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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: ezpick.txt

Easy Lockpick

						  Filename: EZPICK.TXT  
						 Title: Easy Lockpick   
						     By: Hell's Angel   
						   Released: 06/14/96   
						   Danger: 朧旭旭旭旭   

This is a lockpick design that I came up with, although I would NOT be
suprised by hearing that you've heard of this pick idea before. The idea is
so simple, and so universal, that I'm almost certain I am not the first to
come up with it. Here it is:


	36" of THIN, STRONG wire (small enuf to fit in the space between
					the door and the jamb)

	2) little key chain hoop metal hang-keys-on thingies

	Just fold the chain in half so you have an 18" long loop. Now,
put one of the little hoop handle type thingies on each end. To use: Slide
the chain between the door jamb and the door, behind the bolt of the lock.
Now, hold both hoops in one hand, and tug and jerk gently while trying the
knob of the door. It will eventually give way, if the lock isn't TOO


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