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Reverse Speech 1

                         A BRIEF HISTORY OF REVERSE SPEECH

       For those readers   who  are  new  to  this  entire  Reverse  Speech
       phenomena, here is a brief history  of its discovery and growth over
       the years.

       Like all new discoveries in the history of humanity,  the growth and
       realization of Reverse  Speech  has been a gradual process. It first
       began back in  the  late sixties  when  The  Beatles  placed  hidden
       backward messages onto  some  of  their  albums  hinting  that  Paul
       McCartney died.

       Excited teenagers around  the  world began to play records backwards
       to find these messages. Before too long other backward messages were
       found that had not been placed deliberately but occurred as a result
       of a reversal of the sounds of speech.

       The scene was set. A fad started and  it wasn't too long before many
       other people claimed  to be finding reversed messages  (or  Backward
       Masking) in recordings.

       These included TV    technicians,    sound    men    AND   religious
       fundamentalists. With no explanation  for these messages, most wrote
       it off as either imagination or too 'weird' to spend any time on it.
       But not the fundamentalists.

       They claimed it was the work of the devil possessing  the  musicians
       and manipulating their  voices  so that subliminal messages could be
       placed onto rock and roll records so that youth of our society could
       be 'programmed' into the devil's way of thinking.

       They had a field day for a while,  conducting  crusades  against the
       devil's music together with record burning parties  and  hate  books
       against the entire rock and roll industry.

       In 1982, their cries reached the US senate and The United States
       House Of Representatives  passed  'House  Resolution  6363',  a bill
       introduced by Robert K. Dornan that called for all records suspected
       of containing Backward Masking to have a warning placed on the front
       cover of the album.

       Then in November  1983 some bloke  from  Australia  dropped  a  tape
       player in a toilet bowl. This useless piece of machinery,  which now
       played only backwards   was  promptly  thrown  in  a  junk  box  and
       forgotten about.

       A few months later this bloke (David  Oates)  was  running a halfway
       house for street  kids  when  one  of the youth asked  him  what  he
       thought about "all these Satanic messages" on rock and roll.

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       Being somewhat of  an  electronics  buff with a keen interest in the
       unknown, David retrieved  his broken  down  tape  player  and  began

       It wasn't too long that he realized that there really  was something
       there. He ran  numerous  electronic  tests  and  discovered that the
       messages did actually exist and it  could  be  proven electronically
       that they did.

       His curiosity was aroused and over the next two years  playing  tape
       recordings backwards became  quite a fervent hobby for him. He found
       numerous reversed messages  across   a   wide   cross   section   of
       recordings, ranging from  songs  to  advertisements   to   political
       speeches to normal conversations.

       In 1987 he  was joined by his life long friend Greg Albrecht and for
       the first few months of '87 they worked furiously to try and unravel
       this mystery.

       They came up with the theory of "Reverse  Speech"  and isolated many
       common patterns to  this  strange new phenomena, at  the  same  time
       compiling a book  "Beyond  Backward  Masking". Then in November '87,
       their book all ready, they officially  announced  to  the Australian
       public that they had discovered another form of human communication
       or "The Seventh Sense".

       Media interest was intense and their work was featured  on  numerous
       current affair TV programs, magazines and radio broadcasts.

       But it was  not all an easy road. They were either met with ridicule
       or "Who cares" attitudes. It became  obvious to both of them that if
       Reverse Speech was ever going to be accepted then a lot of hard work
       was in front of them.

       At that stage  Greg  Albrecht  pulled out of the research,  his  own
       career beginning to suffer, and David continued alone with a fervent
       zeal to understand  Reverse  Speech  more and to have their findings
       accepted and recognized.

       Things moved fairly rapidly from there.  EEG  testing indicated that
       the brain responded  to, and understood, reversed messages.  Reverse
       Speech was used successfully by the Australian police force to solve
       a crime.

       Well known American linguist and co-founder of the Neuro-Linguistic-
       Programming (NLP) techniques,   Dr.  John  Grinder,  endorsed  their
       findings at a conference in Sydney  and  David  was offered a job in
       Brisbane to use  Reverse  Speech  in  a  therapeutic  situation.  He
       accepted this and began to experiment with Reverse Speech even more,
       refining procedures and  theories, and collecting massive amounts of
       information that supported the hypothesis of Reverse Speech.

       In 1989, the first official research  institute  for  Reverse Speech
       was formed (in association with Martin Stiles and John Suess), David
       was approved for a research grant and the train kept  on moving.  He
       began to lecture   on   the   topic  extensively  across  Australia,
       conducting training and instigating further research programs.

