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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: hidnmick.txt

The Hidden Mickey List (Mickey Mice hidden in Disney theme parks, movies, etc)

Date: 1 Sep 93 13:16:32 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Subject: Hidden Mickey list - part 1

The following is a list of the HIDDEN MICKEYS (HM) as of 08/26/93.

   When I receive an update or addition to this list, I append the text to 
the end of this file. At least once a month I update the file by placing the 
additions in the proper catagory and I *try* to post it on the net. If I 
receive a request for this file, I'll E-mail the unedited file.

   I try to leave the updates/additions in the original form, but once in a
while I must change it to fit the format of this file. My apologies if any
contributors are offended by this.

   Basic rules for contributions to the list;
   - When I receive a report of a new Hidden Mickey, I add it to the list with
     the name of the person who reported it and the date I received the file. 
   - When (and if) I receive a report of a confirmed Hidden Mickey, I add the 
     name of that person with the date.
   - Any additional comments will be added to the list.
   - If after a while, let's say a year, there is no confirmation of a 
     reported Hidden Mickey it will be deleted from the list.

   While I read r.a.d often, I cannot always check out the HM postings there.
PLEASE Email any requests or contributions directly to me. This way I'll be 
sure to get them. My INTERNET address is "".

   Thanks to all for their efforts, and now ... the Hidden Mickey List.
-> As you enter the scene with the two dueling pirate ships, the ship to 
   the left has a hidden Mickey. As the captain of the ship turns and waves 
   his sword, the silhouette of his head and hat on the sails makes a hidden 
   REPORTED: (Denise "ABU" Lockner)
   We saw this one when we went to Disneyland on the 5th of Aug (93). My 
   daughter spotted it first..
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19
   CONFIRMED: (Shawn Connelly) 30AUG93
-> In one of the little "town" scenes (I forget which one), on the right 
   side in a window high up just as you exit under a bridge (or something), 
   there is a duel taking place (in shadow form).  During one point of the 
   duel, one shadow has a very Mickey-esque appearance. The "dueling" shadow
   on the other hand it very out of the way from where your attention is 
   supposed to be at the time (it may be the section where they are 
   auctioning off women, I don't remember.)
   REPORTED: "" (Tim Householder) 05May1993

-> At the ice cream parlor (run by either Borden or Carnation, I never 
   remember which - the one that makes evaporated milk), there are three 
   pictures on the wall near the cash register.  They are in oval shaped 
   frames, in the following arrangement:
                           -        -
                         (   )    (   )
                           -   -    -
                            (     )
                            (     )
                               -              (Curvature not to scale!)
   CONFIRMED: (jillm) 06AUG93

-> In the exit lobby of 'Mr. Lincoln Speaks', on the mural to the left of 
   the reservation center, there is a picture of Walt. Just to the right 
   of Walt is a global with mouse ears.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> As you exit the raft go up the steps to the right towards what looks like 
   a house (actual fantasmic stage) and on the side is horseshoes arranged 
   in the shape of mickey.... 
   REPORTED: (jillm) 06AUG93

-> After you have entered and crossed the wooden structure on the left the 
   rock wall...there is a side view of mickey complete with one rock painted 
   black (nose).....
   REPORTED: (jillm) 06AUG93

-> The 'driveway' of Mickey's house (next to his car) has places where the 
   pavement shows the 'cobblestones' underneath.  Just to the left of the 
   rear tire of his car (as you face the garage) is one of these spots. There 
   are three of these stones arranged in a familiar pattern.  Anyone else 
   think this looks like a Mickey?  It'd be nice to have some corroboration 
   on this...
   REPORTED: Donald Laird ( fico! /
   CONFIRMED: (Shawn Connelly) 30AUG93

-> On the wall that runs from the public telephones (No Kidding!) to a gate, 
   if you look about a quarter of the way down this wall there are some 
   stones exposed that make up a Hidden Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> On the manhole covers in Toontown. We did not see any on any other 
   manhole covers throughout the park.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> On Mickey's post office box in the Toontown Post Office.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> On the Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt stand, when it's closed, there's an HM 
   on the door.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: (W Michael Jacobson) 27AUG93

-> In the town square, as you look at the Toontown City Hall straight on, 
   the lamps that are above the door form the traditional three circles.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> In Mickey's house, the welcome mat is in the form of a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Mickey's house, the window in the front door forms a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Mickey's house, in the living room on the bookshelf, the publishers 
   mark on the bindery of the book titled 'My Fair Mouse' is a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Mickey's house, the 'holes' on the program paper for the player piano 
   are Mickey's. There's something extra here. One of the holes is a 'Hidden 
   Donald', and another is a 'Hidden Goofy'.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Mickey's house, on top of the player piano, the weight for the 
   metronome is a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Mickey's house, in the family room part of the pattern on the easy 
   chair and automan are Mickey's.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> The ornamentation on the hub caps on Mickey's car are Mickey's.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93

