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The Insider's Guide to Sending Bulk Email on the Internet SPM: This is one of the five reports in the "Five Reports" chain letter still making the rounds on the net.

   REPORT #2:
 The purpose of this report is to provide you with valuable information, which
 will assist you in marketing your Multilevel E-mail Report Business utilizing
 the benefits of Bulk E-mail.
 Bulk E-mailing is without question the most powerful method of distributing
 information on earth.  Many individuals have made millions of dollars sending
 bulk e-mail. Bulk e-mail is an almost free form of advertising which allows a
 person to sell products or services to over 50 million people worldwide
 There is no comparison between bulk e-mail and U.S.  Mail.  With bulk e-mail,
 for a few hundred dollars you could send a mailing to 1 million people.  To
 send a mailing to 1 million people by U.S. mail would cost you a minimum of
 300 hundred thousand dollars and this only includes postage.
 There are 2 ways to market your products by bulk e-mail:
 1. Paying a bulk e-mail company to send your bulk e-mails.
 2. Sending your own bulk e-mail.
 Before deciding whether to pay a bulk e-mail company to send your bulk e-mail
 or send your own bulk e-mail, there are many important issues to consider.
 Sending a high volume of bulk e- mail can be a very expensive and time
 consuming process.  There is much more involved than pressing the send button
 on your Internet browser.
 A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you are sending less than 100,000
 e-mails per month, it is probably more cost efficient to pay a bulk e-mail
 company to send your e-mails.  Pricing for sending bulk e-mail can vary
 greatly from company to company.   To give you something to use for a
 comparison, the following pricing is some of the lowest I have seen on the
 Pricing for Untargeted Bulk E-mail
 # of Address To Send To: Cost in U.S. Dollars:
                              25,000                $50.00
                              50,000               $100.00
                              500,000              $450.00
                            1,000,000           $650.00
 Hundreds of Bulk e-mail companies can be found on the net. Simply go to any
 of the major search engines below and run a search using the words "bulk
 1. Alta Vista -
 2. AOL NetFind -
 3. Excite-
 4. Hotbot -
 5. Infoseek -
 6. Lycos -
 7. Magellan -
 8. Webcrawler -
 9. Yahoo -
 1. Most bulk e-mail companies are unable to provide you with any
 documentation which proves the number of e-mails sent, were the number you
 agreed upon.  Your response will be your only indication of the success of a
 bulk e-mailing.
 2. Find at least 10 different bulk e-mail companies so you have a good
 comparison of prices and services.
 3. Make sure that the companies you choose provide a telephone number never
 do business with a company until you personally speak to someone at that
 company.  If they do not list a telephone number on their web site, send an
 e-mail to the company requesting they either call you or e-mail you their
 telephone number.
 4. Make sure that the company you choose has normal business hours.  Many
 individuals provide Bulk e-mail as a side business to their regular job.  A
 company is more likely to give you better service if bulk e-mailing is their
 primary source of income.
 5. Always negotiate price, never pay the listed price without at least trying
 to pay a lower price. Many bulk e-mail companies are hungry for your business
 and are open to negotiate a lower price.
 6. Always run a test run of 25,000 e-mails before sending a larger e-mailing.
  Although many bulk e-mail companies have minimums of 50,000 e-mails, explain
 that you wish to run a test of 25,000 e-mails before spending money on a
 larger mailing. Explain to the Bulk e-mail company that if the test mailing
 works, you will become a repeat customer for as long as them mailings are
 Also explain that you are involved in a multi-level marketing business and
 that if the test mailing is successful you will refer their company to your
 downline.  A reputable company that is in the bulk e-mail business for the
 long haul will probably work with you. This is because most successful bulk
 e-mail companies make most of their money from repeat business.
 7.  Make sure that e-mails are only sent to individuals who can read English.
 8.  Always ask for references.
 9.  Pay by credit card if possible.  It is to your benefit to pay for bulk
 e-mail services by credit card.  Credit card companies are very customer
 service oriented.  If there is a dispute between a customer and a business,
 the credit card company usually rules in favor of the customer and reverses
 the charges.  Make sure you give your credit card number over the phone if
 possible unless the bulk e-mail company has encrypted software.
 10.  Before doing business with any company, first check the Better Business
 Bureau Web Site at
 11. Make sure that the bulk e-mail company you choose can send 10 page e-mail.
 12. Ask the bulk e-mail company if they have a referral program. This is a
 program that compensates you for sending them new business.
 13. As an industry standard, most bulk e-mail companies provide an extra
 5-10% of additional e-mails with all mailings to compensate for undeliverable
 14.  Ask the Bulk e-mail company if they keep track of their mailings so that
 if you order additional mailings in the future they will not send duplicate
 15. Find out how often the bulk e-mail company cleans their lists of
 undeliverable e-mail addresses, flamers and autoresponders.
