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Hacking in Progress FAQ

Newsgroups: xs4all.general,hacktic.hack,hacktic.general,alt.2600,,,
Subject: [HIP] Hacking In Progress FAQ 11 July
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 19:15:33 GMT

Hacking In Progress Frequently Asked Questions

Posting-Frequency: Random
Last Modified:     11 July 1997
Maintained by:     [general] Maurice Wessling

Buy your HIP ticket now !!

1.0    General Information

1.1    What is Hacking In Progress?
1.2    Who is organizing it?
1.3    Open-air?
1.4    What will be the issues at HIP?
1.5    How can I help?
1.6    Is it worth coming to HIP when I don't know
       anything about computers?
1.7    Beyond HOPE
1.8    Press
1.9    Language Issues

2.0    Practical info

2.1    How do I get to the campsite?
2.2    Are there any hotels or restaurants nearby?
2.3    What if it rains?

3.0    Buying a ticket for HIP

3.1.0  Warning!
3.1.1  Entrance fee for HIP
3.1.2  Summarizing
3.1.3  Determining if you are a volunteer or
       business visitor
3.1.4  What if I come very early to help building
       the infrastructure?
3.1.5  Food, drinks and other costs
3.2.0  How can I buy a ticket in advance?
3.2.1  step 1: Registering with a username and
3.2.2  step 2: Choosing a type of ticket
3.2.3  step 3: Choosing a method of payment
3.2.4  step 4: Pay
3.2.5  step 5: Entering HIP
3.2.6  Currency Issues
3.3    Benefits of buying a ticket in advance

4.0.0  HipNet

4.0.1  General Info
4.1.0  How do I connect to the HIP network ?
4.1.1  Ethernet and ?
4.1.2  Coax or RJ45 ?
4.1.3  Samba/AppleTalk or TCP/IP
4.1.4  What kind of Operating systems can/may we
       use ?
4.1.5  I haven't got an ethernet card, should I
       get one ?
4.1.6  Can you guys lend me an ethernet card ?
4.1.7  What will be my IP number and the DNS
       server for HipNet ?
4.2.0  What if I want something other than
       ethernet ?
4.3.0  Can i bring my networking hardware ?
4.3.1  Extra network cards
4.3.2  Extra network components (hubs/ switches/ 
       routers/ terminal servers)
4.3.3  Setting up 'pockets' of weird networks or
       local networks

5.0    Miscellaneous

5.1    What about some music and bands?
5.2    Will there be Jolt?
5.3    Dogs

6.0    Stay informed

6.1    How can I get the latest news on HIP?
6.2    What is about?
6.3    IRC #hip97 question hour
6.4    How can I contact the people behind HIP?

1.0 General Information

1.1 What is Hacking In Progress?

Hacking In Progress is an open-air hacker
convention on a campsite near Almere in the
Netherlands on the 8th, 9th and 10th of August
1997. Visitors will bring their own computer
equipment and tents to build the largest
non-military open-air ethernet ever. People from
all over the Netherlands and other countries will
come together to learn and discuss the benefits
and the risks of new technologies. They'll listen
to lectures, participate in workshops, enjoy
special presentations and - last but not least -
party. All of this in the friendly open-air
environment of a much wired campsite far away from
the civilized world.

HIP will be a place for hackers, artists,
activists and many, many others to network
themselves, both in the social and electronic
sense of the word. HIP will deal with the social
and political aspects of information technology,
security, Internet, access to technology,
cryptography, and concerns about spamming and
other 'hacker-related' topics.

1.2 Who is organizing HIP?

Once there was a little magazine in The
Netherlands called `Hack-Tic', and it published
wild ways to play tricks on the information
infrastructure of the world. The magazine doesn't
exist anymore, but most of the people that wrote
articles for the magazine or helped organize
Hacking at the End of the Universe (1993) and even
some of the people that helped put up the Galactic
Hacker Party (1989) are still in touch with each
other. The every-four-year-itch has gotten to us

1.3 Open-air?

There'll be no hotel rooms or anything like that
so you'll want to bring at least a tent and a
sleeping bag to HIP, even if this means you can't
bring the paper-tape unit that came with your VAX
11/780. We'll supply a campground, toilets,
showers, good food and electrical power (as close
to 220V/50Hz as possible) and we'll do our best to
supply everyone who wants it with an Ethernet
connection. You will probably be able to trade
wiring, extra outlets, Ethernet cards, and the use
of modular crimping tools for almost anything.