-> In Minnie's house, in the living room on the third book from the left 
   then publisher mark is a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Minnie's house, in the bedroom on the bookshelf on the right of the 
   vanity, the first book on the right has a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Minnie's house, in the kitchen inside the refrigerator, on the door 
   there is a bottle of 'cheese relish'. The brand mark on the relish is a 
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In Minnie's house, in the kitchen on the table in the middle of the room, 
   the plate of cookies and two teacups are layed out in the form of a Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 10AUG93
   CONFIRMED: Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 27AUG19

-> In the gardens (Fantasia Gardens) at the entrance to the park there is a 
   Hidden Mickey created by the circular ponds. You'll probably need a 
   helicopter, a detailed map, or a good imagination to see it. It's 
   definitely there though. 
   REPORTED: (Tom Drynda) 03AUG93

-> In an interior wall there is a trefoil shape cut out. It is quite 
   obviously a Hidden Mickey.  
   REPORTED: (Tom Drynda) 03AUG93

-> Some of the tiles in the roof are in a different colour and in a typical 
   Mickey shape.
   REPORTED: (Tom Drynda) 03AUG93

                            WDW MAGIC KINGDOM

-> You can spot Mickey's shadow in the patterns made by the sun shining 
   through the railings along the walkway Mickey should be visible in 
   mid-morning and again in mid-afternoon. (unconfirmed)

-> With dinner at King Stefan's, small plate with a 3 inch tall margarine 
   sculpture of mickey was served. 
   CONFIRMED: (Raymond L Juers) Annapolis, MD

STAR TRADER SHOP (Tomorrowland) 
-> Mickey as Steamboat Willie appears in the mural. (unconfirmed)

-> Some say there are 3 large glass spheres as you exit Ryca 1 that 
   make a Mickey, but it is pretty weak. (unconfirmed)

   It is quite weak.  There are, however, several rock formations that look 
   stronger, in the same location.
   REPORTED: (Shawn M. Witzki) 27Jun1993
   CONFIRMED: (Shawn Connelly) 03AUG93

-> I don't know if anyone noticed this or not, but if you stare at the funky 
   shapes and colors on the viewscreen on Space Mountain, you will see a 
   Hidden Mickey.  I don't know if this is a REAL Hidden Mickey or just the 
   way the lines form, but one does appear (albeit a little pixelated) for 
   about 1 second in the lower middle of the screen in green. Can anyone 
   corroborate this?
   REPORTED: (Jeff Gray)

-> We didn't see three glass spheres looking like Mickey but we did find 
   Mickey at the end of both Rika 1 and 2.  (We rode space mountain twice.)
   Near the beginning of the moving-walkway the walls are lumpy rock. There 
   are three round lumps of rock down low with green light raking across 
   to highlight the Mickey impression.
   REPORTED: Daniel (and Mrs.) R Cormier <>
   CONFIRMED: (Shawn Connelly) 03AUG93

SPLASH MOUNTAIN - Imagineers say that there are 3 hidden Mickeys. 
-> In the middle of the ride, if you look at all the clouds, one of 
   them has a peculiar resemblance to the Mouse enough to stand out 
   from all the other clouds. I was told that this is behind the 
   boarded up house that the rabbit left. The HM is about the size of 
   a quarter. (unconfirmed)

-> At the end, in the riverboat scene, the pink clouds in the background 
   look suspiciously like Mickey Mouse lying down for a nap. The feet and 
   belly are in focus, but his head is rather stretched. 
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> In the projected scene (on your right) where B'rer Fox and Bear chase 
   B'rer Rabbit over the hill, at the very end of the projection, B'rer 
   Bear appears to be a Mickey.  I saw this just as the boat was rounding 
   the corner, and when the projection repeated, I found it was difficult 
   (but not impossible) to see closer up.
   CONFIRMED: IEBF94S@TJUVM.TJU.EDU (Craig Doerrmann) 15MAY1993

-> Just before the big drop is a HM. It isn't the "traditional" hidden 
   mickey (Face on) but a side view - as reported. 
   CONFIRMED: "pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete LaMaster

-> A shadow appears at a certain time of the day that is a HM. You 
   have to be standing at a certain spot to see it. (unconfirmed)

-> On the ride during the last lift (where the rocks 'fall') there 
   is a lamp overhead that is supposed to have a HM projected on it

-> Look for the three cactus (cactii?) just outside the exit in the 
   shape of a HM.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> There are three wooden barrels (one big and two small) placed to 
   look like another HM.
   REPORTED: (Stan Sroka)
   CONFIRMED: (Shawn Connelly) 03AUG93

SKYWAY (from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland)
-> At the Skyway entrance gate (when heading to Tomorrowland) there are pink 
   Hidden Mickeys among the flowery decorations overhead.

