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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: really1.txt


   ---- $$$$$ $$$$.  .$.  .$$$. $   $ $ $.  $ .$$$. ------
   ----- '$'  $  .$ .$'$. $     $   $ $ $$  $ $'    ------
   ------ $   $$$$: $$$$$ '$$$. $$$$$ $ $$. $ $     ------
   ------ $   $  '$ $' '$     $ $   $ $ $'$.$ $. '$ ------
   ------ $   $   $ $   $ '$$$' $   $ $ $ '$$ '$$$$ ------
   l o o k    a b o v e    i t ' s    u g l y    a s c i i

This  file was written in Notepad. I don't really care what  you
use  to  read it in, though, as long as you understand  what  it

If you get busted by doing anything you read about in this file,
please don't blame me. I'm scared.

c o n t e n t s :

  - trashing?
  - where?

  - what to do and how to do it

    - essentials

    - clothing

    - tools

    - people

  - stuff to keep in mind


 .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
 | t r a s h i n g ?   		  			    
 '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -             
 "Trashing" is about searching for information in containers and
 trashcans.  You'll  be  searching for stuff  that  you  weren't
 actually supposed to get your hands on. "Stuff" means usernames
 and/or  passwords, manuals, credit card numbers, bills,  inside
 information, information about people working at an interesting
 company, and so on.
 When  you  trash  you're most likely to  find  documents  (some 
 useless,  others really interesting), but if the company you're
 trashing  at is manufacturing and/or selling stuff (like  comp.
 hardware)  you  can  also  find some of  the  products  they're 
 .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
 | w h e r e ?		  					  
 '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -             

 Where  you  should trash depends on what you're looking  for...
 If  you  want  creditcard  numbers  you  could  visit  a  local
 supermarket, or trash at someones house [if you have a  wealthy
 neighbour who looks like he/she has got a credit card, drag his   
 or her trashcan away and search it:)]. 
 If  you  trash at someones house you can also find  information
 about the person who lives there [useful if you're into
 blackmailing;)], you  can find usernames:passwds to stuff, like
 an internet account... though, most people likes to save those.
 You  cand  find bank papers, bills, stuff... but mostly  you'll
 find disgusting things like old food.

 For other information... go anywhere. If you're into  phreaking 
 and  hacking, an  ISP  or some phone  company's  [like  swedish  
 Telia,  Nokia,  Ericsson  etc.]  office could  be  interesting.
 People  who work at an office handles a lot of papers [some  of
 those  papers are really interesting to you], and they need  to
 throw those papers away, eventually.  

 .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
 | w h a t  t o  d o  a n d  h o w  t o  d o  i t   	    
 '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -             

 First  of all, you should know what you're searching for... you    
 want  telephony - related  documents?  Or  perhaps  credit-card
 numbers? Well...
 Read above: "WHERE?".
 When  you  know  what you're out for, you can  start  preparing 
 yourself. It's not too hard.
   .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
   | e s s e n t i a l s
   '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -                 
    You  need something to carry stuff in, a bag of  some  kind.
    Just  make  sure you're able to run while carrying it.  Why?
    Well... when  you  trash,  you'll  most likely  be  on  some
    companys back yard. Perhaps you climbed a fence or so, hence
    you're  trespassing. You'll be searching for documents  they
    don't  want  you  to see, and if they  catch  you  in  their 
    container, there  might  be  problems for you... go  figure.
    You'll also  need a flashlight, and a crowbar or screwdriver
    could come in handy.
   .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
   | c l o t h i n g
   '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -                 
    You'll  want  to wear clothes in which you can  move  around
    without  any discomfort. You'll understand why this is, when
    you have to climb a few shelves to reach that box containing 
    some  cool  computer  hardware... so,  using  your  favorite 
    sweater  is a bad idea. Platform shoes is, also, a bad idea.
    Tight  jeans is an over all bad idea [believe me, I tried it
    Since  you'll trash during evenings/nights, you should  wear
    black, or  really dark, clothes. A hooded sweater is  great;
    if  someone is about to catch you, just pull the  hood  over
    your  head and run (this way they won't be able too see your
    face  too well, they won't see what color your hair is  etc,
    it'll be harder to recognize you).
    Looking  like anybody else is a good thing when doing  stuff
    like  this, so wear clothes which'll make you look just like
    Don't wear your favorite shirt, it's quite easy to get dirty
    or rip something apart when standing in a container.
   .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
   | t 0 0 l s
   '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -                 
    It's  a good idea to carry t00ls with you everywhere you go.
    Let's  say you find a sealed box with stuff in it... now you
    might  want to break that box open, right? A screwdriver  or
    crowbad should do the trick.
   .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
   | p e o p l e
   '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -                 
    Bringing   a  friend   to  the  trashing  site   is  useful. 
    It's  better  if you're two, since one of you can watch  out
    for  the  police,  guards  [like  1nS3KuR1tAz:)]  or   those 
    slightly  annoying everyday-heroes that tend to show  up  at                   
    the  most  odd  places, while the other one dives  into  the   
    Things  will also go faster and easier if you're not  alone.

