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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: metroc1.txt

The NYC Metrocard flaw

			        The MOB
                            Metrocard Flaw
                             By: HexTasy

1 good Metrocard ($15 bucks *11 fares*)
1 bad Metrocard (dead, no fares)

What happens:
If you follow the directions like your supposed to, what happens is that you get a clone 
of the good card onto the bad card, this means you will have 2 good cards for all of you 
people out there who can't think.  This can be used on any Subway Metro station that I 
have found in NY.

Take the good metrocard, and put that ontop of the bad metro card.  Now swipe it 
through the slot.  Now you have 2 good cards with 10 fares on each.

How it works:
Hell if I know, but it works, you can keep doing this till your good card runs out, then 
buy a new one.  It's just that simple.  Just don't get caught doing it.  Because if you do, 
you didn't learn this from me, so nothing you do I am not responsible for.  You know 
all that other mumbo jumbo shit so I don't get in trouble.

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