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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: cmpheist.txt

Computer Heisting from Schools

       XXXXXXXXXXX                                         XXXXXXXXXXX
       X  XXXXX  X                                         X  XXXXX  X
       XX  XXX  XX                                         XX  XXX  XX
       XXX  X  XXX                                         XXX  X  XXX
       XXXX   XXXX                                         XXXX   XXXX
       XXX  X  XXX                                         XXX  X  XXX
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       X  XXXXX  X                                         X  XXXXX  X
       XXXXXXXXXXX                                         XXXXXXXXXXX 
                     [ Computer Heisting from Schools ]
                     [   a file by Yardley Flouride   ]
                     [  thanks to Elijah Bonecrusher  ]
                     [      file written 2/16/89      ]
                     [  An xORGanization presentation ]
                What do you need?  A new disk drive?  Modem?
        Printer?  Monitor?  Some cables?  Well, the new trend is
        school lifting!  You, yes you, the feeble computer nerd
        will learn to become a dangerous thief with nerves of steel!
        Elijah and I were in school a little while back and we both
        needed some new cables and maybe another disk drive.  So at
        7th period we cruised on up to the 3rd floor computer room.
        All the computer teachers were sipping coffee in the other
        computer room.  We walked by the door and checked all the
        hallways for teachers, etc.  Then we tried the door.  Luck!
        It was open.  It's usually never open, but then what are 
        people gonna be doing in the hallways during 7th period anyway?
        So I kept watch on two hallways while Elijah went in.  He 
        went down the line of computers going "this one?" and I'd indicate
        which one it was I wanted.  He stuck the stuff in his bag and
        we walked to our lockers where we stashed the shit in other
        bags and after 8th period we left.  We got away with 2 Apple ][e
        floppy drives and 2 basic cables.  They haven't missed them yet
        to say anything because the alarms were off and the door was open.
        Another incident we had was at my old middle school.  It was a
        Saturday night and we were bored.  I needed some cables and my
        friend needed a guitar amp and some speakers, so we walked over
        to the school.  When we got there we blew the windows out with
        a small pipe bomb.  We kicked in the glass and moved quickly.
        The amp was on wheels and easy to reach so we got in the music
        room first and grabbed that, rolling it down the hallway.  We
        then took the bolts off the door of the library and moved into
        the computer room.  We were sure the alarm went off but we grabbed
        the cables and left.  My friend lives right up the street from
        the school so we cruised there and hung there, checking out the
        merchandise.  We were pleased with the results, and one month
        later went back for a bass amp and a stereo.
        As you can see, crime pays.  If you're too dumb to be able to
        card anything, this will work.  Unless you're a dumb, naive
        asshole to get caught it's your own fault.  If you hear an alarm,
        don't worry, just stay calm and grab the first thing you see and
        leave.  We left with a couple pumpkins from the library once.
        Elijah and I take all responsibility for this file.  If you
        get caught, we want to hear about it.  Call us and whine to
        us what went wrong.  You can even tell the court we MADE you
        do it and we were involved in kiddy-porn.  Word.
        Don't call these systems unless you're a k-co0l d0od like
        Tequila Willy or L.E. Pirate.  Otherwise stay on the apple
        user group line.
        RIPCO << 312/528/5020           DEMON ROACH << 806/794-4362
        (p) 1989 xORGanization by Yardley Flouride thanx Elijah Bonecrusher
                thanx to Cult of the Dead Cow communications 1989

_________________________/\       This file downloaded from Trauma Hounds...
                           \  /\______________________________________________
Call these anarchy boards!  \/

  The People Farm ..................... 916-673-8412 ... 12- 2400 ... 24h/7d
  Restaurant At End Of The Universe ... 718-428-6776 ... 12- 2400 ... 24h/7d
  Ripco ............................... 312-528-5020 ... 12- 2400 ... 24h/7d
  Shadows of IGA ...................... 707-527-7711 ... 24-19200 ... 24h/7d
  Temple of the Screaming Electron .... 415-935-5845 ... 12- 2400 ... 24h/7d
  Trauma Hounds ....................... 604-589-1570 ... 12-19200 ... 24h/7d


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