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How to use a Radar Jammer

		    *					   *
		    *		 How to Use a		   *
		    *		 Radar Jammer		   *
		    *					   *
		    *	Written by:  Cheap Shades	   *
		    *		     July 8, 1985	   *
		    *					   *

Radar Jammers
----- -------
  As many people know, there has been a lot of information on how to build a
police radar jammer in recent times.  The writers fail to point out how to
properly use one of these devices and the possible side effects of using it

Gun Diodes
--- ------
  Gun diodes are neat little semiconductors that can give off micro-waves
suitable for radar jamming.  However, most electronic stores are aware of this
and of the phew that you might find that sell them most owners will go through
them before selling them so they can pick the best ones for themselves.  A major
flaw in most gun diodes that you can buy is power capabilities.  If it can't
provide at least 5 watts it won't serve your purpose.  So shop carefully and
take along some sort of test equipment.  (This may be hard but if at all
possible find some to use.)

The Design
--- ------
  I don't actually have a design for a radar jammer, but there are almost always
designs for sale in the back of "Radio Electronics." They will cost about 10
bucks but the calculations that you would have to do without them would be a
considerable task.  Its money well invested.  Be sure to find one that you can
select the speed that the cop will read, and can be hooked up to a radar

Using The Jammer
----- --- ------
  Ok, now assuming that you have built the jammer correctly, you can \nstall it.
Your first thought might be to just leave it on all the time.  BAD idea, because
as soon as you pass the cop his radar will "unjam" and he will know which car
was jamming him.  You need to hook up the jammer to turn on when your radar
detector goes off.  When you see that your detector has gone off, slow down!
When you reach the legal speed limit turn off your detector (which should also
turn off the jammer.) and drive on by.

Setting The Speed
------- --- -----
  Before you hit the road you have to know one more tid-bit of information.  Set
the speed that your jammer will send, to about 250 mph.  This might sound dumb,
but police radars can only record speeds upto 199 mph.	(Their display is only 2
1/2 digits.) When the radar tries to read that high of speed it blanks out.  At
first the cop will double check everything to make sure that he's using the gun
right.	(That'll give you about 15-20 seconds.) Then he'll try again.  And
again.	It might take him upto 2 minutes to even try and guess what pened but by
that time you've slowed down to the speed limit and shut off the jammer.  And
all looks well on the radar.

Why Not 55?
--- --- ---
  Why shouldn't you just set the speed to 55 mph?  Well you have to remember
that the cop sent out a signal too.  And if the two signals mix right it might
send back a speed greater than the one that you are moving at, and the trouble

  If you get stopped and the cop takes your jammer, don't tell him that its
illegal for him to have it in his possesion.  (He knows that its illegal for you
to have it.) But it is illegal for ANYONE to have it.  There is no license that
will let anyone own some- thing of that type.  If you tell him though he'll have
to call the FCC and have them pick it up.  (They make the rules, They can break
them.) Then you've had it.  The FCC takes a very dim view of brodcasting your
own microwaves.  And you can end up doing some serious time for it.  The cop
might just give you the ticket.  (And be thankful for just that.)

  One more thing:  Use as good of a radar detector as you can afford.  If it
can't "see" the police radar, you'll never get to jam it.

		     *		________________	    *
		     *		\Cheap/ \Shades/	    *
		     *		 \___/	 \____/ 	    *
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