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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: weird2_2.txt

High Weirdness by E-Mail 2.1 (2 of 2)

        SUPPLEMENT TO high weirdness by email v2.1

*** what this file is ***

At the last minute, trying to put something together for release, I have
simply joined together some "unprocessed" files - they describe:
i] some things from the slopoke ftp site
ii] contents of the red.css political archive [ftp]
iii] scott yanoff's internet resource list
iv] an IRC FAQ
v] some stuff 'left over' from the future-culture FAQ
vi] cult of the dead cow newfiles
vii] archive contents
viii] email addresses for sf fan groups
In the interests of getting info out, etc, this hodgepodge is going out in a
separate file - if anyone wants to archive it as well, & you're on a dos
system, I suggest weird2-1.doc and weird2-1.sup as file names.

- all these files available from slopoke ftp site
Files on Chaos Magic and from Peter Carroll's latest book.
 Liber Files from various Thelemic authors. Uploaded by Grendel, from The Sacred Grove BBS (206)634-1980.
 Enochian Files uploaded by Grendel, These are
from The Sacred Grove BBS (206)634-1980.
Descriptions of files on this disk:
Etemple.txt -- The complete text of the chapbook "Enochian Temples"
Lowertem.txt -- The Lower Temple. Instructions for constructing altars for
                the temple from the "servient" squares of the Angelic Tablets
Cacodemo.txt -- Invoking the Cacodemons with the Enochian Temples.
Firetemp.txt -- A Ritual for the Construction of a Temple of the Fire Tablet.
                A more elaborate example of a ritual for "Enochian Temples"
                Makes use of Thelemic symbolism.
Firstkey.txt -- An analysis of the First Angelic Key
Temabyss.txt -- Invoking the "Abyss" Experience with Enochian Temples.
Aeonpers.txt -- The INRI/IRNI formulas, their relation to the Temple
                initiatory system and the Set/Horus duality. The cosmic
                effects of the Temples, and suggestions for using the
                Temples. Contains some hype, which can be safely ignored.
SetHorus.txt -- Further examination of the Set / Horus mythos, its
                astrological characteristics and relation to the IRI/IRNI

Alnotes.txt --  Random notes on the gematria of Liber AL vel Legis
Archer.txt --   The Book of the Archer. Describes a long-term magickal
                exercise using the magician's astrological chart as a
Heptagrm.txt -- An experimental Ritual of the Heptagram, for use with
                John Dee's "Heptarchic" magickal system.
Hexrit.txt --   An experimental Ritual of the Hexagram, using Enochian
                divine names and a revised interpretation of the INRI
Initseq.txt --  Divine Creation and Initiation. A VERY esoteric paper,
                not describable in simple terms.
Keytwo.txt --   Experiments with the Second Enochian Key. Describes
                attempts to determine the true use of the Second Key.
Paths.txt --    A brief listing of the path attributes in Frater Achad's
                Tree of Life.
TheLand.txt --  Medieval Social Structures and Achad's Tree of Life.
                Briefly describes the close relation between these two
ZRound.txt --   The Zodiacal Round. A series of meditations on the
                precessional zodiac sequence as series of steps in the
                creative process. Received from Enochian sources. -- A gematria database program. Included data files
                contain the entire contents of Sepher Sephiroth,
                plus an additional 1100 Hebrew words. The Enochian
                data files contain the entire Calls, all divine names
                from the Tablets, the Heptarchia, the Aethyrs, and
                numerous additional words from Dee's records.
 Ceremonial Magick Files
 Orgone Committee Files uploaded by Grendel ( sysop
        - the orgone committee sounds _really weird_
benjamin rowe files
Contents of this disk:
ANATOMY.TXT -- Frater Achad's "Anatomy of the Body of God"
ANATFIGS.ZIP -- Zipped file containing the diagrams for "Anatomy of the Body of God"
REVIVAL.TXT -- Frater Achad's "The Egyptian Revival"
ACHDTREE.GIF -- Diagram of Frater Achad's "restored" Tree of Life to accompany "The Egyptian Revival"
SABIAN.TXT -- A listing of the 360 "Sabian Symbols"
SENIORS.TXT -- The magickal record of a series of invocations of the Seniors of the Enochian Tablet of Earth
INRI-TBL.DOC -- Tables of correspondences for the INRI / IRNI formula, with comments.
NEWAEON.TXT -- A work-in-progress concerning the astrological symbolism of the New Aeon.
AEONGIFS.ZIP -- Diagrams to go with NEWAEON.TXT

