimes they dont even
bother to shut their big garage door. This is where you step in. If you find
a nice set of golf clubs in a bag, you can fetch around $200 for them! EVIL
EVIL EVIL... And dont forget to grab the cases of beer for the celebration

Method Numero Duex: The Car.
        There are many ways to access the interior of a car. The first method
of course is to smash a window with a brick and unlock the door. However this
method is just a BIT noisy and messy. One way to avoid this, if you MUST
break the window is the old duct-tape all over the window and tap it with a
blunt object <a mag-lite is the best>, the window spiders but stays together.
Now you just peel the tape back and the window comes with it. This is a bit
time consuming however.
        Another method is to grab your handy high-powered drill <not the
average craftsman but a mitka or some other industrial strength cordless one>
and drill out the door lock, or better yet, the trunk lock and boom... People
tend to keep cool stuff in their trunks since they figure its the safest
place in the car. Be sure you grab a titanium drill bit, about 1/3" thick or
so to do the job proper.
        The easist way is to simply walk around a dark neighborhood and hit
the cars parked in the driveway. THE DRIVEWAY? Yes, most people leave their
cars unlocked when they are in the driveway since they think nobody would be
stupid enough to try to break into it there. WRONG-O.
        When in the car, be sure to check under the seats, as many people will
'hide' stuff there, or check in the glove box... You always find tapes, zippos,
and on occasion, money. Be sure to steal the vehicle title and registration
while you are in there just to be a total asshole.

Method Number 3:
        There is no method 3 asshole, don't you think all the other ones are
enough you greed bastard?

        Anyhow, the items you will find in your upcoming expeditions will
provide you with plenty of money provided you know how to sell it. Some
basic tips for selling your stolen goods:

         If the item is worth less then $20, don't bother selling it unless
          you absolutely need that ten bucks. Its not worth the hassle or
          the risk of getting caught selling stolen stuff.

         Don't take it to a pawn shop. If it was that easy, the cops would
          be shutting down pawn shops right and left. They require lots of
          ID and such, not a good idea.

         If you do find stuff like golf clubs, don't go to a golf store
          that's anywhere near the city you stole them in. Chances are the
          person who had them taken <they are expensive - it will get
          reported> will call the local shops and tell them to watch out for
          someone selling them. Golf clubs do have serial numbers and can
          be rather unique.

         Don't ask more than half the actual price of the item you are
          selling, unless the person you are selling it to doesn't know
          it's stolen. However, dont ask too little or the person will
          become suspicious. Also, set a firm price and don't let someone
          talk you down from it because they are stolen - it may be stolen
          but it works like the same one they'd pay twice as much for at
          the store.

        Anyhow, good luck In your little 'outings'. And if you find any cool
stuff, let us know <G>.

                   陳塚様様[ VaS DiSTRiBuTioN SiTeS ]様様幼陳
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  Urban Discipline     (313)464-1470    14.4   Studmuffin          World HQ  
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                           VaS World Headquarters                            
                              P.O. Box  530768                               
                              Livonia,MI 48153                               

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