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Spotting Undercover Police Cars (in Australia)

                    - Spotting Undercover Police Cars -
                           - Written by Ripmax -
   Identification : Holden Commodore
   Body Type      : VP

   Well Im sure we have all seen people busted by undercover cop cars  so
   I have decided to write a INFO phile on how to spot them (Thats before
   they bust your arse!)

   From Behind: * The  back  end  of  the  Car  looks  lower  than  usual
                * Make sure it is a Commodore as a few other makes of the
                  cars have the same outer body ie Berlina's.
                * Contrary to popular belief,  Not  all  undercover  cars
                  have areils located on the rear window and it  was  the
                  older cars from a few years ago that  had ariels on the

   From Sideon: * The rear tyre arch is Flat (not round like most cars)
                * The rear wheel itself goes above the wheel arch.
                * The tyres wont have wheel covers of any sort  on  them.
                  Usualy the rim and bolts are painted black.

   From Front : * The front grill looks almost non existant.

   Other Info : * There is noway to pick a cop car by its  licence  plate
                  (Unless you a master list of plates I guess)
                * Cop cars dont have 'EXTRAS' on them EG No rear spoilers
                  , no pin striping, no roo bar, no front spot lights and
                  usually no or very light tint.
                * Car rego sticker has either June(6)  or December(12) on
                  it as they re-rego  each car  for 6  months.  (Hard  to
                  check unless parked)
                * Generally there is two people in the car
                * Most undercover cars have  Officers in  uniform  inside
                  the cars so pull alongside and have a look.
                * Cop cars arnt allowed to Advertise other companys so
                  they wont have bumper stickers of any sort.

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