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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: pnkdress.txt

Punk is an attitude, not a dress code.

                Punk Is an Attitude, Not a Dress Code
                            Shadow Caster
                         Digital Angels, Inc.
                            January, 1997

I have recently come to great insight concerning the majority of
"punks": They're not. I find it *extremely* ironic that for a group of
people who so strongly stress nonconformity, among other things, that
they wear their black leather, chains, metal, and dyed hair like
uniforms. When someone is described as "punk", what image comes to
mind? Probably a person with colored liberty spikes or a mohawk, torn
jeans, a t-shirt, a leather jacket, and combat boots. That's just
wrong, and another example of how stereotypes affect people and their
views of others.

As for the true definition of Punk, I really don't know. I would hope
that it would have something to do with autonomy, independence, being
free-spirited, the willingness to speak your mind, and caring for
others before yourself. Am I "punk"? The answer to that question is
"yes" if my definition of it is true. But I'm really not sure.

Punk is an attitude, not a dress code. A person is not punk simply
because he dresses a certain way. Don't judge anyone on their clothes.
Judge them on their actions, their words, and their emotions.

Sorry this was a short file, but I think I got my point across.

If you have a better definition of Punk, or you think I'm just another
"punk" wannabe, or you even agree with me, express yourself.

Shadow Caster
Sysop: Chrysalis - (815) 965-7034

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