 16.  Find out how large the bulk e-mail companies' database is and how often
 they extract new e-mail addresses.
 17. Make sure that the bulk e-mail company you choose has the ability to send
 e-mails that show only one e-mail address in the (To:) location on the
 e-mail.   It has been proven that personalized e-mails receive better
 responses than unpersonalized e-mails which show numerous e-mail addresses in
 the (To:) location.
 19.  Most bulk e-mail companies have wait periods of up to a week or more.
 20.  Make sure that when the bulk e-mail company sends your e-mails that they
 do not show your return e-mail address.  The e-mail you are sending provides
 your customers with everything they need to sign up for your program.  If you
 provide your return e-mail address, you will receive complaints to your
 Internet Service Provider and your service will be terminated.
 1.  Sending bulk e-mail typically is not cost effective unless you are
 sending at least 100,000 e-mails or more per month.
 2. Costs to consider: (The costs presented below are approximate)
      a. Bulk e-mail friendly Internet Service Provider--$150/mo
      b. Bulk e-mail software-------$350
      c. Lots and lots of time to run the software. In order to send a high
 volume of e-mails, you will need to send e-
         mails almost 24 hrs a day.
 d. You might consider purchasing an additional computer. You will need one
 computer to send e-mails and
                     another computer to extract, sort and prepare e-mail
 addresses. You can find companies which offer all of these
 services by placing the word bulk e-mail in your search engine.
 3.  No matter what a bulk e-mail software vendor tells you, chances are
 pretty good that if you try to send bulk e-mail on an Internet Service
 Provider which is not bulk e-mail friendly. Chances are pretty good that
 eventually your account will be shut down.  Many ISP's are cracking down on
 bulk e-mailers and fining them $100 per day or more.
 4. When choosing bulk e-mail software.  Choose a software which has a 30 day
 money back guarantee.
 5.  The technical support department of a bulk e-mail software company is
 more important than the software itself.
 6.  Although most bulk e-mail software companies advertise that they can send
 bulk e-mails at speeds of 10,000 e-mails or more per hour, when sending a 10
 page e-mail this may cut the speed down to several hundred per hour.
 7. Make sure that the Bulk e-mail software that you choose has the ability to
 send personalized e-mails which have only 1 e-mail address in the ( To: )
 location of the e-mail.
 8. You will find numerous Bulk e-mail friendly ISP's and Bulk e-mail friendly
 software by searching the major search engines under the words "ISP" or "Bulk
 >From personal experience I can tell you that bulk e-mail when done properly
 can be an excellent source for new business and can make you a lot of money.
  When done improperly, bulk e- mailing can be the biggest nightmare you have
 ever seen.
 Take my advice, unless you are experienced with bulk e-mailing, find a
 reputable bulk e-mail company and send out 25,000 e- mails. You will make
 more money than you ever imagined.
  See below:
 The following example is based on an e-mail response rate of 2/10ths of 1%.
 This means that out of every 1,000 e-mails you send, only 2 people will join
 your organization.
 Sending 25,000 e-mails per month
 25,000 x .002 = 50 new members
 1st level--your 50 members with $5............................$250
 2nd level-each of the 50 recruits 2 more (100x$5)......$500
 3rd level-each of the 100 recruits 2 more(200x$5 )..$1,000
 4th level-each of the 200 recruits 2 more (400x$5 ).$2,000
 ESTIMATED MONTHLY INCOME----------------- $3,750
 Your estimated cost to send 25,000 e-mails: $50 Does this look like a good
 Take some of the money you make from your first bulk e-mailing and send a
 second e-mailing of 50,000.  Next, send a mailing of 100,000 then 250,000,
 500,000 then  1,000,000. Remember, reinvest your profits from the previous
 bulk e-mailing to pay for the preceding e-mailing.
 If you cannot afford to pay for a bulk e-mailing of 25,000.  Place 10 free
 classified ads everyday until  you earn enough money to pay for a bulk
 e-mailing of 25,000.  This business is very simple once you get started, get
 started today.  Send your first bulk e- mailing and you won't believe the
 PLEASE NOTE:  If you need help with starting a business, registering a
 business name, learning how income tax is handled, etc., contact your local
 office of  the Small Business Administration (a Federal agency)
 1-(800)827-5722 for free help and  answers to questions.  Also, the Internal
 Revenue Service offers free help via  telephone and free seminars about
 business tax requirements.  Your earnings and results are highly dependent on
 your activities and advertising.  This report constitutes  no guarantees
 stated or implied.  In the event that it is determined that this report
 constitutes a guarantee of any kind, that guarantee is now void.   The
 earning amounts listed in this report are estimates only.  If you have any
 question of the legality of  this report contact the Office of Associate
 Director for Marketing Practices Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer
 Protection in Washington DC.

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