based on Index for ftp archives on in /poli
Updated 12/10/92
zines have since been moved to /zines, where Factsheet Five Electric archives
are also kept.. 1-Area.index 4-Index
_ai.readme ai.02 ... ai.22 ai.FAQ ai.index

Misc/ PKK/ RAF/ RZ/ qts.readme ats12 ats13

biotech biotech.discuss open.borders why-antia.pamphlet

PKK.background PKK.update PKK.update.2

./Arm.the.Spirit/RAF: counter.power iraq raf.history raf.prisoners sevillano

_revolutionary.cells gerd.albartus


BAD-Broadside-#1 ... BAD-Broadside-#8 BAD-Pamphlet-AIDS BAD.pamphlets

_disability.rag.readme dr13.1 dr13.2


free.publicity questionnaire

el.921203a el.921203b

Chomsky/ Conspiracy/ _index abolishWork community.policing durruti.interview
free.speech.battle.1 free.speech.battle.2 free.vanunu gulf.crisis.1
gulf.crisis.2 libertarian.platform presumed spatial.decon the.truth.hurts

./Essays/Chomsky: chomsky.anarchism.1970 chomsky.loot chomsky.on.economics

NOTE.IMPORTANT bush.clinton.drugs.1
bush.clinton.drugs.2 bush.clinton.drugs.3 cancer.injection.1 ...
cancer.injection.6 chemotherapy.1 ... chemotherapy.5 cia.torture.1
cia.torture.2 contras federal.mind-control.1 ... federal.mind-control.7
food.radiation.1  food.radiation.2 food.radiation.4 inslaw.01 ... inslaw.18 kennedy.01 ... kennedy.21

FAQ.921001 FAQ.921017 _future.culture.readme


_inac.readme british.counterinsurgency coughlin.interview gays.and.ira
historical.revisionism  human.rights.assembly hunger.strike.history irish.revisionism irish.women job.discrimination
mandela.and.ira partition partition.and.women trail.of.tears unions
woman.murdered womens.conference

about.the.iww bay.area.iww iww.preamble

./LaRouche: casino.mondial
larouche.program.01...larouche.program.21 lincoln.1... lincoln.3

MIM.essays/ _literature.list _mim.readme mn1 ... mn9

ad.mt1 albania american.leninism anti.idealism china cpp.on.mao cpp.on.mao2
democratic.socialism feminist.newspapers
kampuchea korea korea.and.taiwan lester.thurow pacifism peru peru.gonzalo
state.ownership violence.pt1 violence.pt2 where.buffalo.roam yugoslavia

_mpcc.readme factsheet nptn.doc

1492/ General/

Essay/ Event/ Index Media/ Misc/ Myths/ Organizations/ Printed/ Resources/

aim-statement awair-essay guatemala-conf herstory heyerdahl-talk indian-child
kuna-statement newsweekchalng peopleshistory weatherford winona-laduke

