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Stop & Shop Hack Booklet #2

    >>>>>>  The STOP & SHOP hack booklet. 2/2     by: THE PLANT MAN  <<<<<<

  ===================  * Well, here it is, the second half of this booklet!
  =  Sponsored By:  =   
  =        |        =  * Some updates and awsnered questions about the author.
  =  \     |     /  =
  =    \   |   /    =    ----------------- DISCLAIMER ---------------------
  =     \  |  /     =
  =        |        =    WHATEVER YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION IS YOUR        
  ===================    POSSIBILITES OF WHAT CAN BE DONE WITH WHAT IS         
                         WRITTEN HERE.
  DON'T CRITICIZE IT!    -----------------HAPPY HACKING--------------------

                            Questions Awsnered

    Q. Why name yourself "The Plant Man"
    A. Well, who the hell is sponsoring this issue? :-)

    Q. Are you still with the company?
    A. No, those bastards fired me! So this phile is comming out a bit
       EARLIER now. :-)

    Q. Why write this?
    A. Revenge; To show S&S is weak; For phun; for ANARCHISTS galore.

    Q. Any tips for others who want to write philes like this?
    A. Yeah, be thorough and make your philes readily available.
                            CREDIT CARD STUFF
        Well, this shall be phun. S&S now features CREDIT CARD machines at each
 register. However, these machines are NOT connected to the registers. They run
 on a separate system, the cashier has enter in the price and so on. First,
 these machines have NO secret code to them. To activate one, you simply just
 enter in a 3-digit cashier number on the small keypad located next to the
 register keyboard, and press the ENTER button. The LCD display then prints out
 "SLIDE CARD". You're in business! Now what can you do with this new toy? Well,
 there is a button on the small keypad which is marked FUNCTION or the word is
 abbreviated. Press that button once and you enter into a menu for the CREDIT
 CARD MACHINE. The first two functions are for signing off of the machine. The
 menu continues on, and one VERY USEFUL feature is REPRINT LAST RECIEPT. This
 does what it says, and when you reprint the reciept, on it appears the pin
 numbers for the card last used. Unfortunately you can't get the 4-digit ATM
 PIN number or the Credit Card Experation date. To get this you have to either
 take several guesses at it, or for the ATM pin number, watch someone use their
 card, keep in mind the pin number, then when the cashier leaves, reprint the
 last reciept, and PRESTO, pin number and card number all in one! CASHIERS have
 it better because they can ask thge customer for their card to verify the
 person using it, but in reality they could memorize the experation date and
 then reprint the reciept..... then that person is ready to call in any order
 they want, want a new computer.... well here you go. Just remeber to give the
 address of a house that is vacant or a summer home when ordering so that when
 UPS delievers it, they leave it there, you go get it and now you have anything
 you want FREE and UNTRACABLE!
        There is one other nifty little aspect of this machine, it can cancel
 a transaction, so that lets say you use a credit card to buy some stuff there,
 then when the cashier walks away or goes on break, you cancel the transaction
        One note, if at any time you are promted for some kind of manager,
 try entering in the store number without the zero, i.e. store # 006, enter
 in 6, or try the generic numbers, 99, 999, 9999. Either way, it should let
 you through!
                         STEALING BOXES OF STUFF!
        Now this is VERY SIMPLE! There are two ways. First one is to steal
 a roll of S&S PAID stickers, these are orange and located in the drawer to
 the right of the register. Throw a few of these stickers on the merchandise
 and wheel it out, no questions asked.
        The second requires a little exploring on your part. The storage area
 at the far back of the store has gates for recieving maerchandise on trucks.
 If you walk around to the back of the store, look for an open gate. Then watch
 it for a minute to make sure the coast is clear. Approach slowly, and stay off
 the side. Peek in to make sure the coast is clear and hop on in. Move fast,
 grab what you need, and get out! This works VERY well on busy days where most
 of the storage area guys are busy helping with controlling the busy store, up
        OR, there is another storage area behind the DELI. This is rarely
 visited by S&S workers. Now some stores have this storage area connect to
 a bottle return room, or a gate outside. What you can do here if it's
 connected to the biottle return room is have a friend go into the bottle
 return room, which is not monitored, and then you go inside and into the
 storage area behind the DELI, and open the door connecting the two areas. Then
 hold the door open with something and start taking out what you want.
 Sometimes the door in the bottle return room is UNLOCKED, so you can bypass
 going into S&S, and just go through the bottle return room.

        This takes luck and a few balls to do. Every Thursday at about 4:00pm
 paychecks are distributed. The paychecks are given out at a window next to
 the SERVICE DESK, the window is small, made up of a thick, glass window and
 a small rectangualr opening at the bottom. Now to get the paycheck you have
 to get the name of a new employee of S&S, or someone who doen't work up
 idiots who used a manager's name before. The best is a new kid, in his 2nd to
 4th week at S&S. Get his full name, make sure you know what he looks like, and
 walk on up to the window. There may even be a line of employees getting their
 paychecks. Get in line, and when you get to the window, ask for YOUR paycheck,
 they will then ask for your FULL name to get the paycheck. If all goes well,
 you will have the check handed to you. Then ask to cash the check there. Then
 sign the check on the back, in the persons name, NOT YOUR NAME. Stay calm, if
 you get nervous you may botch it all up. But if you stay calm, and hand the
 signed check over to the person in that office, you should the be given the
 money the check is worth! JOY! MONEY!

 1.) Getting a S&S jacket is helpful to pass off as an employee. The best ones
     to get are ther red and blue jackets. Stay away from GREEN jackets! These
     are MANAGER jackets, and everyone knows who the managers are.

 2.) STAY CALM. If you look professional, then people will be less apt to
     question you.

 3.) Move fast. You never know when the wrong person will see you. The faster
     you move, the better.

 4.) If you are wearing a jacket, and then use the phone, you are VERY MUCH
     less likely to get caught, even if someone else walks right up to you!

 5.) S&S PAID stickers, they're bright orange, are VERY useful in stealing
     stuff. Put a sticker on it, throw it in a bag, and you're GOLDEN!

                        HAVE PHUN AND HAPPY HACKING

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