-> You can see that some of the shrubbery (near the Skyway exit and Carousel
   of Progress) in Tomorrowland is in the shape of a HM.
   REPORTED: (Shawn M. Witzki) 27Jun1993
   REPORTED: Daniel (and Mrs.) R Cormier <>
   CONFIRMED: (John McGinn) 27AUG93
   CONFIRMED: (Holger Kruse) 28AUG93

-> As a lark, I and my friend decided to go to the "Journey to Mars" ride, 
   arguably the cheeziest attraction there. If you look down at the "rear 
   view" screen when the ship takes off and lands, a large fuel tank (?) 
   and two smaller ones are arranged in Mickey formation.
   REPORTED: (Robert J Atendido) 07May93

-> The bottom part of the handle on Daisy's front door looks suspiciously 
   like a hidden Mickey.
   REPORTED: (Loren & Brenda Knutson) 01Jun93

-> On top of all the street signs are the fimilar traditional circle with 
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 29Jun93

-> In Mickey's house, the decorations at the top of the log stands in the 
   fireplace are the traditional HM's.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 29Jun93

-> As you leave Mickey's house, in the back yard, right outside the garden 
   gates, the first stepping stones form traditional HM's.
   REPORTED: (Shawn Connelly) 29Jun93
   CONFIRMED: (Rich Friedman) 16JUL93

-> In Mickey's office, there is a picture on the wall next to his desk which 
   has a mouse-eared frame! A picture of Walt, no less....  I snapped a photo 
   of the desk setup--made sure to catch the "MM" engraved in the front of 
   the desk. The globe on Mickey's desk appears to be a globe-version of WDW, 
   but I was having a hard time telling. 
   REPORTED: or (Eric)

-> The window on the door to Mickey's house in in the shape of a big circle 
   with two smaller circle ears.

-> The bridle gear on one of the horses that pulls the trolly car has a 
   couple of hidden Mickeys on it.
   REPORTED: (Loren & Brenda Knutson) 01Jun93
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> Don't know if it is still there but there was a Mickey and Minnie bush in 
   the garden circle right in front of the castle that waved to the people 
   as they approached the castle.
   REPORTED: Loren & Brenda Knutson 07JUL93

-> The sign hanging over the entrance has barnacles at the bottom.  Under the 
   letter "C" in the word "EXOTIC" the mouse appears from the formation of 3 
   of the barnacles. The cluster is separate from all others.

-> On the right side of the float that has the mirrorballs on the front (the 
   balls can move up and down). Next to the mirrorballs there is a mirror.  
   Now there is a small and a larger mirrorball.  The two, with the mirror 
   form mickey at certain times as they go up and down.

-> Above the Frontier Trading Post (where they have the Stunt Show), there is 
   a building which has a running series of M's at the top of the building. (Rich Friedman) 16JUL93


Date: 1 Sep 93 13:18:03 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Subject: Hidden Mickey list - part 2

                     EPCOT Center Future World
-> The Get Set Jet Game at Backstage Magic is set on three circular 
   platforms in the shape of Mickey. (unconfirmed)

-> Mickey is painted clearly in the green broccoli like stuff in the 
   mural over the ride. He is as plain as day if you have patience 
   to find him.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

   My wife found the "Broccoli" Mickey in Body Wars.  It is in the middle 
   clump of broccoli (there are 3 clumps).  I thought that it was kind of 
   weak but my wife and family saw it.  The one we saw was at the bottom 
   right of the middle clump.
   Pete LaMaster - Melbourne, FL -

-> Just as the ride starts to go up, look overhead at the star 
   panels. In the second panel look to the left side of it and the HM 
   is in the shape of the stars.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> After the "Tomorrow's Child" section of the ride where the silhouettes of 
   children are projected onto mirrors you will start to descend again, but 
   this time inside a microchip.  On your right will be three monitors that 
   display scientific things like DNA etc.  Now on the CENTER monitor three 
   yellow electrons will come together to form mickey's head.  You might have 
   to go on the ride a few times before you see this.

