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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: lastmtl.txt

The end of the Metal AE - and an era!

View: ae.welcome

The Metal AE will be going down permanantly on wendsday.

After approximatly 9 years of serving the modem community, I am moving out of
this house to my own place.  For various reasons I am not bringing the metal
AE with me.  Its been fun, Ive talked to alot of people, but shit ends.
If anyone wants to get in touch with me after the AE goes down, leave mail
to The Blade on Deamon Roach (806 794 4362)  Dark Side (408 245 7726)
Phoenix Project (512 441 0229).

Goodbye all.

Lustfer Death.   Sysop of the Metal AE.

The Last Neon Knight System in the world.  Maybe forever.


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