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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: machine.txt

Poetry about machine language


This just in: A little leg work, a little grunt work, and home free.
Anna-one, anna-two. How to conduct one's self. 
Choose a baton, then shoot sparks on the circuit.
Conductivity, connectivity, Con Activity. Defend convictions.
Live in the electro-city atrocity.
Work a job, beats bursting into flames.
Let's invent the device that permanently fixes an opinion, 
A mega-MIPS nanotechnology,
The smallest tweeze ever to hit the big time.
All this from the former student who slept on two beanbag chairs 
		pushed together.
Free Image Consultation, Now!
Constructive advice, but impractical.
"About ten grand'll fix yer problem."
Multi-user multi-tasking multi-media multi-thrashing.
Imagine a perfect future, then remove all the money.
Seat-of-the-pants on a shoestring,
Searching for the missing chapter on Handshaking Protocols.
Xon, Xoff. DTR. Something to be said for something to be said.
A flexible standard means it may not work now.
An evolving standard means it definitely won't work later.
Silly cone used to mean bigger tits and now it means little chips.
All the memory in the world and no past.

Sunday  December 2, 1990  7:20 pm
David Fox

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