1.4 What will be the issues at HIP?

A lot can and will happen in the coming months,
and we'll keep adding new topics even during the
event itself. But we're definitely going to
discuss the legal situation regarding encryption,
as well as the latest technical developments in
this field. The current decay of the Usenet,
copyright issues, censorship as well as many other
legislative, social political and technical issues
surrounding Internet will be discussed. Computer
security or the lack thereof will also be a hot
topic. We'll have research workshops (i.e. GSM and
chipcard security) and you can also join many
`how-to' workshops and lectures where you can pick
up on Linux (Unix you can run at home, not built
by Microsoft), perl (a very powerful computer
language) and many, many other topics.

At this moment we are working on discussions and
workshops about smartcard security, Tempest
attacks, the SPAM threat, virtual communities,
cryptography and the law (Trusted Third Parties
and Key Recovery), a tele-presence experiment,
activism on the Net, and much more.

If you want to see the latest information
regarding the program take a look at the website.

1.5 How can I help?

We need lots of people that have ideas for
organizing their own small part of HIP and the
organizational talent to do this without too much
help from us.

One of the proven recipes for fun:

* GET a group of friends together in an early
  stage; arrange how you're going to get there if
  you're far away.

* THINK: Is there something you and your friends
  would like to show others, discuss or do there?

* If so: TELL us about it, so we can coordinate,
  help or announce things.

* BRING many computers and other electronics,
  maybe your own army surplus tent.

* HOOK it all up once you get there.

* Check out what others have been doing and MEET
  nice people, hang out, have fun!

HIPcamp will open on August 5th, three days before
HIP starts. If you decide to join in that early
expect pretty primitive circumstances. If you
don't care about that, or think that's the best
part, you can help build HIPnet and all other

1.6 Is it worth coming to HIP when I don't know
anything about computers ?

HIP will be about information technology and the
Internet, both in technical as in social and
political sense.

HIP is not the event to buy a computer or get
advice on buying one, and there're not going to be
any beginner courses on using the Internet. If
you're not into networking of some sort, you'll
think it's boring.

But if you're very technically inclined, part of
some remote community on the edge of the net, or
if the politics surrounding information technology
are just your thing, HIP is definitely made for
you (and by you, we hope).

1.7 Beyond HOPE

HIP will happen on the same days as Beyond HOPE, a
hacker convention in New York, organized by the
people of 2600 Magazine. There will be audio and
video links between both events, and we're working
on cool gadgets to further enhance your sense of
`grassroots telepresence'. This will be a
twin-event in the true sense of the word.

More info on Beyond Hope can be found at:

1.8 Press

All press is welcome to visit HIP, but there will
be a few rules. 1. All members of the press will
pay the entrance fee, no discussion about this. 2.
There will be a part of the campsite, where people
actually put up their own tent and sleep, that is
off-limits to all press. No filming, photographing
or recording is to take place there. Some people
like to have a press-free moment, some have
employment-related reasons for shunning media

Press will pay for the volunteer ticket.

1.9 Language Issues

HIP will be a very international event. Beside
many people from the Netherlands we expect
visitors from Germany, England, Belgium, Sweden,
Switzerland, Hungary, in fact all European
countries. But also people from Brazil, the USA,
Lebanon and Singapore told us they will attend.
Because of this diversity we decided that HIP will
be a English only event. All workshops and plenary
events will take place in English. Don't expect
any Dutch at all. If you don't speak a word
English you'll have some difficulties.

