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(Accessory file for The Hackers Guide to Lockpicking)
Lock-Picking Page: Lock Identification


There are many types of locks, the most common being:

1. The pin tumbler lock. Used for house and garage doors, padlocks, mail boxes, and Ford automobiles.

2. The wafer tumbler lock. Used for garage and trailer doors, desks, padlocks, cabinets, most autos, window locks, and older vending machines.

3. The double-wafer lock. Used for higher security wafer tumbler applications.

4. The warded locks. Used for light security padlocks and old-fashioned door locks.

5. Lever locks Used for light security and older padlocks, sophisticated safe-deposit boxes, some desks, jewelry boxes, and small cash boxes.

6. Tubular cylinder locks. Used for alarm control systems, newer vending machines, car-wash control boxes and wherever higher security problems might exist.

These locks are the more common locks used yet there are variations and combinations of these principal types that usually pick open in the manner that will be discussed. Some of them just require practice of the basic types, others luck, and most of the rest of them knowledge of how that particular lock works and is keyed. This comes from experience.

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