-> In the scene about the used chariot lot, the middle chariot has a 
   Mickey headpiece.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> Later, as you approach the 1960's you will find everybody hitting 
   the open road. In one of the cars (a family going on vacation) is 
   a young boy wearing Mouse Ears.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> In the ride, there is a scene of Figment in a 'dressing room' with 
   costumes (he's playing with a Dreamfinder mask).  The hem of a dress at 
   the very beginning of the scene has a lace-like border with circular 
   cutouts; an extra length of the border material has been stapled on at 
   one point to create a Mickey.
   From: (Mike Yawn)

-> Also on the ride, look on a giant globe for an island in the shape of 
   Mickey East of Australia.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> I talked to a [Cast Member] named Brad. He has worked their for seven 
   years and he is considered the Hidden Mickey expert.  He said that there
   are approximately 20 or more hidden mickey's in the Land pavilion alone; 
   including over half a dozen in Symbiosis, and approximately 5 on the mural 
   behind the loading area for Listen to the Land.  He also said there are 
   subliminal audio messages in many of the attractions, including Horizons 
   and Journey into Imagination. I didn't hear anything. My entire family 
   keeping their eyes peeled for Hidden Mickey's we were bound to find some.
   Little did we know however that we would find some new ones!!

-> Those balloons hanging from the ceiling DO form a mickey head.  As you 
   enter the pavilion go to the left. Keep going until you are about 2/3 of 
   the way to the Land Grille.  Now the balloons are moving, but every time 
   the two outer ones pass the middle balloon, mickey's head is formed and is 
   clear as day. (Pavilion attendants know about this).

-> Enter and go straight to the railing and look down. The table 
   and stools are arranged to be a HM. During the day the stools are 
   move around a lot so it may not be that way for long.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> While standing at the railing, turn towards the entrance and look
   at the pattern on the floor from the overhead lights. They form a 
   large circle and two small circles on the carpet. It may be difficult 
   to see during the day.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka) & Damon Burke

-> In Listen to the Land, spot him in the beginning leaf and vine 
   painting as the ride begins. Later, look for the three horseshoes 
   above the barn in the farming scene. (unconfirmed)

   We missed both of these, and we were looking.
   REPORTED: (Shawn M. Witzki) 27Jun1993

-> In Kitchen Kabaret, the refrigerator handle is in the shape of 
   Mickey. (unconfirmed)

   We didn't find a single Mickey, but the refrigerator handle is definitely 
   NOT a Mickey.  Somehow I remember it being that way before, but not now.  
   I don't think that it happened in the "Nestle's switch" since all of the 
   "Kraft" condiments are still unchanged.
   Pete LaMaster - Melbourne, FL -

-> In Symbiosis Mickey is reported to be seen four times.
   - Small stones in front of the crouching Indian man.(unconfirmed)
   - baseball cap of the man driving a harvester. (unconfirmed)
   - when looking at the woman taking a water sample in a lake, the 
     reflection in her sunglasses shows the cameraman wearing a 
     Mickey Mouse T-shirt.
     CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)
   - The very end shows a farmer standing in a field. As the camera
     pulls back, the field is shown to be in the shape of Mickey.

-> A host said "there are 10 inside and 8 outside of kitchen kabaret."  
   I found one in a poster.  Some woman had an outfit that resembled one. 
   Couldn't miss it.  But i didn't see 18.  
   From: (Damon Burke)

-> The dunes on the land ride look like a mickey from the restaurant.  
   From: (Damon Burke)

HORIZONS - you can find Mickey twice, maybe 3 times. 
-> At the entrance, supposedly if you look down there is a pattern of 
   Mickey's head made from the 3 spot lights in the ceiling above. 

-> In one scene towards the end of the ride, the family is preparing 
   for a birthday party. One of the presents is wrapped in Mickey 
   paper. (unconfirmed)

   I can confirm the Mickey wrapping paper on the gift. It occurs twice:
   Once in the kitchen in the desert (it has been wrapped for delivery), and 
   during the "Happy Birthday" sequence. I won't claim credit here since I 
   believe that you previously credited "The Mayhew's" for both.
   Pete LaMaster - Melbourne, FL -

   In the scene where the family is getting ready for the birthday party, 
   and in the scene where the family is having the party, there are 
   packages wrapped in red Mickey paper.  The packages are clearly visible, 
   but the Mickeys are small.  You have to look close.
   CONFIRMED: Craig Doerrmann 15MAY1993
   Internet: IEBF94S@TJUVM.TJU.EDU   Bitnet: IEBF94S@TJUVM

-> Just as your vehicle enters the space colony, there is a view 
   through windows of the colony rotating beneath you (landscape moves 
   from top to bottom).  At one point, there were three dome-like 
   structures outlined with small lights that were definitely a Mickey.
   The loop of film displaying this scene runs longer than it takes to 
   move through the scene, so on another trip through we did not see the 
   same view.
   From: (Mike Yawn)

