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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: lesson1.txt

Assembly Language for Complete Retards

    asembly language for complete retards.. (or drug consuming children of the digital revolution.. ie: me)

 Aight ppl, I know this isn't really anything great but I was remembering the days of 
fucking with computers in the retail stores (ie: ti/99's and such). And i remembered 
the great joys of wrighting something in basic like 

 20 GOTO 20

 so i see a computer in OfficeMAX and think why dont i do that once again just
for shits and giggles (hell i aint got no pot.. and got no zima,, gotta do sumfin')
so i looked for a second and was like damn no basic interpeter. no problem i have debug.
well i decide to go with asm. so goes like this

C:\WINDOWS\> debug <enter>
-a 100 <enter>
xxxx:0100 mov dx,109 <enter>
xxxx:0103 mov ah,09 <enter>
xxxx:0105 int 20 <enter>
xxxx:0107 jmp 100 <enter>
xxxx:0109 db 'FUCK YOU!! $' <enter>
xxxx:0115 <enter>
-r cx <enter>
CX 0000
:115 <enter>
-n <enter>
-w <enter>
Writing 00115 bytes
-q <enter>
C:\WINDOWS\>it <enter>

 and if we dont know what happens here we should probaly be readin' the text file 
"Howto finger your asshole, for idiots" And if i get one single e-mail from someone telling me 
"that is such a lame text" or something of that sort (it will probly be in illegiable leet
speek anyway, ie: BARMAN1) I will personaly nominate you for the "look at me i'm the defender 
of the obvious fucking kike asshole that didn't bother to read the last of the text award)


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