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(Accessory file for The Hackers Guide to Lockpicking)
Lock-Picking Page: Pin and Wafer Tumbler Padlocks PIN AND WAFER TUMBLER PADLOCKS

Cylinder padlocks require a technique of holding them with the same hand with which you are using the tension wrench. This technique allows one to pick the padlock without going into contortions over a dangling padlock. Assuming that you are right-handed, hold the padlock in your left hand by gripping the body of the padlock with your thumb and forefinger. Insert the tension wrench at the bottom of the keyway and hold it in a clockwise turn with your ring and little finger, causing a slight binding pressure on the cylinder. Now your right hand is free to pick, and your left hand does the job of holding both the lock and tension wrench. The overhand method works well, too, but the thumb controls the tension wrench instead. Switch around to find which is most comfortable for you.

When tumbler padlocks pop open, it is quite a sensa- tion because the shackle is spring-loaded and gives one quite a jolt. It's a feeling of accomplishment. You may need a little more tension on padlocks than on door locks because the cylinder cam has to operate a spring-loaded bolt. Overall, padlocks are the most fun to open. Prac- tice using old or discarded padlocks that you have found. I've worn out hundreds of them.

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