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Reverse Speech 2

                                COPYRIGHT (c) 1990
                               BY: DAVID JOHN OATES
                                  P.O. BOX 181862
                               DALLAS TX 75218-9998
                             PHONE/FAX (214) 324 3216

       WHAT IS IT

       Reverse Speech is the name given to a newly discovered form of human
       communication that exists outside of conscious awareness. This extra
       form of communication  co-exits, and occurs simultaneously with, our
       normal speech process. As the brain  constructs the necessary speech
       sounds to form intelligible language, it constructs  them  in such a
       way that at least two messages are communicated. One forwards, which
       is constructed and  heard  consciously,  and one in reverse which is
       constructed and heard unconsciously.

       This unconscious form of communication,  or  Reverse  Speech, occurs
       constantly throughout the  human  speech process.  Every  minute  of
       every day, all  of  us are delivering and receiving speech reversals
       each time that we engage in conversation. As we speak consciously in
       forward speech, we say what our conscious  mind  chooses  to say. At
       the same time  our  unconscious  mind  is  also  expressing  itself,
       backwards, in those very same sounds that we previously assumed came
       only from the conscious area of the mind.

       Spoken language is  a bi-levelled process. Both levels of awareness,
       conscious and unconscious are expressed through our speech.

       With both modes of speech we communicate  our  whole self, as it is,
       to those around us. What is consciously deleted from  forward speech
       will often be  communicated in Reverse Speech.  What is incorrect in
       forward speech will often be corrected in Reverse Speech.

       Through Reverse Speech we reveal  who  we  really are. Every part of
       ourselves, conscious and unconscious, will appear in  Reverse Speech
       given the right  circumstances.  Reverse  Speech is the voice of our
       inner mind, it is the reflection of  our true self, it is what makes
       us who we are. Reverse Speech is the "I" that is  just  us,  without
       all the pretences and barriers and masks.

       What the lie  detector  strived for, what the study of body language
       and sensory modalities attempted to achieve has now been given to us
       via an extra sensory means of perception  that  has  always existed.
       Reverse Speech, the voice of the naked "I".

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       An indepth study  of  Reverse  Speech  has  the  potential  to  give
       humanity completely new insights into the human psyche - how and why
       we function and how and why we are  the people that we are.  Reverse
       Speech offers the  dream  of  a  reliable,  easily   accessible  and
       verifiable way to look at the human mind.


       If human speech   is  recorded  and  played  backwards  these  extra
       unconscious communicative signals   can   be  located  and  analyzed
       consciously.  They can  be  heard  amongst the normal  gibberish  of
       reversed audio as  quick  reversed  phrases or grammatically correct
       sentences that are usually 1-2 seconds in length.

       Reversed sentences will vary in  their  rate  of  occurrence  in the
       speech process depending   on   the   emotional    nature   of   the
       conversation.  In highly  charged  emotional  states a reversal will
       often appear once  every  2-3  seconds.   In  normal  conversational
       dialogue they will appear usually once every fifteen  seconds and in
       long monologues as little as once every 5-10 minutes.

       Speech reversals will  always contain complementary relationships to
       the forward dialogue.   These   relationships   can   currently   be
       categorized into   13   main   types.  They  can  be  contradictory,
       congruent, expansive, internal or external dialogue - to name a few.
       By understanding the    exact    nature    of    the   complementary
       relationships, the trained Reverse Speech Analyst can draw extremely
       accurate conclusions concerning the  nature,  motive,  deleted facts
       and truthfulness of the forward conversation.

       Reverse Speech will also appear from different areas  of  the  mind.
       From what is  in  the  conscious  area,  to  the unconscious, to the
       deepest part of Self. The signals from deeper areas of the mind will
       contain different language and grammatical  structures  in  reversed
       phrases. Through an  understanding  of  this new language  form  (or
       metaphors), the trained  Reverse  Speech Analyst can also determine,
       emotional responses, behavioral anchors  and  personality structures
       of the speaker.


