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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: vas063.txt

VAS #63: Some good security books

 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 炮      桎烝 桎烝 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 
 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 炮        桀樛 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 
 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 炮  桎烝      陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 
 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 炳     樛樛 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 
                Vaginal and Anal Secretions Newsletter #0063                 
          Date Released : [07/15/92]       Author: PROBE-X                   
                           Some good secrity books                           

DISTRIBUTION POLICY: To recieve one complimentary copy of the
following publications, call or write the INFOSEC Awareness
Office as follows

INFOSEC Awareness Division                       (410) 766-8729
Ft. George G. Meade, MD  20755-6000                   Barbara Keller

Additional copies can be ordered from the Government Printing

WRITTEN REQUESTS                                 PHONE REQUESTS

Superintendent of Documents                      (202) 783-3238
U.S. Government Printing Office                  Hours: 0800-1600
Washington, DC  20402                            (Mastercard, VISA,
(Note: I have all of them. I am only listing the ones that are worth
getting for hacking and the like - PROBE-X)

DoD Password Management Guidelines
(CSC-STD-002-85)  (Green Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00443-9                 $1.75

A Guide to Understaning Discretionary Access
Control in Trusted Systems
(NCSC-TG-003, Version-1)  (Orange Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00539-7                 $2.00

Glossary of Computer Security Terms
(NCSC-TG-004, Version-1)  (Aqua Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00522-2                 $3.25

Trusted Network Interpretation
(NCSG-TG-005, Version-1)  (Red Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00486-2                 $13.00

Trusted Network Interpretation Environments
Guideline -- Guidance for Applying the Trusted
Network Interpretation  (NCSC-TG-011, Version 1)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00566-4                 $4.00

Trusted UNIX Working Group (TRUSIX) Rstionale
for Selecting Access Control List Features
for the UNIX System (NCSC-TG-020A, Version 1) (Gray Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00559-1                 $4.25

A Guide to Writing the Security Features User's
Guide for Trusted Systems (NCSC-TG-026, Version 1) (Hot Peach Book)
GPO STOCK NUMBER: 008-000-00593-1                 $2.25

                   陳塚様様[ VaS DiSTRiBuTioN SiTeS ]様様幼陳
  BBS Name                 Number       Baud   Sysop                Title    
  LiVe WiRE BBS        (313)464-1470    14.4   Studmuffin          World HQ  
  PoT BBS              (313)462-1906    24oo   Phreak_Accident     World HQ  
  Floating Pancreas    (305)551-0311    14.4   Majestic Cockster   Dist. #1  
  Midian BBS           (703)790-8048    14.4   The Raging Golemn   Dist. #2  
  VaS Voice Mail Box   (313)910-3030    FoR THe LaTeST NeWS iN VaS And To    
                                        LeAve uS CoMmEnTs!                   
  VaS FaX Line         (313)380-4904    SeND C/o VaS! FaX uS CooL StuFF LiKE 
                                        PiCTuReS oR SomEthIng LiKe ThAt!     
              And To Reach us Via U.S. Mail, Send Letters To:                
                           VaS World Headquarters                            
                              P.O. Box  530768                               
                              Livonia,MI 48153                               

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