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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: robbing1.txt

Robbing Houses 1 of 3

               /                 /_______________________                       
              / Robing Houses                           /\              
             /________________   Written By            / /              
             \_______________/       Video Vindicator / /                    
                            /                    ____/ /                        
                           / SHADOWS OF IGA     /\___\/              
                          /       707-528-7238 / /                       
                         /____________________/ /


  So you REALLY want to be a criminal now, eh?  Well, this file should show
you the correct ways and aspects of 'breaking' into this highly rewarding
career.  Some files which I also recommend reading are any ASCII files
concerning security, and/or stealth combat.


  For maximum effectiveness, take a good glass cutter, a screwdriver (both
standard and philupshead), a crowbar (optional), large nilon bag (1 at least),
good boot knife or dagger, spray foam insulation, duck tape, flashlight, and
a vehicle of some sorts (preferably a car or truck).
  Make sure the spray foam insulation is quick-drying, this is VERY important
and I'll tell you why later on.
  Take the crowbar only if you feel the job requires it, a crowbar is EXTREAM
and should be avoided, because it not only slows you down, but is noisy and
bulky as well.


  You want to case the house first (which will be described later) and make
sure there is NO deviation.  When you finally decide it's the right time (it
doesn't make much of a difference if it's day or night, but night is more of
a prefered time for obvious reasons).  Once in, be quick and cautious, take
only the things you either want or can sell quickly.  Anything big (like TV's,
VCR's, and Sterios) should be left for the pro's.  When you are ready to go
make sure you leave the same way you came in.  Once out, take a quick route
back to the car and make sure you can't be observed by anyone.  Be smart and
DON'T go near the house after robbing it, the police almost always go by the
saying "The criminal will return to the scene of the crime."


  First, try to get a general idea of how the house is layed out, and make a
semi-detailed map of the outside, ajacent area, and all of the houses' windows
and doors.  Also map out all the streets, houses, and landmarks for about 2
blocks of all directions of the house.  Watch and record the activities which
normally are going on, such as cars, people, lights (inside houses), etc.  
Once you have found all of that info, plan out the best way to approch and
leave the house, preferably the darkest/least housed direction.  Make at least
two other alternate escape routes!  Also figure out which way the police would
probably come from.


  A glasscutter does NOT just cut right through the class and then you simply
push a piece of the window in.  A glasscutter simply makes it possible to
break the glass neatly and evenly.  You also must exert a fair amount of force
when cutting, you can't just swing it across and expect it to break well.


  Widows are a houses main weakspot.  Find a suitable window, and examine it
totally!  Look for a magnetic switch somewhere on the frame... if none is
present, then try to push on the window and slide it in the direction that
opens it, like this:
                                                        STANDARD LOCK
                   LOCK      WINDOW (OPENS)                             
                       \     /                             +----++--------
               ]=_______+-------=[                         +___/ +--------
                   /         ^                              //          
                WINDOW      '|`  PUSH THIS           ------+-+  LOCK LIFTS      
            (DOESN'T OPEN)   |   WAY!                --------+  TO OPEN 
  You are trying to push the window so that the lock moves away from the stop-
pers.  If this doesn't work, then take the glasscutter and cut a straight line
accross, about in the middle of it.  Then take the duck tape, and place it
along the line, making the line the duck tapes center.  Then pull all of the
black molding around the window out, and throw it out of the way.  Then take
the screwdriver and pry the bottom of the glass out of the frame.  Once this
is achieved, the rest is easy, pull it out to a little ways past the duck tape
and hit it (like a karate chop) and it should break evenly and with very little
  Once in, take time to look at all the neighboring houses, and try to see if
there's any abnormal activity.  If so, and you think it's about you, get out!


  If there is an exterior alarm bell box, take the philupshead screwdriver and
punch a hole through part of the plastic.  Then take the foam insulation and
fill up the alarm box with it.  Allow at least 5 minutes for it to dry!  Once
dry, the foam will either stop the bell from sounding, or muffle it down to
  If there is a magnetic switch attached to the window and you want to disarm
it, examine it first!  If it looks like it's expensive, don't mess with it!
Some are wired to go off when you open'em.  If it's Radio Shack or some other
fairly lame company, take it appart and see if the magnet is holding the
wires together or appart.  If it's holding the wires appart, then cut both
wires going to the alarm.  That means when the alarm gets current, like from
you junctioning across or opening the window, that the alarm sounds.  If the
magnet is holding the wires together, then junction across the two wires, and
then cut the wires going to the box.  The same holds true to the door alarms.
If you are in doubt about how the alarm is wired, DON'T TOUCH IT!  Since you
obviously haven't tripped it yet, there's a good chance you won't!
  I've found dogs to be the least of all threats.  Most of the time the dog is
happy to see anyone, and if you pet it it'll leave you alone.  Some dogs can
be bastards though, and just throwing some meat over the fence almost always
works.  Poodles are waste dogs and need to be killed because they make so much
noise, and believe me, the meat only stops them from barking for a few minutes.
  Silent alarms a VERY rare due to the cost of'em, but just to be safe, it's
always good to cut the phone lines.  If you are in the house, find the alarm,
and realize it's a silent one (a phone outlet in the back is a dead giveaway)
then get the hell out of there!  But make sure you go out the same way you got
in!  There's no reason to trip it for sure if it's possible you didn't.
  Neighborhood Watch is nothing more than a pain in the ass, especially when
it comes to casing the house.  They are very active during the day, and almost
dead at night (since most of them are old shits). 


  Once in, examine every room carefully.  Most people will stash money in with
their underwear (mostly it's in the guys drawer).  Also check the vents, power
outlets, and refigerator/freezer for abnormal stuff, lot's of people buy those
stupid-shit money holders.
  If there is a safe, save it for last and only mess with it if you've got
enough time.  I won't go into geting into safe's unless there is some demand,
since safes are rarely found.
  Do not vandalize the house, that just draws more attention to the case and
attention is one thing you DON'T want, for obvious reasons...

  Once again, check all of the neighbors houses for activity, if there's none,
leave the SAME WAY YOU GOT IN!  I can't enhasize that point enough!  You don't
always know when there's an alarm system, even after you've been through the
house, and you don't want the cops around too soon.  Leave by following one
of your escape paths, and go for your vehicle.  Once there, drive off, not
directly to your house, but not the opposite direction, and see if you are
being followed (which is VERY rare, but you should take the time to check).
Do not store most of the stuff at your house... put it at a friends house or
stash it somewhere.  Because if the cops come, the first place they'll look
is your house.


  Your car should be fast, but not like a Porche or anything like that, those
cars draw too much attention.  You should also make it a black color, if at
all possible.  You may also want to remove your plates if you want to be extra
careful.  And make sure it has a full tank of gas!


  I hope you have found out something useful, and if you haven't, too bad.
Be looking for more of my Anarchy files, which will be floating around on most
boards.  If you have any comments about this file, or suggestions for other
files, leave me Feedback on my board (Shadows of Iga).

  SHADOWS OF IGA.............150 MEGS...........................NO LONGER UP
  ATLANTIS....................30 MEGS...........................804-355-7327
  RIPCO.......................96 MEGS...........................312-528-5020
  This concludes yet another wonderful ASCII File by... The Video Vindicator
  (C)opyright Shadow Systems 1987  SHADOWS OF IGA - 707-528-7238  PW: AMIGOD

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