 .--- - -- - -- -    - -      -       -              -
 | s t u f f  t o  k e e p  i n  m i n d 				   
 '-  -- --- -  -  --     -        -             -             

 * Don't leave tracks. 

   Many  company employees don't usually care to shred important
   documents  before passing them to the trash can. This is good
   for  you, and you shouldn't give them a reason to start doing 
   When  you find some papers that you don't need to  take  with
   you, you shouldn't just throw them out of the  container  (or
   wherever you're trashing) and leave them there.
   What  you're going to do is to put everything that you  don't
   take  with  you, back into the container  (or  the  trashcan,
   or... ).  Everything that doesn't go into your bag, goes back
   where  you found it. Make it a rule. (Putting everything back
   at it's place won't make anyone suspicious. Company employees
   will  continue  to put their trash where you can  easily  get
   your hands on it).
 * Don't leave tracks II. 
   Try  not to step in sand, dirt, mud etc which sticks on  your
   shoes.  You can be traced by that only, and people will  know   
   you were there... 
   [credz to Manelius for that one:)]

 * Watch out for surveillance cameras.
   Those  things  tend  to  sit  in  all  dark  corners,  taping
   everything that happens around a certain area.

 * People.
   There  are  two kinds of people; people that doesn't  give  a
   damn  about  what  you do, and people which I  like  to  call
   Everyday Heroes. The last kind are the ones who will call the
   police / guard on you, or even try and catch you  themselves, 
   since  they  think they're doing a good deed and  someone  Up  
   There really cares about what they're doing.
   The  bad  thing  is  that it - mostly - doesn't show  on  the 
   outside  whether a person is the first or the second kind, so   
   if  you see someone, don't do anything. Pretend to just stand
   there,  looking at birds, resting, whatever, just don't  jump
   into a container while people's watching.

 * Looking like you're out for something else.

   I  got  this idea from a swedish e-zine which I don't  recall
   the  name  of,  so  I don't take any  credit  for  this  one. 
   the  idea  is  to  look  and behave like  you're  not  really    
   searching  for cc#'s or manuals, but for empty beer cans [and 
   other  cans  too for that matter:), you often get  money  for 
   recycling those (at least in sweden, I don't know about other 
   Collect  a  few cans in a plastic bag and bring with  you. If   
   someone  catches  you in the container, just  show  them  the  
   plastic bag with the cans in it, look innocent and  poor, and   
   explain  nicely. If  you  dress like a homeless  person  when   
   doing  this, the  one who caught you will have to  be  really    
   EVIL to call the police on you...:)


That's  all.  I   hope   you   learned   at   least   something. 
If  you have any ideas, I'd be glad to hear about them. Feedback
is also appreciated:)


by    : spicephrik
for   : pots
date  : 2000-06-24
credz : to the lady who caught me beigeboxing a few weeks ago...
        ey, you own me:)
#phreakerz #rtt @ DALnet 

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