       In June 1989, he applied for trademarks, patents and intellectual

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       property rights for  Reverse  Speech  and  travelled  to  the United
       States to lecture on Reverse Speech there. The reception he received
       was overwhelming and, as a result,  he  moved  to  Dallas,  Texas in
       August 1989 to conduct training, lectures and prepare Reverse Speech
       for its launch onto the world scene.

       Now, in March 1990, after many frustrating months, Reverse Speech is
       prepared and all ready to go. David has established an international
       organization for the  public  dissemination of information  and  set
       strict research standards for its location and analysis.

       Reverse Speech is  on  the launching pad, the countdown has started,
       the spectators are in position and the world waits.

       What will happen? History will tell the tale.

       Reverse Speech is about to see life.

                          SOME COMMENTS ON REVERSE SPEECH

               Newsletter for the Australian NLP Society (Dec. '87):

            "...This may turn out to be discovery that could turn our
             knowledge of languages, and how the mind works with language,
             into a world shaker!"

                                   ***  ***  ***

                             People Magazine (2/1/88):

            "They can prove they have discovered  the seventh sense - a way
             to read people's minds ... It's a totally new  area  and there
             are no  experts,  but the influence of this discovery could be

                                   ***  ***  ***

                             Brisbane Sun (March '89):

            "he makes serious claims to support his theory ... a pioneer in
             linguistic theory ... anyone prone to criticism of the Reverse
             Speech theory would be advised  not  to  have  their  comments

                                   ***  ***  ***

                       Dallas Times Herald - USA (June '89):

            "As Oates  played some famous speeches you could  hear  audible
             gasps of  recognition  in  the  audience  ... Think of the fun
             journalists will have next  time  a  politician  says  read my

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "I believe  that  his  work  is  of  the highest  importance  -
             breaking entirely new ground and with significant implications
             for the way we understand and utilize our human capacities for
             communication ... David is single minded and relentless in his

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             pursuit of the field he has developed."

       Dr. Timothy Pascoe PhD (Cantab.), M.B.A. (Harvard), B.E., B.Ec.

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "In September 1989, I began a study of reverse speech under
             the direction of Mr. David Oates ... Using Reverse Speech as
             a tool to allow the client to communicate with self can
             significantly reduce the length of client therapy time ...
             Reverse Speech is a major breakthrough in communication ."

       Dr. Merle McElroy PhD (Southeastern Oklahoma State University)

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "David Oates brought his genius, skill and determination,
             displayed in his pursuit and development of Reverse Speech,
             to his therapeutic work. With his unique investigative tool,
             David is able to engage the therapeutic patient very rapidly
             and intensely. This can produce rapid change quickly, even in
             chronic situations."

       John Suess (Founder of Myndslink, Hypnotist # 4, NLP Trainer)

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "I refer to your request for advice on legal implications of
             reverse speech. I have heard your tapes and am personally
             satisfied that it does clearly exist ... It would seem quite
             clear that it is open to the police to use tapes to search
             for reverse communication which may help them with their
             investigations ... It seems it would have significance to
             finding out information of a sensitive political, military or
             industrial nature ... I think it is such a can of worms that
             it will be dutifully ignored by all and sundry with a desire
             that you will just go away and hide the research."

       James Rossiter LL.B, B.A., G.D.L.P., Dip.Ed.

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "Your interpretations of the reverse speech found on the
             television interview with a high ranking corruption suspect
             have paid off ... Armed with this information the
             investigative team was able to identify a geographical
             location to investigate. They found substantial real estate
             property belonging to the suspect which he had earlier denied
             owning ... Congratulations David it works."

       Michael Wearing (Unison International)

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "David is at this point entirely satisfied that he has many,
             many examples to demonstrate the phenomena ... The notion
             that language can carry extra secondary and tertiary messages
             as well as the overt manifest content is well know to many of
             you who have studied the works of Dr. Erickson, where double

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             and triple messages are the standard practise in such a

       Dr. John Grinder (At the Sydney NLP convention June 1988)

                                   ***  ***  ***

            "The interest in reverse communication has been growing and
             it is fast becoming known internationally. To this affect I
             have invited David to present his work at the International
             Experiential Psychotherapy Conference to be held in Germany
             in 1990."

       Yaro Starak (University of Queensland) BA, BSocWk, MSW, AdvDipSW

                                   ***  ***  ***

                  for more information, two groups are available

            The Society for Reversed Communication Research (Australia)
             The Reverse Speech Education and Research Institute (USA)

       "Backtalk" is the Reverse Speech newsletter and is available for $26
       per year.

       You may contact  others interested in the study of Reverse Speech by
       writing to :

                               The Editor "Backtalk"
                                   PO BOX 181862
                               Dallas, TX 75218-9998

                              or call (214) 324-3216

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