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Police radar and you

			   The Greek Inn
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			Police Radar and You!
		  Written by the Scarlet Armadillo

  Please do not post without the above lines or I be all depressed!

  With modern technology and times have come modern methods of law enforcement.
That one modern method I am referring to is the arch enemy of all car drivers
who believe that the 55mph speed limit is a pain in the ass.  That modern device
is the Dopler Radar used by law enforcement for control over speeders.	Although
Police radar has had many victims, there should be no reason why you should be
caught and have to pay into the treasury of some bumblefuck suburb.  In this
article, I will give you a couple tips on how to fight back legally, and
illegally, and what to do if you are ever caught.

  First, a description of how police radar works.

  Police Radar works on the doppler principle that many of you have learned in
your basic Physics class.  When a signal of known frequency is transmitted and
then bounced off an object moving towards the source, the frequency of reflected
wave is higher then that of the original wave.	By taking the difference of the
two signals, and knowing the orginal signal frequency, the speed of the object
can be determined.  The police radar unit will send out pulses of microwave
energy at a certain frequency, and by analyzing the reflected wave, the radar
unit will get an accurate speed on you.  Forget about trying to tell the judge
that the radar must have been wrong, it seldom is.  As of now, there are two
types of radar, one is X band and the other is K band.	The main difference
between the two is that the X uses a gunn diode that produces microwave energy
at about 10GHz, or 10,000MHZ.  K band on the other hand uses a gunn diode that
produces 24GHZ.  The effect of the difference gives the K band less range then
the X band, but to a cop, they only need an effective range of a block.  The
reason that those freqs.  are used is due to the absorbtion of the atmosphere.
At exactly those two frequencys, the air abosrbs most os the energy, thus
limiting range.  If say 15GHZ was used, the range would be much greater, but the
FCC regulates against that due to the dangers of high powered microwave energy.
K band at 24GHZ is absorbed much more then X band, thus its limited range.  In a
nutshell, that is how police radar works.  A rather simple system, but on the
surface, highly effective.

  Defense 1 against radar:  The Radar Dectector.

  By far, the most activley used defense against police radar is the Radar
detector.  Radar detectors range in price from about $69.95 up to about $350.00.
I myself have had two, one at 69.95 and my current one, at $295.00.  Believe me,
price makes a hell of a lot of difference.  All a radar detector is is basically
an antenae and circuitry that will examine any input signal.  It is really
nothing more then a filter that checks for signals close to 10GHZ and 24GHZ.  A
cheap radar detector will pick up alot of other frequencys around those two, and
it will be less sensitive.  An expensive one will pick up frequencys very close
to the police carrier frequencys, and will have more sensitivity.

  I have heard many people say that radar detectors are a waste, they say that
they can see cops up ahead just as easy.  Don't believe it.  I have done alot of
driving and I have seen alot of radar traps that you would never see, the
largest being the cover of darkness.  Of all the radar detectors on the market,
the best are the ESCORT at $245.00, the PASSPORT at $295.00 and the K-40 at
about $340.00.	Performance wise, these three are about the same with the
PASSPORT being as small as a sterio cassette case.  In all test by the large car
magazines, these detectors outshine their competitors in range and selectivity.
By selectiviy, I mean not being set off by the car phone ahead of you!	The main
advantage of the radar detector is that you are picking up microwave energy long
before the cop can get a reliable speed and be sure that it is you.  There is
one problem to this.  The guy i graduated with is designing a new radar system
for our locomotives.  He is planning on using a gunn diode at a frequency of
60GhZ.	At this frequency, the atmoshpere absorbs much of the energy.  Much more
in fact then K band, thus even with a top notch detector, you will not have much
warning against a system such as that.	At the present, there are no such sets
being used due to the extreme cost, but that will come done in the future.

Defense 2 against radar: The Jammer.

  Whereas radar detectors are legal in most places, a device to jam police radar
is illegal and if caught with one, you can be arrested for obstruction of
justice.  But regard- less of that, radar jammers are real fun.  Like desc

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