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TUCoPS :: Hardware Hacks :: wallstun.txt

The Bedside Stun gun

                                                  Filename: WALLSTUN.TXT
                                                 Title: Bedside Stungun 
                                                     By: Hell's Angel   
                                                   Released: 07/04/96   
                                                   Danger: 栩栩旭旭旭   
The danger level on this one is for construction, NOT usage. If you fuck shit
up, it's all you.

Shopping list:

- Radio Hack project box (nice, handheld size)
- Wall plug with a nice long (10') cord
- SPST switch from RS able to handle 120VAC at the HIGHEST amp rating
you can get (at LEAST 4A)
- Some heavy (20 AWG) wire
- 2 Radio Hack banana plugs (they look like little posts)

Easy construction phase:

Drill a hole in the back or bottom of the box for the cord, two in the front
for the banana plugs, and one in the top for the switch (You can use a button
if you want, but make sure it can handle the current listed above)
Mount aforementioned parts in box, and solder one wire from the wall plug
direct to a banana plug, and one to the other banana plug through the SPST.

Shitty ASCII diag:

   To wall   +==================+
   plug      |          / spst  |
  -----------|---------/   -----|-DDDDDDDDD  <--+
             |                  |               |----banana plugs
  -----------|------------------|-DDDDDDDDD  <--+
             |                  |

                  project box ^

Get it? CLose enuff. Now, MAKE SURE THE SWITCH IS OFF, and put it somewhere
you might want it. Like near your bed or computer. Anytime you need to (how
often is that really, but whatever) you can just grab the thing, switch it
on, and jab the person that is threatening you. NOTE: Don't use this as a
joke. Other stun-guns are harmless, but this could kill. It's HIGH current.
Also, you will most-likely blow the fuse it's plugged into when you use it,
but the kick it'll give your intruder will be plenty for you to beat his ass.

Warnings (Like you guys listen to 'em, eh?) : [1]As mentioned above, this is
  VERY powerful, and could kill. It's probably good that the fuse will blow
  after a few seconds... 

  [2]This is not as safe for the user as a normal stungun. If yuo jab some-
one, and they grab you, you'll pro'lly get a zap too. I dunno...I haven't

Quick addition:
If you don't use the banana plugs, and just connect the plug through the
switch, you have an instant fuse blower. Take it to school, plug it in, and
toss the switch for a few seconds. It'll blow the fuse. Turn it off and move
on to another part of the building...:)


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