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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: readmail.txt

Reading unopened mail

*        READING UNOPENED MAIL        *
*                                     *
*         TYPED AND UPLOADED          *
*                                     *
*                BY                   *
*                                     *
*        -=>SYSTEM CRUSHER<=-         *
There are 2 traditional methods for 
reading a sealed envelope:

Steaming:Ok now everyone has probaly 
seen this one done in the movies.You 
take the envelope and expose the glued 
edge of the envelope to a blast of 
steam and open it as the glue release 
its hold in the paper.This method when 
done correctly,does not rip or other-
wise damage the envelope and allows the
material to be re-inserted and reglued
after a persual.
But this method does have a few faults.
Steaming also has a bad habit of 
wetting the entire surface to a great 
enough degree that it makes the ink run
,stamps to come off and requires a fair
amount of drying time after use to 
return to its non-wet state.There also 
is the problem that alot of modern 
envelopes require so much steaming 
before it opens that when it dries it 
will never dry to its orignal state,but
instead dries to a different and 
noticable texture.
The second method is:
Needles-The other way is to carefully
undo a corner flap of the target 
envelope.This flap need not be the top,
many envelopes can be unfolded to a 
great enough degree that a 1/4" space 
will appear at the bottom corner.
At this point 2 knitting needles are 
inserted into the gap one on either 
side of the letter.The needles are then
twisted around each other until the 
letter is wrapped into a tube where it
can then be pulled out through the gap.

The letter is then read,copied,photo-
graphed or whaever,and inserted back 
into the envelope in the same fashion.
The gap is then re-folded and or glued
if necessary to return the envelope 
back to its orignal state..
But now the is another way.Not many 
people know about this the pheds have
had access to this little toy for some
years now and its has now arrived on 
the civilian market.

Chemical inspection-Sold in spray or 
aersol container,this alchol-based 
fluid turns any paper even manila 
envelopes transparent for 30 to 60 
seconds!This allows time for the letter
to be read or photographed or whatever.
This feature allows the mail to be read
without ever opening the envelope this
liquid then dries up without ever 
leaving a trace.Its has the added 
advantage of not smearing any ink..
Of course the entire letter may not be
exposed if its folded but this will 
avoid alot of "sticky" situations.This
way you can probably see if its worth 
the time and effort to steam it or 
needle it.Or just read the dam letter.

This chemical is sold by LEA,MICROTRON
,PK ELECTRONICS etc,etc.The intended
purpose of this is for a letter bomb
visualizer.It ranges from about $35-50
for 6 ounces.Now who the phuck wants to
spend $35-60 certainaly not me so to 
save $49.00 The chemical used is liquid
freon.Its available from chemical or
photographic suppliers and is used to
clean video and film equipment....

Bear in mind this article is for 
informative purposes only.The illegal
reading or obstruction of US mail is a
federal and can land you in jail.If you 
decide to do it dont get caught!

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