2.0 Practical information

2.1 How do I get to the campsite?

If you come to HIP from abroad, whether it is by
plane, train or car, you'll start off in
Amsterdam. Campsite Kotterbos near Almere is about
a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam. We'll put a
detailed description of the route on the website

2.2 Are there any hotels or restaurants nearby?

Bring your own tent to HIP, that is the whole
point of this festival. We will provide snacks,
meals and drinks at a reasonable price. There is
nothing besides trees and empty fields around HIP.
The city of Almere is about five kilometers away,
but it has few facilities, it is a boring commuter
town. If you really want to sleep in a hotel (and
have only half the fun) you'll be better off in
Amsterdam. But you'll have quite some trouble
getting from Amsterdam to HIP every day if you
have no car. We'll provide a small bus to ride
between HIP and Almere train station (more details
as the festival draws closer) but there will not
be a continuous service.

2.3 What if it rains?

The weather in the Netherlands is not very good
but August is the hottest month of the year. And
your hardware will not be standing outside. There
will be a few very big tents, with wooden floors,
tables and chairs where you can set up your
computer. You won't be sitting in the grass all
the time (unless you want to).

3.0 Buying a ticket for HIP

3.1.0 Warning!

We expect about 2500 people coming to HIP. We plan
our facilities (power, sanitation and physical
space) based upon this figure. If many more people
decide to come to HIP, we could be forced to close
the gate. There will be a maximum number of people
allowed in.

What does this have to do with buying tickets?
Very simple: if you come to HIP without buying a
ticket in advance you could be faced with the
possibility that HIP is full.

This is our advice: buy your ticket in advance!
Coming without paying in advance is at your own

We have made it very easy for you to buy the
ticket in advance. You can transfer the money to
our bank in the Netherlands or Germany, or you can
buy one using your credit card through our
website. Please read further for more details.

Buying in advance is not cheaper, it's just safer.

3.1.1 Entrance fee for HIP

We have different tickets for different purposes.
First of all it depends if you come for one day or
if you are planning to stay longer. You'll have to
choose between:

1. an one-day ticket
2. a multipass

One-day tickets can only be bought at the entrance
gate at HIP and are only valid for the same day.
The multipass is for ALL days and can be bought
both in advance or at the gate.

We distinguish two types of visitors at HIP,
volunteers and business:

1. volunteers

Hackers, pheakers, activists, you and me. You come
to HIP to have a good time, meet interesting
people and don't mind to help with building the
infrastructure, cabling or doing whatever is
necessary to make HIP a success. You're a
volunteer and participant.

You'll pay 150 Dutch guilders (NLG) for a
multipass and 75 for a one-day ticket.

2. business and government

If some big corporation or government agency is
paying for your trip to HIP, it's bookkeeping
department might not think it was very serious if
it only cost 150 guilders for three days (what did
the last computer security convention you visited
cost?). To solve this problem, we've introduced a
special business rate ticket selling for 1500
Dutch guilders for the multipass and 750 for the
one-day pass. This rate might also help you create
a certain ideological distance in your own mind.

If you need a bill for your ticket send us all 
necessary information that should be included on 
the bill including a fax number. We'll only fax 

3.1.2 Summarizing

Buy a multipass in advance so you are sure to get
in. Or buy any ticket at the entrance gate on your
own risk.

            |     one-day      multipass
volunteer   |    75,-  NLG     150,-  NLG
business    |    750,- NLG     1500,- NLG

3.1.3 Determining if you are a volunteer or
business visitor

We don't do that, you do! But remember: if you're
a corporate or government official and you buy the
volunteer ticket then you will be treated as a
volunteer. We will put you behind the information
desk to answer questions or help behind the bar.
In the end you will be a true participant and even
your best friends won't recognize you. Your boss,
the head of your agency or your controller might
not like that.

3.1.4 What if I come very early to help building
the infrastructure?

The multipass is for the total HIP period (8, 9
and 10 August). If you want to come earlier to
help us with building (starting 5 August) then you
will use the same multipass, no extra costs.

3.1.5 Food, drinks and other costs

The food at HIP will be very good. A catering
company will provide breakfast with bread, cheese,
ham, salami, jams, fruit, coffee, tea and milk.
The breakfast is a continuos buffet from 9.00
until 13.00 hours every day.
In the evening there will be warm meals, every day
inspired on a different country. On Friday
Indonesian, on Saturday Mexican and on Sunday
Italian. All meals will be served with meat but if
you want vegetarian there will be a good
For the people that will help us build and cleanup
HIP: there will be food at all days. Breakfast
will be about 5 guilders, warm meals about 15
guilders. There will also be snacks around the
clock, possibly fresh baked pizza.

