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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: dstrylox.txt

Lock Destruction

                                                  Filename: DSTRYLOX.TXT
                                                 Title: Lock Destruction
                                                     By: Hell's Angel   
                                                   Released: 06/14/96   
                                                   Danger: 朧旭旭旭旭   

Here are some easy ways to completely destroy locks to things like the 
locker room, the library, your enemy's house, and the entire school:

   1) Gum in the lock. oldie but GOODIE!

   2) Solder in the lock: Just melt a little solder into the lock. It'll
      freeze up some of the pins, and change the shape of the valleys

   3) Super Glue: Go to Radio Hack and buy some one minute epoxy, or a
      container of super glue. Then fill the lock. This works REALLY
      well on cars.
   4) Paper: If you wedge a LITTLE paper in the right spot, you can make
      the tumblers of the lock change position.

   5) Sulphuric Acid: Just put a few drops in the lock, and PRESTO!, you've
      changed the configuration of the lock.

Any of these work just as well in a car as in a normal pin-tumbler lock.
Except number 4. That does NOT work on a car (ignition or door)


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