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Robbing Houses 2 of 3

               /                 /_______________________                       
              / Robing Houses ][                        /\              
             /________________   Written By            / /              
             \_______________/       Video Vindicator / /                    
                            /                    ____/ /                        
                           / SHADOWS OF IGA     /\___\/              
                          /       707-528-7238 / /                       
                         /____________________/ /


  Since I wrote Robing Houses I, I have learned alot on the more advanced
tactics of robing houses.  I've been gone from the H/P/A world for about 4
months (FUCK!!).  But soon (as of this writing 8/29/88) I should be back even
better then before!  I have to say that the book 'Are you Safe from Burglers?'
is well worth $8.95 or however much it costs.  And in my eyes, it's required
reading for anyone who REALLY wants to know about Breaking and Entering.


  Alarm systems are by far a burglers worst enemy, but if you're determined
enough, and the house contains something valuable, there are many ways around
even the best.


  This is the most common, the one in which if you open a door or window, you
break the circuit and a the alarm sounds... Standard.  If the bell is outside,
refer to my first file, if it's inside, continue reading.  Get a hand drill and
a small pen saw.  If the door looks like this:

           +------+                  _________
           |[][][]|                 | ------- | This is like paneling that
           |[][][]|  CLOSE-UP       ||       || is sunk in on the sides and
           |o [][]| <-------------- ||       || stickes out in the middle,
           |[][][]|                 |._______.| very common design.
           +------+                 |_________|

Then you're set, just take the hand drill, and drill a hole in the upper
corner of the panel that's below the doorknob.  Then take the pen saw and cut
the panel out... reach in (hoping there isn't a friendly dog) and unlock the
door.  Stick your head in the door and locate the alarm part connected to the
door, strip thw wires WITHOUT CUTTING THEM and check the voltage in each wire.
If there's current in one, and none in the other, cut the wires and open the
door.  If there's current in both, junction accross them and then cut the 
leads going to the door.  Open the door, and enter cautiously!  Once inside,
replace the panel and tape it from the inside, so any passerby won't be 
suspicious and report this strange event to the proper athorities.
  If they don't have a suitable door like that you can always cut through the
wall and do it that way (not advisable).


  This is becoming more and more common every year.  The best way is to see if
it's silent or bell.  If it's bell, refer to my first file.  If it's a silent
alarm, refer to the Silent System section.


  These are the silent alarms that either call the cops or call the security
company who in turn calls the cops.  Write down the name of the company (it's
written all over those stupid stickers that have a lighning bolt and say shit
like "Don't fuck with this house.  It's protected by Zippi Alarm Systems  If
any questions or comments call us at SAF-HOME (123-4567)).  Call up Zippi and
say 'Hi, I want to test my alarm so please disconnect the system for an hour
or so so the police aren't bothered.'  Zippi most of the time (being nieve)
will say 'Daaahh, OK.' and you're set.


  Go to a local pay phone, dial the number, let it ring about 20 times, if no
one answers, leave the phone off the hook and get over there.  If the phone
at their house is still ringing, there's a pretty good chance that there is a
nice EMPTY house waiting to be plucked.


  On some safe's you can take a screwdriver, place it on the dial, and hit the
dial off.  Then just pound on the locking mechanism, literally beating the guts
out of it.  Some safes, however, have a iron locking thing which only spreads
out, making the situation worse then before.


  People hide money EVERYWHERE.  In the bathroom, closet, dressers, everywhere.
Money is almost never hidden in young kids rooms because the kid might find
the money and play with the shit.  When searching the room/closet/whatever, 
work from the bottom up.  That way the shit you cover up when you're knocking 
down on the top shelf won't hinder you at the bottom.  Don't try to be neat or
clean, you won't have to clean up the stuff so be as messy as you want.


  Make sure to go through a house first and find at least one other escape
route, like the back door, and make sure nothings blocking it, and that it's
not locked, etc...


A house on the corner is almost always better for a day robbery, because you
don't have to worry about neighbors on both sides of you.  At night, a house
with neighbors on both sides is almost always better because that way you are
not near a light (lights on the corner of a block).


  There's only one really GREAT way to nail stores in a big way, got to an out-
door mall, and find the store you want to hit (like a jewelry store).  And
closely examine the alarm system.  Then examine the ajoining stores secuirity.
Find the weakest, break into it, and go through the walls until you reach the
store you want.
  Another method is to have a 'Indoor man', who is someone who goes into the
store, and hides somewhere, once the store closes and everyone's gone, he 
comes out, and disarms the alarm from the inside.


  As things work out, most burglers will gain entry into houses the same way
every time, until they get caught doing it that way, or they find a better
way.  So, a guy who climbs awnings and then breaks a window to get in will
probably continue to do so that way until he either learns how to pick locks
or gets caught doing it that way.


  Once you master picking locks, and are very successful at robing houses, do
this...  Pick the lock, rob the house, and once everything is in your car, 
break a window, thus making it appear to be an amature.

  Be watching for Robing Houses III and even more text files on anarchy in the
near future from me!  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for
other text files, contact me on my BBS (Shadows of Iga).  Enjoy...
  SHADOWS OF IGA...........150 MEGS..........H/P/A..............707-528-7238
  ATLANTIS..................30 MEGS...........H/P...............804-355-7327
  RIPCO.....................96 MEGS..........H/P/A..............312-528-5020
  This concludes yet another wonderful ASCII File by... The Video Vindicator
  (C)opyright Shadow Systems 1988  SHADOWS OF IGA - 707-528-7238  PW: AMIGOD

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