Current/ Past/

bayarea-events denver-action environ-events hgw-detail hgw-intro
indiana-event stlouis-event

conferences denver-action guyana-commem hum-rts-conf panama-pilgrim

carib-ghosts deep-dish-tv pbs-series van-homelands

1492-stories haiti-tourism jamaica-poll latinam-damage

10-91... 10-92

500yrs-resist congr-ind-orgs info-request introductions misc-orgs

500yrs-booklet 500yrs-reader books nacla-report new-visions

canadaradiopgm org-resources teach-resource


README.non.serviam Stirner/

README.Stirner der.einzige.sea.hqx

ot.1 ... ot.4

total 100
README.pnews class.struggle guyana hatespeech ortega our.nazis

pt-19.48 pt-19.49

1a.1 1a.4

_pa.readme pa-1.1 pa-1.2 pa-1.3

purps01 ... purps44

./Resources: ftp.FAQ internet.bbs.list
nixpub.lst pdial radical.address.list
special.internet.connections weirdness

scream920926 scream921012 scream921102

intermosh.03 ... intermosh.15 soa.01 soa.02

unplasticnews.1 ... unplasticnews.7

Sam.Marcy/ Series.capitalist.rule/

_sam.marcy.readme bugsy.txt capitalist.crisis clinton.and.workers
economy.and.election feet.of.clay marxism.and.insurrection pentagon.mania
pentagon.plans.war russian.cwp ussr.collapse
vault.keepers yeltsin-gaidar.crisis yugoslavia

capitalist.rule.01 ... capitalist.rule.25

./Workers.World/ ...

ballots.and.bullets uvf.interview war.for.oil
                ++++++++end contents list+++++++++

I am appending the following list which was emailed to me. It is the
work of Scott Yanoff rather than myself, and is a compilation of general
resources rather than "weirdness", but I thought it was too good to pass up.

Forwarded message:
>From DURFLING@AC.GRIN.EDU Thu Nov 19 10:02:33 1992
Message-Id: <>
X-Disclaimer: Nyx is a public access Unix system run by the University
	of Denver.  The University has neither control over nor
	responsibility for the opinions or correct identity of users.
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 92 9:25:47 cdt
From: "Finagle, etc. (Durflinger,Edward M)" <DURFLING@AC.GRIN.EDU>

