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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: hacktyps.txt

Hacker Types

  Hacker Types

  Most e-zine / sites have a list of the different types of hacker out there,
  so here is mine. This is not the definative list, or the be all and end all
  list. These are just my opinions / views, and they will all be read, and
  thought about differently by each person, since everyone has their own
  meaning for what a 'hacker' really is. Alot of them overlap.. and it just 
  makes for interesting reading... if anything? 

  Which one are u?

  Lamer: general colective term for the-i-saw-hacker-the-movie-and-wanna-be-
  one-too, the-script-kiddie, the-so-called-1337-hacker, and any others that

  The-i-saw-hackers-the-movie-and-wanna-be-one-too: 7h3y 741k l1k3 7h15 (they
  talk like this) .. or LiKe ThiZ.. since thats how they typed in the movie.
  All they do / wanna know is how to nuke their friends, flood channels, 
  email bomb, hack such and such's home page, and take over IRC chans.

  The-script-kiddie: they are above the so-called-1337-hacker, because they
  can actually root boxes, even though they have no idea what they are doing.
  They just run exploits against box after box, and are usually after warez,
  or credit cards. They have a large collection of exploits, and programs
  with BIG, BEAUTIFUL!! shiny Buttons!!!

  The-so-called-1337-hacker: these types go around bragging to every1 how
  'leet' they think they are, and think that they can root every box they
  come across. They bag other hackers non-stop due to their jealousy, since
  they know in actual fact that they couldnt hack a DOS box even if they had
  physical access it it! And when posed with a question, they bullshit around
  the answer, since they dont know it, but they want u to think that they do.

  Hacker-with-a-life-albeit-computer-orientated: these hackers are people
  that usually have girlfriends, and actually 'get out' into the real world
  once in awhile, be it for a new music cd, comic, some new clothes, or more
  than likely computer hard ware :)

  Hacker-with-no-life-whatsoever: they spend all night hacking away, sleep 
  during the day (if at all), and get right back to it at night. They are 
  normally in the top classes in school (chem, calc, etc), but due to their 
  hacking.. they dont do too well at school. They never go out, they have
  never met their friends, and only know them by pseudonyms, and have MAYBE
  had voice contact if they dabbled in phreaking...

  The-real-life-hacker: a hacker who hacks things in everyday life. They put 
  the hacker ethics and tactics into play in real/everyday life. For example,
  they complain how un-efficient the road / traffic light system is. These 
  types are more closely related to the 'old school hacker'. Since that is 
  basically what they are.

  The-REAL-ELITE-Hacker: they can code very efficiently in a language, they
  are the ones who come up with / find all these exploits, and they also
  actually do something for others. They teach. Unlike the so-called-1337
  -hacker when posed with a question, they will answer to the best of their
  ability, and if they cant answer it they will tell you straight out that
  they dont know the answer, and will point you in the right direction,
  instead of bullshitting it. Not many.. IF any of these are around.

  The-Ethical-Hacker: hackers in suits that get paid.

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