   I can confirm the Mickey in the rotating space colony.  I've been on  
   Horizons at least 10 times and never got the ride timing right before. My 
   daughter picked it out: the "Mickey in Lights" is toward the right-hand 
   side of the satellite (far side as you are travelling left-to-right). It 
   is quite obvious if your car happens to get you there at the right time.  
   Please credit Kelly LaMaster (my 9-yr-old) with confirmation.
   Pete LaMaster - Melbourne, FL -
                     EPCOT Center World Showcase
NORWAY (in the queue/loading area for the ride, look at the mural)
-> There is a Viking wearing Mickey Mouse ears on the ship.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> The huge mariner on the right side (operating a large wheel) is 
   wearing a Mickey Mouse watch (ghosted Mickey circles).
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> The REALLY tough one here is the stewardess with the clipboard.
   If you look at her chest, HER right, your left, you will see a 
   Mickey profile in the shadows of her white shirt. He is a little 
   distorted but definitely Mickey..too close to be a coincidence. 
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> In the initial queue area, in the fishing boat, there are 3 red floats 
   which make up a hidden Mick (Rich Friedman) 16JUL93
                         WDW DISNEY/MGM STUDIOS
-> There's a water tower with ears on the way to Disney World once you're on 
   the road leading to the parks.
   REPORTED: Daniel (and Mrs.) R Cormier <>
   CONFIRMED: (Holger Kruse) 28AUG93

BACKLOT (New York Street)
-> My seven year old sister found this one!  On the backlot street that has 
   the locksmith sign hanging from a building you will find this one.  Go 
   into the middle of the street so that the locksmith sign is on your right.
   Now walk backwards until the street ends.  Now on the curb, BEFORE the 
   locksmith sign, and BEFORE the first lamp post, you will see mickey's head 
   chipped into the curb.  It is quite large and you cant miss it.  (We took 
   a picture of it...)

-> It is built in the shape of Mickey's head, with Echo lake making one 
   ear and the planters forming his nose and mouth. Ask any cast member 
   or just turn your guide map upside down.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> A real tricky one, while sitting in the Hollywood and Vine restaurant, 
   near the mural, I looked at Mick and Bill's Dockside Diner.  The 2 black 
   disks on the "anchor" line look like a side view Mick. (Rich Friedman) 16JUL93
-> In the display window just to the right of the Hollywood Blvd entrance to  
   Keystone Clothiers at the Disney/MGM Studios is an old camera.  The main 
   lens and two smaller round lens-like things make a Mickey. (& Uliassi) 8JUL93

-> The grill on the front of the car (limousine) that brings in the Turtles 
   has a HM on it. Loren & Brenda Knutson 07JUL93

-> Look for Mickey in one of the baskets marked 'KMS 81850' circulating 
   through the maintenance area in the shape of 3 laser disks.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> Also reported is Mickey as a cookie cutter in the bin labeled 
   'PAD 61257' in front of one of the worker drones.
   REPORTED but unconfirmed (it is dark right there.)

   The other "PAD" basket should be easy to find: it is directly after 
   the "non-basket" - the only thing hanging and circulating which is NOT 
   a basket (it looks like a car's brake drum). I finally saw the old 
   "Journey into Inner Space" microscope in the loader bay.  Thanks for 
   pointing it out.
   From: "pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete LeMaster 10MAY1993

-> When exiting down the corridor, there are six posters featuring 
   M&M's (the sponsor of ST). There was reported a HM in each of the 
   posters. I found three of the six. A ride op didn't know where 
   they all were either.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka) 3 out of 6

-> I work there and there are couple of hidden Mickeys. There is some 
   trees painted in the back of the theater, and the leaves in one make 
   out the image of MM... And some of the constellations resemble MM as 
   well.  I also believe that the tag numbers on the cars are high up 
   executive's initials and birth dates. And at the back of the theatre 
   where the popcorn machine is, there is tile on the wall.. And there 
   is someone's initals in the tile. Probably the person who did the tile.
   Posted on Fidonet's Disney echo by William Newell (1:3633/2)

-> The wreath projections on the walls of the theatre are suspiciously 
   REPORTED: (Shawn M. Witzki) 27Jun1993

-> Just as you pass through the archway and are heading toward the tour cars 
   to the right you will see a bush that looks like Mickey as the sorcerer 
   from Fantasia.  To the left you will see a bush that looks like Mickey 
   holding one of those film marker boards (the ones that always show what 
   scene is being shot and what take it is, but I have no idea what they are 
   called). Loren & Brenda Knutson 07JUL93

GREAT MOVIE RIDE - Mickey is everywhere (an Imagineer's dream). 
-> While I worked there I was told there is a Mickey in the Hollywood 
   set on the load dock, but damn if I couldn't find it for 3 months. 
   (unconfirmed. I even asked but a ride op who worked there from day 
   one and he said that there isn't one.)