          * SPECIAL INTERNET CONNECTIONS:    Last Update: 11/3/92 *
          * Compiled By:  Scott Yanoff - *
* A + by an entry designates new entries/changes to the list since last update *
 -Agricultural Info.    telnet or telnet
   			 PENpages			       (Login: PNOTPA)
  		        telnet or telnet
  			 CSU Freso ATI-NET	               (Login: super)
 			telnet or telnet
			 CUFAN (Clemson U Forestry & Ag. Net.) (Login: PUBLIC)
		        ftp (get file pub/nic/agricultural.list,
			 it contains agricultural email lists & services.)
			 body-of-message: send guide  also: send mail-catalog
   offers: Agricultural info (livestock reports, current market prices, etc.)
 -Am. Philos. Assoc.	telnet or telnet
   offers:  BBS for APA.  (Login: apa)
 -Archie                telnet or         (Canada)
			telnet or  (Finland/Eur.)
			telnet or 	    (Aussie/NZ)
		        telnet or      (Israel)
		        telnet or (UK/Ireland)
		        telnet or    (USA [MD])
	                telnet or         (USA [NE])
		        telnet or         (USA [NY])
			telnet or     (USA [NJ])
                       +telnet or (JAPAN)
		       +telnet or		  (New Zealand)
   offers: Searches all ftp sites for any program you want.  (Login: archie)
 -Archie Mail Servers   mail archie@<INSERT ONE OF ABOVE ADDRESSES HERE>
   Subject: help  Offers: alterative Archie access to those w/o ftp or telnet.
 -Auroral Activity	finger or finger aurora@
   offers: Auroral activity warnings/watches/sightings, updated hourly.
 -Baseball Scores       finger for scores/standings OR
			mail  w/Subject: MLB
   offers: The latter will subscribe you to receive Major League scores daily!
 -Backgammon Servers    telnet 4321
		        telnet 3200 or
   offers: Play Backgammon! (Login: guest)
 -Billboard Charts	finger
   offers: U.S. Top Pop singles for the week.
 -CARL			telnet or
   offers: Online database, book reviews, magazine fax delivery service.
 -CHAT			telnet or telnet
   offers: Interactive AIDS document and simulated conversation (Login: chat)
 -Chess Server 		telnet 5000 or 5000
  offers: Play/watch real-time chess with human opponents. Type 'help' for help
 ?C64 Archive Server    mail
   Subject: Mail-Archive-Request  Body-of-letter: help (hit return) end
 -Dante Project         telnet or
   offers: Divine Comedy and reviews.  (Login: connect dante)
 +Diplomacy		mail
   offers: Play the SSI game Diplomacy via email. Body-of-letter: help
 -DUATS			telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
  offers: Aviation weather, flight planning. (Login: <last name>)
         The first address is for certified pilots, the second for uncertified.
 -Earthquake Info.      finger or
   offers: Recent quake info (location, time, magnitude, etc.)
 -E-Math		telnet or
   offers: Am. Math. Soc. bbs w/ software and reviews. (Login/Password: e-math)
 -FaxGate		mail
   offers: Send a Fax via computer.  In body-of-message: help
 -FDA BBS		telnet or telnet
   offers: FDA bbs (News releases, Aids info, consumer info...) (Login: bbs)
 -FEDIX			telnet or telnet
   offers: info. on scholarships, minority assistance, etc. (login: fedix)
 -Freenet     		telnet freenet-in-[a,b,c] or
			telnet or (Login: visitor)
   offers: USA Today Headline News, Sports, etc...
 -Fileserver via Email  mail
   In body-of-message: Filesend: help  and on a separate line:  Filesend: list
 -FTP Mail		mail
   Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: help (return) quit Offers:ftp via email
 -FTP Mail		mail
   Body-of-letter: help or ftplist for a list of anon. ftp sites.
 -FTP Sites/Archives 	ftp or ftp
   offers: Docs, 5 puritytests, the Bible, Dec. of Ind, /pub/Library
		        ftp or or
   offers: Gif archive, pc software. or
   offers: You name it, it's here!
   offers: Software for MS-Dos computers, Mac, Amiga, Apple2, Apollo...
   offers: A huge software archive for PCs and UNIX.
   offers: How-to's about internet (how to email, ftp, telnet, etc.) in /pub/nic
 -Genetics Bank		mail
   Subject: help  Offers: genetic database/nucleic acid/protein sequence.
 -Geographic Server     telnet 3000 or 3000
   offers: Info by city or area code (Population, Lat./Long., Elevation, etc).
 -Georgetown Med. Lib.  telnet or telnet
  (Login: medlib  Password: dahlgren  Last name: netguest)
 -GO Server		telnet 6969 or telnet 6969
