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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: libraryo.txt

Getting free books and free EVERYTHING from the library

           /___   _      _           _  __                     \
          |  ||_||_     / \ |\ | /\ |_>|   |_|\ /               |
          |  || ||_    / ^ \| \|/  \| \|__ | | |                |
          |   ________/ /_\ \________                           |
          |   \______  _____  ______/                           |
          |         / /     \ \  ________                       |
          |        /_/       \_\\  _____/ __ ___  __ ___        |
          |                      \ \  / \|    |  |__  |  \ /    |
          |                       \ \ \_/|__ _|_ |__  |   |     |
          |                   _____\ \                          |
          |                  /________\  Of Oak Bay Presents :  |
          |                                                     |

                    Breaking Into The Oak Bay and Greater
                    Victoria Public Libraries....
                    (FOR FUN AND PROFIT)

    (APR. 16th / 1991)

        Mission #1

 The first time I tried to break in to the Oak Bay branch of the public
 library, I just happened to try the windows, and to find one open. I was
 walking by, at about 10:00. This shows that the janitorial staff of the
 library are REALLY lacking in security training to say the least. I
 went back home, donned my customary Anarchy suit, consisting of all black
 clothes (a must), and a cliche'd ninja mask. Gaining entry consisted of
 climbing through the small windows that line that walkway near the junior
 floor of the library. Once inside, I heard a clicking noise, and noticed
 a small white cone attached to the ceiling, with a red light flashing.
 It became obvious that it was some sort of motion detection device. I
 promptly high-tailed it out of there.

 After waiting for about 20 mins. in the nearby bushes, no cops or security
 had arrived. It was obvious that the "motion detectors" were working
 cosmetically only, that is, they only LOOK like they work. I then
 proceeded to re-enter the builing through the same means as before.

 Once inside, the first thing that caught my eye was the extensive amount
 of easily rippoffable computer/secretarial equipment. Anyone needing a
 peripheral monitor would be very well rewarded to steal one from there.
 (Of course they are only monochrome). Many phones, monitors, etc. were
 within easy reach. I then proceeded to the upper floor.

 On the upper floor there is another motion sensor, the same as before,
 and a scam one, as before. The upper floor was a jackpot comparing to the
 bottom floor. Not only 2 or three computer systems, but also (in the inner
 office) there were extra disks, software, and many other useful items.
 From the upstairs, I stole two boxes of disks, software, and a quantity of
 library cards. (For the purposes of fake ID). Also, a bunch of stamps.
 The most important of these, one marked "DISCARDED BY THE GREATER VICTORIA
 PUBLIC LIBRARY". This is handy for stamping ripped off books so if you are
 caught with them, you can claim you bought it at one of their garage sales.

 The cops had still not come within 40 mins. of the original breakin. And
 I had been setting off the motion sensor for more that 20 mins. straight.
 As far as I can tell, it is a true motion sensor, but it is not hooked up
 to any alarms, or any remote monitoring station. Taking my new stuff

 Mission #2

 I didn't want to get caught of course, so I felt it neccesary to break
 in and replace the items that would be missed. IE- the bbs software.
 So I made copies, and took the disks with me for another try. To my
 dismay, the windows were locked. After hunting around for a fair while,
 I climbed up onto the roof (an easy accomplishment ) and went to one of
 the many window systems within the roof system. The roof has many built-
 in dips which house the windows and heating vents.
   /-------------|                                   ||-------------\
  /             ||                                   ||             \
 /       Roof   ||  <------------------ Windows -->  ||             \
/    <- Singles ||                                   ||             \
/               \|___________________________________|/             \

This is a crude crossection of the roof structure. Imagine the area that
says WINDOWS is a  small room with no roof built into the roof area.
Within this, are walls, and the walls are made up of windows. These
windows open above the tables inside the library, so if you were to
drop through the windows, you would drop from just below the ceiling,
down the the library floor below.

I gained entrance through these windows, as one of them had a faulty
catch. I droppped to the floor, and quickly replaced the disks, and since
my entrance had been near ceiling height, could not exit the same way.
I used my original exit, the small windows in the basement floor.

This file gives some suggestive routes for entry into the library.
Ones can be made by you, by leaving the wondows just barely open next
time you visit, and hope the janitors think they're closed, and leave them.
The next time I "visit" I plan to bring glass cutters, as they might have
become wise to this method. You might not beleive it, but the library
has much to offer. If not anything else, you can pick up those books
you've always longed for......

Get in, it's fun.




THC: +1 604 361 4549 (12-2400)
     +1 604 361 1416 (HST)

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