-> As the vehicles enter Gansterland, Mickey's feet can be seen peeking 
   out from under the 'Public Enemy' poster.
   The part of the poster where Mickey's feet show has been ripped a bit.  
   Mickey's feet are still there, but less obvious.
   CONFIRMED BY:"pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete LeMaster 10MAY1993

-> As you enter the Gangster scene, and approach the run down porch, 
   looking over your left shoulder towards the roof you will see 
   Mickey's silhouette in a warehouse window. (An interesting point 
   about this Mickey...It was not placed there by the Imagineers, but 
   rather by a guy named Carlos, who was a gangster at the Movie Ride 
   a few summers ago. The fake Warehouse windows are really next to 
   the actor's corridor, where the Mugsy's wait to take over 
   vehicles. There are chairs and a water cooler up's 
   rather cozy. (I was Mugsy in the summer '92) When the Imagineers 
   found out Carlos had cut out a Mickey and put him there, they 
   liked it so much they kept it!)
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

   The "Mickey in the Window" (during the gangster hijacking) *IS GONE*
   Yes, friends, we rode twice in a row to be sure.  I guess it got too 
   famous and someone official took it out.
   UPDATE: "pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete LeMaster 10MAY1993

   In the updated Hidden Mickey list it has a quote from a person who said 
   that the micky placed by a cast member in the window of the ganster scene 
   had been removed.  Everyone rest at ease though, I was just there in July 
   and mickey is still watching over the entire scene.

   Well, it had been taken out for a little bit because it was never 
   officially approved, but the new one is not only approved but was made by 
   the imagineers to be the exact proportions of the original Mickey drawings.
   Unfortunately though, the new Mickey looks like a piece of cardboard in a 
   window, while the old one really looked like Mickey was looking down from 
   the warehouse.  Oh well, yet another 'improvement' by WDI.  It even has a 
   little message on the back saying do not remove, WDI approved..  I think 
   it was put up on June 6, 1993, but I can double check.
   UPDATE: (Sean Alan Squier) 12AUG93

-> Further on in the Movie Ride you can find Mickey in the hieroglyphics 
   of the Raiders of the Lost Ark scene..(last block on the left) having 
   lunch with Donald Duck.. Interestingly, ALSO in the heiroglyphics, 
   directly across from Indiana Jones, you can find C-3PO and R2-D2 carved 
   in stone. There is also a very small hieroglyphic painted with Mickey 
   Mouse ears, but it is not visible from the ride.

   Kelly showed me the Mickey (and Donald) in the hieroglyphics, but I'd 
   recommend taking a flashlight with you.  It's really dark in that corner 
   and you must depend on the lightning flashing at just the right time.
   Of course, you might get thrown out for using the flashlight, but...
   CONFIRMED: "pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete and daughter Kelly LeMaster 
   "wallace@titan.trl.OZ.AU" (Glenn Wallace) states that these were 
   present on the original movie set.

-> In Tarzan, if you look up into the trees on the right side to 
   Tarzan's tree house, you will see three grapes in a basket with a 
   spotlight on them. Yet another hidden Mickey.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka)

-> I found what MAY be a Mickey on the loading dock.  His face is in profile 
   (side view) in the SHADOWS on the mural of "HOLLYWOODLAND".  It is all 
   the way over at the left side (when facing the mural), at the edge where 
   the "mountain" sticks out from the wall. It is only visible when a 
   particular  set of lights is on: just before the actual ride starts and 
   just after it  ends.  It is NOT visible during loading since the lighting 
   changes then.  The Mickey is a real shadow - not a shadow which has been 
   painted on.  It was clear enough for my daughter to agree with - but I 
   wouldn't be really upset if someone else said it was too weak to count.
   REPORTED: "pvl@Cadence.COM" Pete Lemaster 10MAY1993
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka with the help of Pete)16MAY1993

Date: 1 Sep 93 13:19:19 GMT
Newsgroups: rec.arts.disney
Subject: Hidden Mickey list - part 3

		                WDW RESORTS
-> Some of the pickets on the railings of some of the porches have Mickey's 
   head cut out of them.  If you go into the registration area of the 
   Vacation Club these railings can also be found behind the check-in desk.  
   If you don't want to go into the Vacation Club area, go to the 
   intersection of Lake Buena Vista Drive and Bonnet Creek Parkway.  Here 
   there is a look out tower marking the Vacation Club and again the railings 
   used have Mickey's head cut out of them.
   CONFIRMED: (Stan Sroka) 21JUL93

-> The weathervanes on the roofs has a Mickey cut-out
   REPORTED: (Stan Sroka) 21JUL93

-> While watching my Day at the Magic Kingdom video again, I spotted another 
   Hidden Mickey at WDW.  There is a overhead shot of the Grand Floridian 
   pool area in the video, and as the camera approaches the pool you can see 
   that a Hidden Mickey is in the design of the grass and walkways below the 
   pool.  Mickey's ear on the left of the screen has a path crossing the 
   middle of it, though.
   REPORTED: (Rich Koster) 05AUG93

