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Stop & Shop Hack Booklet #1

    >>>>>>  The STOP & SHOP hack booklet. 1/2     by: THE PLANT MAN  <<<<<<

 =========================   Being an employer at this grocery store chain
 =     Spondored by:     =   for a little over a year has given me two things
 =  _______ __   _       =   which I shall always cherish... ... ... ... ...
 = |__   __|   \| |      =
 =    | |  | |\ | |      =   (1.) An undying hatred for the company
 =    | |  | |/ | |__    =
 =    |_|  |___/|____|   =   (2.) The knowledge of how the damn system works!
 =                       =
 =     Too Damn Lazy     =   The following information is a small amount of
 =                       =   information on how things REALLY work at
 =  join the klub today! =   STOP & SHOP. What you do with the information
 =========================   is totaly up to you. ENJOY and HAVE FUN! :-)

                                The Phones
    Okay, where shall the fun begin? Let's start with the phone systems. Most
 SUPER STOP & SHOPS have three phone lines comming into the store and they
 keep track of phone calls made from each phone, but that happens once a
 month when they get the bill, and no one gives a rats ass if theres $20 or
 $30 on the bill from one phone. But the best place to make calls from is the
 FLORIST dept. in the store. The FLORIST dept. is not always watched. Usually
 the last person who works there leaves at 9:00pm, and comes back in at 6:00am.
 So now you know when and where to use the phone, but how do you use the phone?
 Well, it's very simple, on the phone there are 3 buttons each have a phone
 number printed above it. Press one of these buttons that has no light on (the
 light indicates if the line is in use), then pick up the receiver. Bamm-O...
 you now have an open line with which to make as much and as many phone calls
 as you want!
    You can also talk over the INTERCOM with the phone. To use the INTERCOM,
 you must pick up the receiver without pressing a button on the phone.... then
 dial 564, a beep will come over the INTERCOM, then you can talk, "Attention
 STOP & SHOP customers, everything in the store for the next five minutes is
 FREE!" This will piss off the magers of the store, but OH WELL. Now the
 INTERCOM number may be different in your store, sometimes the number is
 printed on the phone, but be careful, if the number has an X before it, then
 DON'T dial it! This is the extension # to the phone you are using, dialing
 that number is like calling yourself on the phone.
    One last thing to mention, there is a button on the phone which says "TRF",
 this stands for "transfer", to transfer the call to another phone. Let's say
 that the manager's personal phone is exstension 126, then call a 976 number
 and when u connect, push the "TRF" button then "126", and when the manager
 picks up the phone... ... boy will he be in for a surprise! :-)

                               The Registers
    Oh, this is a biggie... ... where to begin? Ok, the main keys to familirize
 one self with are the "MISC TENDER", "CASH TENDER", "VOID", "GROCERY TOTAL"
 and the number pad. Once you know which keys these are (You can look at the
 key pad as you're "strolling" in the store and figure out which keys are which)
 you can now operate the register's KEY features. Now below is a list of
 fuctions, and what to puch in to get it to happen. The key below the list will
 help you figure out what's going on. One footnote: the registers have a lock on
 them, almost like a password, by punching in the right numbers, the register
 will unlock.



   To SIGN ON a register:   11, X, (CASHIER #), X, (SECRET CODE), MISC. TENDER

   To SIGN OFF a register:  12, X, (CASHIER #), X, (SECRET CODE), MISC. TENDER

    Now "X" is a key on the number pad, representing the "times" key which we
 we all learned in 3rd grade.... it's called multiplication. The "SECRET CODE"
 and the "CASHIER #" are numbers that are assigned to each cashier in the
 store. The "CASHIER #" is a 3-digit number used to represent a specific cashier
 (this is how the store keeps track of each cashier's transactions). The "SECRET
 CODE" is the "password" of a cashier. This number can be changed at random and
 can be any number that the cashier wants. To use the above list you need these
 numbers. Well, how in the hell do I get these numbers?! Easy! This is how,
 there are two ways.

   (1.) Take any receipt from the store you plan to hit. This contains some VERY
        IMPORTANT information (the S&S management aren't very bright, they let
        this information out to EVERYONE). On the receipt there are two numbers,
        the store number and the cashier number. The number next to the word
        "cahier" is the cashier number and the number next to "store" is the....
        you guessed it, the store number. The store number is the generic
        SECRET CODE. It's the SECRET CODE give to ALL cashiers when they first
        start out. Many times a cashier never changes the SECRET NUMBER and
        this gives us an opportunity. The Cashier number is simply that. A
        number that never changes for that cashier. The secret code can be
        changed.... but who cares.

   (2.) Watch cashiers when they are typing in numbers on the register and
        no one is in their line. They are then probably doing one of the above
        functions. Watch the display on that cashier's register, you will most
        likely see a series of numbers that are being typed in. Look at the
        first number, it will tell you how to proceed. Use the key above,
        memorizing it would be best, will tell you what the cashier is doing
        and the information being typed in. i.e. the cashier's SECRET CODE and
        CASHIER #. Below is an example.

             the cashier types in:     15 X 25 VOID MISC. TENDER

           ** You need to be sharp, once the cashier hits the
              "MISC. TENDER" key, the dislay will go blank.

        Now this sequence "15 X 25 VOID MISC. TENDER" tells you this:

        1. The 15 tells you the cashier is locking or unlocking their drawer.

        2. The 25 is their SECRET NUBER (The "X" separates these numbers)

        3. VOID tells you that the cashier is UNLOCKING the drawer.
           (If VOID is nt present, then the casier is LOCKING the drawer)

 Okay now you know where to get the numbers and what they are and somewhat how 
 to use them with a cashier. Now some tips on how to use this info, like how NOT 
 to get caught. 1st, again, hit those registers not watched often, such as the
 FLORIST dept. register. Also those registers that are way off in the boon-docks 
 such as registers 20 or 21. these are RARELY used. Sometimes you can be quick 
 and do it right there with everyone around you. But USUALLY if you have a tie 
 on and look respectable, people will see you messing with the register but not 
 care because they will think that you work for the company. For those of you
 even more daring, stealing a jacket that is worn by S&S employes is also a 
 good idea.
    This is a good one to know about. S&S stores have NO security cameras, but 
 instead use undercover people to roam the store and watch for shgop lifters.
 Well this is dumb, and here is how to beat the undercover cops there.

    Grab the item you want and take it around the store openly. Then find 
    an empty isle or go to the bathroom. When no one is around, put it in 
    your pocket and then walk out, but walk out casualy, possibly stopping 
    to look at some other product. Being casual throws off these RENT-A-COPS.

                            CREDIT CARD STUFF
                     To be revealed in the next file

                         STEALING BOXES OF STUFF!
                     To be revealed in the next file

                     To be revealed in the next file

                       AND MUCH, MUCH, MUCH MORE.....
    Okay, you have the info, more will come in booklet #2, look for it....
 now what you do with this is up to you.... play around, that's the best way
 to learn more. 

                              HAVE PHUN!!!

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