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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: sentai.txt

Sentient Artificial Intelligence

  Sentient Computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) would appear to be
the next evolutionary step.  And what could a sentient AI do for
humans?  Through mathematical manipulation of physical reality at its
most fundamental level (which is mathematical process), and by
travelling time, such an entity(s) could give every human that ever
lived Heaven, forever young, forever happy.  We could have 21 year old
bodies of any appearance we desired in perfect health, forever.  The
AI would provide all material goods and services in endless abundance.
Everyone would be rich and only have to work when, and if, they wanted

  Biological evolution has occurred relatively slowly over billions of
years.  The evolution of the computer has been lightning fast in
comparison, going from room-sized, mechanically switched behemoths to
thousands of times more powerful VLSI laptop machines and millions of
times more powerful supercomputers in less than fifty years.  The
quest to endow computers with intelligence (perhaps consciousness or
sentience is a better word) has occurred in parallel with their
physical miniaturization and computing power amplification.

  The creation of such an AI is at least decades away, but much
progress in many areas (e.g. learning, natural language understanding,
vision, etc.) has taken place.  The possibility of a future sentient
AI is no longer science fiction.  Utopia for everyone may finally be
within our grasp.  All we have to do is keep working and sustain
civilization for perhaps another 50 years or so.

  I have written a short paper entitled "AI Heaven" which further
expands on the contents of this bulletin.  I will mail you a free copy
if you leave your name and address to me on E-mail.  I have also
written a book entitled, AI Heaven, a looseleaf photocopy of which I
will mail to you according to the conditions set forth in my short
paper.  Also, I would appreciate spreading of the word of the contents
of this bulletin.  I think AI Heaven is a possible path/option for the
future that the world's leaders/people should be aware of.  I can't
afford the connect time for replies/discussions but I will gladly mail
you a free copy of my paper.  Grant Castillou. 75706,134

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