-> In the lobby, the ceiling fans have Mickeys in the brackets that hold
   the blades.
   REPORTED: (Stan Sroka) 21JUL93
                         WDW - OTHER ATTRACTIONS

-> The search lights used at night are in three clusters, and they are 
   arranged as a Hidden Mickey. To see this you must be flying towards 
   Orlando Int'l Airport from the southwest, and at night and it is clear 
   as day.
   REPORTED: (Todd D. McCartney) 09AUG93

-> I've been home all summer, after I went to WDW for a week with my 
   girlfriend, and I would like to mention one other hidden Mickey.  Anyone 
   noticed the one in Shark Reef?  It's on the wall below the exiting steps.
   REPORTED: (bill warden) 16AUG93

-> Survey markers.

-> Manhole covers.

-> Sand bunker on the sixth hole at the Magnolia Golf Course.

-> The putting green at the Eagle Pines & Osprey Ridge Golf Courses.

-> When entering the Contemporary Hotel via day guest monorail on the
   exterior beam, the lights used if the restaurant area are viewed 
   to be in the shape of Mickey.

-> I saw a Hidden Mickey while riding the monorial between MK and 
   EPCOT.  As you look out the right hand side of the monorail as 
   it passes over the road, you will see that the two lanes of 
   traffic are separated by a row of palm trees.  As you pass by, you 
   will see a group of three palm trees in the median strip of the 
   road. When viewed from the proper vantage point, they form, you 
   guessed it, a Hidden Mickey.
   Confirmed by Russell I. Dyreng (bd670@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)

-> Sticker - There's a Disneyworld sticker which I bought.  It has a picture 
   of Mickey standing to the right of Cinderella's castle.  There are 
   fireworks in the background.  The diecut of the sticker is a profile of 
   Mickey's head.  The curved cuts around the fireworks are his ears and the 
   extra little bump around the printed Mickey is his nose.  
   REPORTED: Daniel (and Mrs.) R Cormier <>

-> Some of the road signs on the WDW highways feature hidden Mickeys, or 
   least hidden, one-eared Mickeys. I don't think they're all like that. 
   However, the bus from Fort Wilderness to MGM Studios (and other buses 
   to MGM from the TTC area as well, I believe) pass at least one such sign 
   after leaving the TTC for the long back road that passes the Fort 
   Wilderness main entrance.
   REPORTED: (Greg Brail) 02AUG93

                             DISNEY MOVIES
-> umm.. if you check in the "gaston" scene at the tavern....
   right b4 he gets into the brawl....
   you can see on the wall in the backgrounds.....
   like 6 or 7 plaques.. with "tropies" on them....
   well.. of you check on that horizontal beam about 2/3rds of the way up....
   over on the left hand side....
   there is a *small* plaque.. without any antlers....
   if you look closely. it looks like mickeys head....
   is this the end of the hidden mickeys???

-> Belle opens her door, sending Gaston headlong into a mud pond. Does the 
   design on his protruding posterior (kind of scrawny for such a big guy) 
   remind you of anything?  I might be reaching, but it seemed pretty clear 
   while watching the tape.  He's got Mickey's pants on! :-) (Robert Cook) 08Nov92

-> In the movie Beauty and the Beast,  Gaston and "friends" are trying to 
   break down the door to the Beast's castle. If you look right above the 
   door there is a shield/crest that looks a lot like Mickey's head. Has 
   anyone else noticed this or am I imagining things ?
   REPORTED:Sutor@Fwva.Saic.Com 8JUL93

-> There's a scene where a whole load of birds come flying through Ursula's 
   dress. Just after that, Max is barking up a storm.  And JUST AFTER THAT is 
   a scene of some debutante-type person in the background.  And from behind, 
   I SWEAR she has mouse ears -- two big black lumps, one on either side of 
   her head...remind you of anything? (Michael Ho)
   CONFIRMED: (Tim Pickett) 29Jun1993
   Note from Tim "Quetzal" Pickett;
   In fact the two lumps on her head are not on either *side* of her head but 
   are buns on the front and back (you can see this clearly by pausing the 
   film).  Still, it does look fairly convincing and is probably intentional.