There will also be a bar, open 24 hours a day, 
with soft drinks, coffee, beer and Jolt.

3.2.0 How can I buy a ticket in advance?

Use the HIP website at for
on-line registration and ticket payments. Buying a
ticket in advance is a five-step process.

Step 1: Registering with a username and password
Step 2: Choosing a type of ticket
Step 3: Choosing a method of payment
Step 4: Pay
Step 5: Entering HIP

3.2.1 Step 1: Registering with a username and

You must choose a username and password to be able
to pay in advance. You will pay on behalf of this
username. Therefor it is VERY IMPORTANT that you
remember your username and password. You will need
it to enter HIP. If you have paid us and forget
your username and password then you are in serious
trouble. We won't send you any proof of your
payment. Your username and password are the proof
for us.

We will also ask you for a full name. Fill in
whatever you want us and others to call you, we're
not at all interested in your real name.

You can fill in an email address so we can contact
you if anything goes wrong with your payment. You
don't have to fill this in, but we think it is a
good idea if you do.

Important: Registering will not get you a reserved
ticket. Registering will only allow you to pay. If
you want to be sure you can get entrance to HIP
you'll have to actually pay a ticket in advance.
Registering give you no rights at all.

3.2.2 Step 2: Choosing a type of ticket

You can only buy a multipass in advance. But you
can choose between a volunteer and business fee.
The one-day ticket can only be bought at the
entrance gate.

3.2.3 Step 3: Choosing a method of payment

There are four ways to pay for your ticket:

1. Credit Card using a secure server (SSL
2. Credit card using a separate telephone call and
   Touch Tones to send your card number
3. Transfer the money to our bank (only if you
   live in the Netherlands or Germany)
4. Pay at the entrance gate

You can only buy four tickets per credit card 
number per day.

<1> Credit Card using a secure server (SSL

You will be connected to the secure server of an
Amsterdam company (Siteways) using your browsers
SSL. Your credit card number will be send
encrypted over the Internet to the secure server
of Siteways.
We, the people of HIP, will never see your credit
card number. Siteways will receive the money from
your credit card company and your credit card
statement will say so. HIP will not appear on your
credit card statement.

The on-line transaction will not take more than 2
or 3 minutes.

You can use the US-only version of Netscape to
take advantage of 128 bits encryption.  in

Lynx can do SSL


<2> Credit card using a separate telephone call
and touch-tone to send your card number

Choose this method if you don't have a browser 
with encryption.

Siteways will give you a five number code and some
telephone numbers around the world. Choose a
telephone number near you and dial it. After
entering the code you will be asked for your
credit card number. With this method you will
avoid the risks associated with using the
We, the people of HIP, will never see your credit
card number. Siteways will receive the money from
your credit card company and your credit card
statement will say so. HIP will not appear on your
credit card statement.


<3> Transfer the money to our bank, either in the
Netherlands or Germany

International money transfers by banks suck. But
sometimes it is the only possibility. If you
decide to send the money by bank obey these rules:

* Only transfer money to our bank account. Don't
  mail us a check. We will not accept it.
* Send only Dutch guilders (NLG) to our account in
  the Netherlands or German Marks (DEM) to our
  account in Germany. No other currencies!
* Be very sure that you pay for all transfer
  costs. Otherwise we will not receive the correct
  entrance fee. If this happens we won't accept 
  your payment.
* Mention the username you are paying for. The
  username you have used to register is the only
  information we will use to determine for whom 
  you are paying a ticket. Don't pay us without
* Bring a bank statement or any other proof of
  your payment to HIP. It will help if something
  goes wrong.

