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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: hotwire.txt

How to Hotwire a Car

                         How to Hotwire a Car
                           By: The Marauder

                          The Police Station

  The easiest way is to just get under the dashboard and start
crossing wires. Of course this could short out the entire electrical
system so there is a better way.

  When you get in the car, look under the dash.  If it's enclosed then
don't bother. Most new cars are like this unfortunately. However you
could cut through the dash. If you do cut just do it near the

  Once you get behind or near the ignition, look for two red wires. In
older cars this was the standard color code.  If they aren't there
you'll just have to try whatever else you can find.

Pull out the two wires and cross them. The car should start.

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