-> Mickey appears in the snout of what looks like a tiger on the Sultan's 
   throne.  When Sultan is playing with his toys,  his stacking animal 
   shaped figures. Beast is in the pile of figures. 
   REPORTED: Jason.
   On the throne...the lower and upper parts of the tiger's jaw form three 
   very definite circles in the right shape.
   REPORTED: (Stephanie M. Clarkson-Aines) 04AUG93

-> At the point when the line calling Jafar a "vile traitor" or somesuch is, 
   right after he has taken all of Jasmine's father's clothing (which fits 
   him remarkably well, I must add :)  Over her father's left shoulder are 
   three pebbles in the right layout and size.
   REPORTED: (Stephanie M. Clarkson-Aines) 04AUG93

-> When Pinochio catches his finger on fire, Gepetio(sp?) is frantically 
   running around to try and find water to put it out, he runs by a table 
   with a mirror on it, the top of the mirror is in the shape of Mickey.  
   There are two small circles protruding out of the sides with the base 
   of the mirror being round, thus giving you a Mickey.  Just thought I 
   would pass it on.
   Daniel Hansberger (

-> I have a list of Hidden Mickeys in animated films that I will share. The 
   general trend seems to be that they usually show up in a background 
   displayed for a few seconds, rather than such things as dancing plates, 
   etc. where you usually have to pause the film to see it.
   From: Phil Stern

	101 Dalmatians: In the stain glass window in the chapel during the 
	wedding scene there is a pattern of Hidden Mickeys

	Beauty and the Beast: In the fight scene between Beast and Gaston they
	wind up outside one of the castle towers. The circular roof shingles 
	on the tower are arranged in a pattern of Mickey Ears (entire tower 

	Lady and the Tramp: Similar to Beauty and the Beast. The scene in 
	which Jock and Trustee find Lady depressed because Darling and Jim 
	Dear have changed recently. Lady is lying outside her home. When Jock 
	and Trustee turn the corner to find her, the background is a pattern 
	of circular shingles on the house arranged in a Mickey Ear pattern. 
	These are the shingles directly above the foundation of the home. (I 
	was surprised when I viewed Beauty and the Beast that the pattern was 
	repeated from Lady and the Tramp. The difference being one movie used 
	roof shingles, the other house shingles)

	Little Mermaid: When Ariel is sitting on a dock watching Eric's 
	wedding ship sail. The dock she is sitting on has a stone stair case 
	behind her. The hand rails of the stair case are supported by what 
	appear to be stone Mickey Ears. (Though they are displayed for more 
	than an instant, they are small so you may wish to freeze frame this 

	Sleeping Beauty: The scene in which the two kings discuss their 
	children's wedding. There is a balcony area in the castle. The 
	balcony wall has a pattern of right-side-up and upside-down Mickey 
	ears (alternating) carved out of the half-height wall.

-> The outline of Mickey's head (more of a shadow really) on the "floor" in 
   the computer world as they are flying over part of it.
   REPORTED: (Shawna M Benson) 23AUG93

				 TV shows

-> In the episode "GizmoDuck" (Part III of the 5-part pilot for the second 
   season) the Beagle Boys are being chased by GizmoDuck, when Ma Beagle 
   suddenly turns their getaway car into the Drive-Thru at a fast food 
   restaurant.  Burger Beagle decides, at that moment, that he is hungry, and 
   leaps out of the car to order a snack.  The ordering intercom box is a 
   statue of Mickey, in a chef's hat, with a burger in his hand.  The statue 
   is painted red.
   REPORTED: <RSL103@PSUVM.PSU.EDU> Rob Lindsay 28AUG93
               PROMOS (TV commericials) and other places
-> There is a new "Be Our Guest" commercial for WDW which premiered on the 
   Very Merry Christmas parade from WDW on Christmas [1992] morning (but it 
   has been running on network TV since then, too). In the scene where the 
   kid has his Mickey doll on the bed with him as he's about to drift off to 
   sleep, the camera pans over to the resort room window which has a view of 
   the castle. Look at the clouds to the left of the castle as the fireworks 
   are going off.  You'll see a Hidden Mickey cloud near the castle!
   From: (Rich Koster)

-> Hey!  I just found a hidden Mickey!!!  It's in's
>      ___________    ___________    ___________    ___     __
>     / _________//  /____  ____//  / _______  //  /  ||   / //
>    / //                / //      / //     / //  /   ||  / //    _         _
>   / //_______         / //      / //_____/ //  / /| || / //    (_) _____ (_)
>  /________  //       / //      / _______  //  / //| ||/ //        /O   O\
>          / //       / //      / //     / //  / // | |/ //        |   ^   |
> ________/ //       / //      / //     / //  / //  |   //         | \___/ |
>/_________//       /_//      /_//     /_//  /_//   |__/            \_____/ 
~From: (Geoff Allen)

-> There is a Hidden Mickey on the current promo on the Disney Channel which 
   tells about their 10th anniversary contest.  Look in the fireworks on the 
   left half of the screen and at one point you will see a Hidden Mickey 
   which the fireworks form (actually it looks like the production of the 
   promo created the 3-circle Mickey shape by cleverly mixing fireworks shots 
   From: (Rich Koster)
                            NEW ADDITIONS
		Any new additions will be held here until I
	       can place them in the proper catagories above

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