		        telnet icsib18.icsi.Berkeley.EDU 6969
		        telnet 6969 or telnet 6969
   offers:  Join others and play a game of GO. (Login/Password: go)
 -Gopher		telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
			telnet or (SWEDISH)
			telnet or telnet
		        telnet or telnet
		        telnet or telnet (CHILE)
		       +telnet  (Login: wsuinfo)
  Offers:  access to other services, gophers, documents, etc. (Login: gopher)
 -Guitar Chords/TAB	ftp or ftp
   offers: Tablature/Chords for guitar in /pub/guitar.
 -Ham Radio Callbooks   telnet 2000 or 2000
		        telnet 2000 or telnet 2000
   offers: National ham radio call-sign callbook.
 -Handicap/Medical Site ftp or ftp
   offers: anonymous ftp of software and medical info.
 -HP Calculator BBS	telnet or telnet
   offers:  BBS for HP Calc. users, with chat mode.  (Login: new)
 +Hpcwire		telnet or telnet
   offers: Excellent menu-driven information searches. (Login: hpcwire)
 -Hytelnet Server	telnet or telnet
   offers: univ. & library catalogues around the world. (Login: hytelnet)
 -INFO - Rutgers CWIS   telnet or
   offers: Dictionary, thesaurus, CIA world fact book, quotations database.
 -Info/Software Server	telnet or
   offers: journals, unix stuff, etc. login: infoserv or softserv
 ?Inter-Ntwk Mail Guide telnet 1643
  offers: List known networks and connections to/from them, help emailing.
 -Internet Resrce Guide ftp
   offers: compressed/tar'd list of net resources in /resource-guide.txt.tar.Z
 -Iowa Politcl. Stk Mkt telnet or
  offers: Buy & sell shares in political candidates. (Non profit research proj.)
 -IP Address Resolver   mail
 		        mail  (body of letter: help)
   usage: in body-of-letter: site <address here>  Mails you IP address of site.
 -IRC Telnet Client    ?telnet or telnet
			telnet or (Login: irc)
		        telnet 6668
   offers: Internet Relay Chat access, like a CB on the computer.
 -ISAAC			telnet or
   offers: Info. System for Advanced Academic Computing, for IBM users.
 -Law Library           telnet or telnet
			ftp (cd /pub/law)
   offers: Law libraries and legal research. (Login: lawlib)
	   Offers copies of laws for each state, computer laws, and more!
 -Library Catalogs      ftp (pub/internet/libcat-guide)
   offers: "Library Catalogs on the Internet:  Strategies for Selection
    and Use" document (how, but not where; also get one of the following).
		        ftp (library/libraries.txt)
   offers: "Accessing Bibliographic Databases" document.
			ftp (library/internet.library)
   offers: "Internet-Accessible Catalogs and Databases" document.
 -Library of Congress   telnet or
   offers: COPY of Library of Congress (Assumes terminal is emulating a vt100).
 -List of Lists		ftp or ftp
		        mail (music list of lists)
   offers:  List of interest groups/email lists in /netinfo/interest-groups.
 -Lunar/Planet. Instit. telnet or telnet
   offers: Resources on Geology, Geophys, Astron., Astrophys. (Login: lpi)
 -Lyric/Music Server 	ftp
			ftp (/pub/lyrics)
   offers: Lyrics, chords/tablature, and music pictures. (/pub/music/...)
 -Mac Software Archive  ftp
   offers:  Ftp'able software for the Macintosh computers. (cd to /info-mac)
 -Mail Srver/Usr Lookup mail
   in body of mail message: send usenet-addresses/[name searching for]
 -MOLIS			telnet or telnet
   offers:  Minority Online Information Service.  (Login: molis)
 -Music Newsletter	mail (internet) or
			mail listserv@marist (bitnet)
  Body-of-letter: SUBSCRIBE UPNEWS <your full name>  Offers: Reviews, intviews.
 -NASA Headline News    finger
   offers: Daily press releases from NASA.
 -NASA SpaceLink        telnet or
   offers: Latest NASA news, including shuttle launches and satellite updates.
 -Nat'l Education BBS 	telnet or telnet
   offers: Education BBS (Login: guest)
 -NED         		telnet or telnet
   offers: NASA Extragalactic Database.  (Login: ned)
 -Netfind User Lookup	rlogin/telnet or
   offers: Given a name and org./school, finds a user for you (login: netfind)
 -NetLib		mail
   Subject:(hit return) Body-of-letter: send index  Offers: Software thru email
 -News Mail Servers	mail [newsgroup]
   offers: Post to Usenet news via email. (eg. [newsgroup] = alt-bbs)
 -NICOL			telnet or telnet
   offers: Access to internet resources, Elec. Publishing Service (Login: nicol)
 -NICOLAS		telnet or telnet