You can send the money to our account in the

Bank account:
Owner:                stichting Hacking In
                      Progress 1997
                      Postbus 1035
Bank:                 ABN-AMRO
                      Keizersgracht 203
Routing information : none needed

Or in Germany:

For out German Bank account we have a slight
difference in entrance fees:

Volunteer Multipass:  140 DEM
Business Multipass:  1400 DEM

Bank account:         2 139 145
Owner:                stichting Hacking In
                      Progress 1997
                      Postbus 1035
Bank:        :        Sparkasse Bielefeld
                      Schweriner Strasse 5
Routing information : BLZ 480 501 61

3.2.4 Step 4: Pay

If you're paying on-line you can see the
processing of your transaction. If you have
transferred the money by bank you can check if
we've received it by going to the check payment

3.2.5 Step 5: Entering HIP

At the entrance gate at HIP you will be asked for
your username and password. We will then be able
to check if you have paid in advance. If you
didn't paid yet or if you didn't register at all
you can do so at the entrance gate.

Remember: if you have only registered but didn't
pay you will not have any special rights. HIP
could be full and you'll have no possibility to
get in.

3.2.6 Currency Issues

Two important things to remember:

1. Buying in advance

If you buy a ticket in advance with a credit card
you will pay us in Dutch guilders (NLG). Your bank
or credit card company will charge you in your
local currency whatever that may be.
To our bank account in the Netherlands you can
only transfer Dutch guilders, to our bank account
in Germany you can only transfer German marks

NEVER try to send us any other currency, we won't
accept it.

2. Buying a ticket at HIP

At HIP you can buy tickets with Dutch guilders
(NLG), German marks (DEM) or US dollars (USD). No
other currencies! One German mark will be counted
as one guilder at HIP.

NLG is the Dutch guilder. At this moment (6 June)
150 NLG is the equivalent of:

Germany: 133  DEM
France:  450  FRF
UK:      48   GBP
Belgium: 2750 BEF
Sweden:  600  SEK
USA:     80   USD

3.3 Benefits of buying a ticket in advance

If you buy a ticket in advance you will not only
be sure to get in but you'll also have access to
some HIP facilities. You'll get a mail alias on and you can have a homepage on
You can use this homepage to tell other
participants what equipment you're bringing to
HIP, what you'd like others to bring, what you're
interested in, and what projects you'd like to do.
It's a fixed format homepage, because we thought
this would be the simplest and easiest way for you
to communicate with each other, but you can
include a link to your 'real' homepage if you so
desire. It's fun, it's useful, go check it out.

4.0.0  HipNet

4.0.1 What is HipNet?

Like the last time, at Hacking at the End of the
Universe (HEU), the HIP will be wired to the rest
of the world using different kinds of networks.
Because of the nature of the event, this will not
be an easy task.

We are already planning and working with lots of
people to get the job done. But only with the help
of all participants coming to the HIP will it be
possible to build the largest outdoor network ever
created, once again, in the middle of nowhere.

This FAQ will give you answers on what to bring,
how the basic network will be, and how you can
help us (and be a builder in this network, not a
user!). Anyone coming to the HIP expecting a
perfect network layout where he or she can plug in
and complain to the HIP "organization" if it
doesn't work should stay at home. You will build
the HIP network!

Like a good picnic, we will provide the digital
grounds and tables, and make sure that the main
routes to the picnic fields are clean. But we do
expect you guys to bring the food ;-)

This does not mean that you will need to be a
networker by trade, but it does mean that we
expect participants to help out where they can. By
sharing hardware and software, but most
importantly, by helping each other. We hope that
at the end of HIP we will have made many
connections between people - in many ways.

4.1.0 How do I connect to the HIP network?

In principle anything can be connected but if
you've read the above, you'll understand that we
want to keep things as simple as possible. The
best chances of you to get connected easily, are
to follow the hints in this FAQ. If everything
goes well, you will be up and running in minutes.

4.1.1 Ethernet and ?

The main network will be an ethernet that will be
available on all parts of the camping grounds. For
the end users this will be 10 Mbit/Sec. If you
want to run a different kind of network, read
paragraph 4.2.0. If you want to connect at a
higher speed for valid reasons, contact us.

4.1.2 Coax or RJ45 ?

We would prefer you to bring something with an
ethernet connection of the UTP/RJ45 type. We
understand that this will not always be possible
on older computer systems, so we'll try to supply
a coax loop on most grounds; the big tent will
definitely have coax.

