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Dumpster Diving

Dumpster Diving

by Nikki Willhite

Who, What, When, Where and Why?

Last week I ran a tip in Tightwad Tidbits about finding magazines in the
dumpsters of Recycle Centers. Some people were upset by that tip.

Okay! Dumpster Diving is not for everyone- obviously~ However, Dumpster
Diving has become very popular, and is considered a great resource by
many people. We live in a time of excess and waste, and I don't think we
should look down on those who find a way to use that "waste".

When we moved a few years ago, we found a store that didn't crush all
their boxes, and spent a month checking their dumpster every day for
boxes that we could use in our move. That dumpster served us well!

I decided to do some research on this latest craze of Dumpster Diving.
Here are some things I found out.

Definition- Dumpster Divers are people who search for things that other
people have thrown out that are still useful, can be recycled, and have
value. Dumpster Divers will not only pick up discarded items left at the
curbside of people's homes, but they will climb into dumpsters at
apartment buildings and behind shopping centers.

However! Most don't actually get in the bins. Most people have some sort
of long pole which allows them to just lean over the dumpster and pull
the items up to them. People enjoy this hobby. It's like a Treasure

If you think about it, at one time or another we've all been lazy and
thrown away something that we could have given to Goodwill or recycled.
If we've done it, think about the people who don't watch their finances
carefully. They are throwing away things right and left!

Dumpster Diving can also be profitable. You can make money with
everything from aluminum cans to items that can be resold at garage
sales. People have been known to give up their day jobs to do this!

Common Finds

Many interesting and unexpected items can be found when diving. Here are
some of the more common:

Food Products, such as Meat, Fruit, Vegetables, & Pastry
Things that get outdated, and are not worth the store's time to return -
everything from dishes to greeting cards.

Great Finds

Computers & Accessories, VCR's, Televisions, Radios, Lawn Mowers, Vacuum
Cleaners, Power Tools, telephones, answering machines, and bicycles.


If you are going in the evening, you are going to need something to
light up the dumpster. Some people carry a small flashlight. They attach
a cord to it, and then hold it in their teeth to keep their hands free.
Others wear a headlamp! You can find them at reasonable prices in the
bike area of discount stores.

You need something to pull the stuff to you- some kind of pole with a
hook at the end. A hoe works. You can also buy long poles that will pick
up a quarter in the corner of an empty dumpster.

A stepping stool will help you reach over the top.
Bags- Trash Bags, Plastic Bags, etc., and duct tape in case your bag
splits open.
Wet wipes to clean up with, and anti-bacterial lotion for afterwards.
A basic first aid kit, in case you hurt yourself.

Potential Hazards

Never climb into a Dumpster with Medical and Hazardous Waste. Anyone can
throw out a needle that could jab you. Wear protective clothing.
Lids that suddenly slam shut when windy.
Sharp Objects
Icky stuff- like dead animals.
Legal Implications- Make sure that there are no ordinances that make
this activity illegal in your area.

Favorite Spots

Apartment buildings where people move often and leave stuff behind.
Dumpsters behind stores that sell merchandise you are interested in,
like bakeries, florists, toy stores, bookstores, etc.

Dumpter Etiquette & Rules

Don't go behind a closed fence to reach a dumpster.
Don't leave a mess. Leave the dumpster better than you found it so those
who enjoy this hobby can continue.
Don't take paperwork with people's confidential records.
Take only what you can use, and leave the rest for someone else.

Maybe next time you go by someone engaged in this hobby, instead of looking
the other way, you might ask them if they found anything good today!

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