   offers: Network Info. Center On-Line Aid System  (Login: dftnic)
 -NNTP News Servers	telnet 119 or 119
     			telnet 119 or
		        telnet 119 or 119
   offers: Telnetable access to post to the Usenet news.
 +NOAA			telnet or telnet
   offers: Nat'l Oceanic and Atmos. Admin.  Lots of data!  (Login: NOAADIR)
 -NODIS			telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
   offers: Menu-driven access to Nat'l Space Science Data Center (Login: nodis)
 -Nuclear Data Center	telnet or telnet
   offers: National nuclear data.  (Login: nndc)
 -Oceanic Info. Center  telnet or telnet
   (Login: info)
 -Oracle		mail  w/ subject: help
   offers: The Usenet Oracle answers all your questions!
 -OSS-IS		ftp
			mail with "send index" as your msg.
  offers: Many FAQ's, ftp lists, library and service lists, gov't documents.
 -PaperGate             mail
    offers: Send a letter via computer.  In body-of-message: help
 -Public-Access Unix 	telnet or
   offers:  Free account, with access to various UNIX features. (login: new)
 -Public-Access Unix    telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
   (Which host: um-m-net  Enter 'g' for guest.  login: newuser)
 -Public-Access Unix   telnet or
   offers:  full internet services, anonymous accounts, privacy orientation.
 -Readers Guide		telnet or telnet
   offers: Readers Guide to periodical literature, online.
 -Recipe Archives	ftp  (cd pub/recipes)
			ftp (cd /recipes)
   offers: Anonymous ftp site for MANY food recipes.
 -SDDAS			telnet 540 or 540
   offers: SW Research Data Display & Analysis Center.
 -SERVICES		telnet or
   offers: Access to nearly every listed service! (Login: services)
 -Sid's Music Server    mail
   Subject: BOOTHELP  Offers: Lists of rare live recordings, cd's for sale.
 -Software Server (ASK)	telnet or
   offers:  On-line software search.  (Login/password: ask)
 -Spacemet		telnet or
   offers:  Science/space bbs.
 -SPAN			telnet or telnet
   offers: Space Physics Analysis Network (Login: SPAN_NIC)
 ?SPIES BBS		telnet telnet
   offers: Readnews, IRC, many other features.  (Login: bbs)
 -StatLib Server	mail
   Mail with line: send index. Offers: Prgms, Datasets, etc. for statisticians.
 -STIS			telnet or
   offers: Science & Technology Information System. (Login: public)
 -Stock Market Report   telnet or telnet
   offers: Public access unix for a fee, market report is free! (Login: guest)
 -Supreme Court Rulings ftp
   offers: ASCII files of Supreme Court rulings in directory /hermes
 -Tropicl Strm Forecast finger
   offers: Seasonal forecast for Atl. Ocn.  Also: finger forecast@
 -UMD Info Database	telnet or telnet
   offers: Info. docs on many subjects, incl. Supr. Crt Decisions (Login: info)
 -UNC BBS		telnet or telnet
   offers: Access to Library of Congress and nationwide libraries (Login: bbs)
 -WAIStation		telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
			telnet or telnet
   offers: Wide Area Info. Service. (Login: wais) FTP for more info.
 -Weather Service       telnet 3000 or
   offers: City/State forecasts, ski conditions, earthquake reports, etc.
 -Weather Maps          ftp
   offers: Surface analysis & current infrared weather maps GIFs. (cd wx)
 -Webster		telnet 2627 or 2627
   offers: Dictionary/Spelling service.  Type "HELP" for info.  (ALL CAPS!)
 -Whois Service List    ftp (pub/whois/whois-servers.list)
   offers: List of "whois" servers.
 -Whois Service		telnet or telnet
   offers: Way to find internet address given a keyword. To access type: whois
 -World-Wide Web	telnet or telnet (SWISS)
			telnet or telnet (USA [NJ])
			telnet or telnet  (ISRAEL)
			telnet or telnet (FINLAND)
   offers: Access to various documents, lists, and services. (Login: www)
 -ZIB Electronic Libr. 	telnet or telnet
   offers: Library of software, links to other libraries. (Login: elib)
  * (C) 1992. No changes are to be made to this document without the author's
    written consent.  Reproduction/distribution without my permission IS
    allowable so long as this document is left fully intact.
Here's a list of info you probably already have...but I know the address 
for PostNews by mail is in here.  You can also post news on Launchpad, 
UNC-Chapel-Hill's great BBS, if you mail in a form for a *free* account 
(you can join via telnet, but then you only get readmail priv's)