       The applications for Reverse Speech are vast and varied,
       limited only by the imagination. It can be used in any
       situation where human speech is recorded and additional
       information is required. The below list details some of the
       more obvious applications.

       Therapeutic: Reverse Speech can give the therapist an
       accurate look at the mind of the patient, pinpointing precise
       areas of behavioral problems.

       Investigative: Reverse Speech can give the investigator,
       official or private, an invaluable investigative tool.
       Already Reverse Speech has revealed the guilt or innocence of
       a suspect and the location of vital evidence.

       Child Psychology: Reverse Speech commences before forward
       speech does. By the age of two, children are communicating

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       fluently in reverse.  Reverse speech can give the child psychologist
       exact and precise insight concerning the emotional and psychological
       development of the child.

       Commercial: Reverse Speech can be invaluable is sales and marketing.
       It can monitor the unconscious selling  prompters  of  the salesman,
       pinpointing exact areas  of  improvement.  It can also  monitor  the
       psychological interplays between    salesman/client   and   business
       partners - revealing the nature of the interpersonal relationship.

       WHO ARE WE

       We are the   only   international   research   institute   currently
       established for the  ongoing  development  and research  of  Reverse
       Speech. Our President  is  David  Oates,  the Australian discoverer,
       founder and developer of the Reverse  Speech technology. We have two
       main active branches, one is located in Brisbane, Australia  and the
       other in Dallas, Texas.

       Our board of   directors   acts   as  trustee  for  all  copyrights,
       trademarks and patents pertaining  to  Reverse  Speech.  We  act  as
       "watchdogs" for the  technology and develop research,  training  and
       marketing programs for its ongoing development.

       We raise our  funds  through  membership  fees, royalty fees for the
       issuance of Reverse Speech certifications,  commissions for services
       contracted out, and grants and donations.

       Some of our services include....

             * Regular monthly meetings for all members.

             * A bi-monthly magazine, "Backtalk", which is devoted
               exclusively to the reporting of Reverse Speech

             * Tape analysis service conducted by trained analysts.

             * Public lectures and orientation workshops for interested

             * Reversing machines and associated technologies buy/sell

             * Comprehensive training programs designed to take a person
               from no knowledge of Reverse Speech, to becoming a trained
               Analyst and, eventually, a Reverse Speech Trainer.

       DETAIL OF SCHEDULE AND FEES (Current July 1990)

       Membership         $30 pa.
       Backtalk           $24 pa.
       Reversing machine  $125 pa.
       Tape Analysis      Commences at $95 per half hour of tape
       Training:          Several levels are available.

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                          TRAINEE CERTIFICATE - One weekend and four
                          nights. Basic reversal location and
                          analysis techniques. $350

                          ANALYST CERTIFICATE - Prerequisite of
                          Trainee Certificate required. An
                          additional ten nights and one weekend.
                          Detailed reversal location, detailed
                          analysis, reversal prompting,
                          hypothetical conclusions etc. $695.

                          PROVISIONAL TRAINER - Prerequisite of
                          Analyst Certificate. Four month course.
                          High speed reversal location. Training
                          techniques. $995.

                          MASTER ANALYST - Prerequisite of
                          Provisional Trainer. Six month course.
                          Reversal control.  Reversal feedback,
                          hearing reversals consciously, significant
                          advancement made to the research of
                          Reverse Speech.  $1250.

                                   ***  ***  ***

                    By taking the Trainee and Analyst courses,
                     you could be a reverse speech Analyst for
                               a total cost of only

                  for more information, two groups are available

            The Society for Reversed Communication Research (Australia)
             The Reverse Speech Education and Research Institute (USA)

       "Backtalk" is the Reverse Speech newsletter and is available for $26
       per year.

       You may contact  others interested in the study of Reverse Speech by
       writing to :

                               The Editor "Backtalk"
                                   PO BOX 181862
                               Dallas, TX 75218-9998

                              or call (214) 324-3216


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