So: try to get an UTP/RJ45 ethernet card if
possible and you'll save yourself a lot of
trouble. If you have more cards than computers
please bring them with you.

4.1.3 Samba/AppleTalk or TCP/IP

TCP/IP will be the base protocol on the network.
We might allow other protocols but we reserve the
right block them, for performance or other
reasons. If you are in need of other protocols you
should set it up as a 'pocket' with a gate to our
TCP/IP network if needed.

4.1.4 What kind of operating systems can/may we
use ?

Anything goes, if you think for some reason you
can't talk the needed protocols, and don't see how
you can solve this using a pocket/gate, contact

4.1.5 I haven't got an ethernet card, should I get
one ?

Yes, get an ethernet card before the HIP. If you
don't have an ethernet card now you probably are
not a heavy ethernet user so get a simple network
card with a RJ45 _and_ a COAX if possible. These
cards can be found in good computer shops for
around 60 / 70 Guilders ($30/$40) for an NE2000
compatible card.

4.1.6 Can you guys lend me an ethernet card ?

No, we won't, but there *might* be people who have
some spares.
It's *not smart* to come to HIP unprepared.

4.1.7 What will be my IP number and the DNS server
for HipNet ?

Don't Panic! Most important numbers will probably
end with 1 or 42 but for now, that's all you need
to know. We promise we'll tell you before the HIP
or at the HIP. This is not a big deal, trust us.

4.2.0 If I want something other than ethernet ?

It's possible, you could think of packetradio for
example. We will provide more about this in the
FAQ in time.

4.3.0 Can I bring my networking hardware ?

In fact, we expect you to do this. We will *not*
give you the largest outdoor network ever built;
but we *will* give you room to build it. So, the
more you bring, the easier our task will be.

4.3.1 Extra network cards

If you have extra network cards, great! Bring 'em!
However, should you lend one to a fellow hipper,
it will be up to you to keep track of your cards.

Don't worry, last time there where *not* many
problems with people not returning things.

4.3.2 Extra network components

HIPnet will not be possible without your help and
your skills for borrowing, convincing and talking
people into bringing the parts we need to build
this thing (hubs/switches/routers
/terminal servers).

If you can, bring your own hubs and cables, then
drop us a line with what kind of hub (number of
ports) you will be bringing.

If you come in a group just mail us 'we will come
with 10 people, 15 computers and we only need one
connection' or 'I will have 10 ports left at my

4.3.3 Setting up 'pockets' of weird networks or
local networks

We will setup or expect you to setup gates to
these network pockets that as a pocket conform to
the needed systems we need. Contact us if you want
to setup such a gate to something.

5.0 Miscellaneous

5.1 What about some music and bands?

We'll throw a party on the last evening of HIP,
but HIP won't be a music festival or a rave.

5.2 Will there be Jolt?

Don't worry, we'll have it at HIP. There will be
enough for everyone.

5.3 Dogs

No dogs allowed at HIP, sorry.

6.0 Stay informed

6.1 How can I get the latest news on HIP?

Just visit our web site at
and use the form to subscribe to the announcement
mailing list. It's spam-free and will only carry
HIP announcements written by us. You can also
participate in the ongoing, yet slightly messy
debate in the newsgroup

If you don't have access to the web you can
subscribe to the announcement mailing list by
sending an email message to

with the line

    subscribe hip-announce

in the body of the message.

Announcements will also be posted in

6.2 What is about?

Everything on the crossroad of camping,
information technology, politics, hacking and
Dutch weather forecasting.

6.3 IRC #hip97 question hour

There is a IRC channel #hip97. Every Thursday 
someone from the HIP team will be answering 
questions about HIP. English only!

Thursdays, beginning 12th of June
From 19.00 till 20.00 GMT/UTC

This is 21.00 till 22.00 local (Amsterdam) time.

6.4 How can I contact the people behind HIP?

Check out our website at

Mail us at

Snailmail us at:

Postbus 1035
1000 BA  Amsterdam

Tel. +31 20 3987681
Fax. +31 20 3987682


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