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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: b_e.txt

How to break into a house

     **** HOW TO BREAK INTO A HOUSE ****
         Presented By:
       [BRAINSTORM ELITE/612-345-2815]
       [DARK TOWER/516-491-0877]
       [UNKNOWN REGIONS/516-422-5763]
       [METAL SHOP/314-432-0756]
    In this session I will explain the procedures and details of breaking into
a house.
Equipment Needed:
1. If you have the number to the house call it, or ring the door bll to make
sure nobody is at home. When you get there look for easy escape routes.
Just to be safe and give yourself a better feel for the area.
2. You should have your car parked about 1 to 2 blocks away, if yo have
3. If you see a dog take care of him by shoving him in the garage or just
give him the mace.
4. Check all doors and windows to see what's locked and what isn't  You may
look foolish if you get in after all that work and one of the door were
unlocked.  LOOK for an alarm system!
5. Use the pocket screwdriver to pry out the hinges of the window, or tap on
each courner of the well window and it will slip out of place.
6. The window should be out by now and you are ready to get to wor.  Pick
houses that look easy to get in and have lots of good items.
7. Go right to the living room, they have lots of exellent items tere most of
the time.  If you need something to carry your items with go to th bedroom and
get a pillow case.
8. You should have two windows opened.  One window on the east endand one
window on the west end. This is for your protection from the pisse owner that
might catch you.  If you see him just fly out one of the windows cosest.
9. You should have what you want in your head.  It is always good to go in and
take what you want and GET OUT!  I usually look for computer items, money, and
collector coins.  Mainly easy stuff to carry.
10. Relook over the house when you think you've got everything you wanted.
Then make sure there is NO alarm system.
11. now GET OUT FAST!
Never bring and inexperienced friend, cause if he gets caught then you are as
good as gone too.
Never steal from your own neighborhood.
And never get a house with an alarm system, these are usually in the garage.
  -(c)opyright 1985 The Sensei-
 Author: The Sensei
 Distributed By: Brainstorm Elite 612-345-2815

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