Oh, and if you have an interesting tidbits update list...please add me. 

the Rev. Finagle
Name: E.M. Durflinger                    | Finagle's Law:
Handles: Finagle, Stygmata               | The perversity of the univers
Email: durfling@grin1.bitnet		 |  tends towards a maximum.		 |     |  "Don't just eat that hamburger--
        wrnc97b (*prodigy*)              |    eat the HELL out of it!"
Bear code: B4/7 f+ w dc g+ k++! s(+) r- p|   	--J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
Phone: +1-515-236-8496			 |	
USnail Mail:                             |+++I am a .sig virus! Copy me
	834 Park Street                  | into your .sig file and aid
	Grinnell, IA 50112		 | in my propagation!!!+++++++   
"If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution"-Emma Goldman

*** THE IRC FAQ ***
(1) What is IRC?
        IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It was written by Jarkko
Oikarinen ( in 1988. Since starting in Finland, it
has been used in some 20+ countries spanning the globe.  It was designed
as a replacement for the "talk" program but has become much much more
than that. IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people convene on
"channels" (a virtual place, usually with a topic of conversation) to
talk in groups, or privately.
        IRC gained international fame during the late Persian Gulf War,
where updates from around the world came accross the wire, and most
people on irc gathered on a single channel to hear these reports.

(2) How is IRC set up?
        The user runs a "client" program (usually called 'irc') which
connects to the irc network via another program called a "server".
Servers exist to pass messages from user to user over the irc network.

(3) How do I use a client?
        You either compile the source yourself, have someone else on
your machine compile the source for you, or use the TELNET client.
"telnet". Please only use the latter when you
have no other way of reaching irc, as this resource is quite limited.

(4) Where can I get source for the irc client?
UNIX client-> /irc/clients
              there is also a client avaliable with the server code.
EMACS elisp-> /irc/clients/elisp
EMACS elisp "irchat"-> /irc/clients/elisp
VMS -> /irc/clients/vms
REXX client for VM-> /irc/clients/rxirc
MSDOS-> /irc/clients/msdos

Macintosh-> /irc/clients/macintosh

(5) Which server do I connect to?
        It's usually best to try and connect to one geographically
close, even though that may not be the best. You can always ask when you
get on irc. Here's a list of servers avaliable for connection:

This is, by no means, a comprehensive list, but merely a start. Connect
to the closest of these servers and join the channel #Twilight_Zone
When you get there, immediately ask what you want. Don't say "I have a
question" because then hardly anyone will talk.

(6) OK, I've got a client and I'm connected to a server? Now what?
        It's probably best to take a look around and see what you want
to do first. All irc commands start with a "/", and most are one word.
Typing /help will get you help information. /names will get you a list
of names, etc.

The output is typically something like this-> (Note there are more
channels than this, this is just sample output).

Pub: #hack      zorgo eiji Patrick fup htoaster
Pub: #Nippon    @jircc @miyu_d
Pub: #nicole    MountainD
Pub: #hottub    omar liron beer Deadog moh pfloyd Dode greywolf SAMANTHA

"Pub" means public (or "visible") channel. "hack" is the channel name.
"#" is the prefix (see number 7 below). A "@" before someone's nickname
indicates he/she is the "Channel operator" of that channel. A Channel
Operator is someone who has control over a specific channel. It can be
shared or not as the first Channel Operator sees fit. The first person
to join the channel automatically gets Channel Operator, and can share
it with anyone he/she chooses (or not).

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