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A Hacker's Guide to Talking to the Media
Hacker Scene

                                 A Hacker's Guide To Talking To The Media
                                               By: Agent X
     I've heard way too many hackers gripe about how the media has screwed us over, which is in fact
    true, to a degree. But it's not all their fault. We as the subject matter have a duty to represent
     ourselves in a much better light. So if you don't want to make a fool of hacker community here's
                   some things to remember when chatting with the public and the media.
   When you talk to the media you not only speak for yourself but you also speak for every other member
   of the hacker community. If you say something that is, threatening, inflammatory or just plain dumb.
    You make the community look stupid as well. Don't make me look dumb I can do that myself thank you
                                                very much.
      Ask to see a copy of the article before it is distributed. This is not always possible for the
    reporter to do this but ask anyway. When and if the article is published and you do read it. Give
                                       the reporter some feedback.
    Set rules for what you are going to talk and not talk about. Understand what is on the record and
                            what isn't. Be perfectly clear about these rules.
   Treat the reporter with respect and kindness, no matter how naive, and or rude they are. Live by the
                                 golden rule when dealing with the media.
   Set up a time and place for your interview, that is comfortable for both you and the reporter. Your
                    favorite hangout may not be their favorite place. Show up on time.
            Don't threaten the reporter. It's childish activity that only makes you look lame.
      Remain cool. This does not mean be an ass or being elite, or using jargon. It means remaining
         leveled head and in control of yourself. Consider your words carefully, saying something
    inflammatory or threatening will make you look lame and make all other hackers look the same way.
   Take your time in answer the reporters' questions. The media has a nasty tendency of twisting words,
                                       don't let them twist yours.
    The media is built on a favor system, understand and use this. If the reporter is good to you, be
    good to the reporter. If the reporter is an ass, be a saint, but don't let them walk all over you.
    The media is not your enemy. The media is a tool and like any tool it can be used for positive or
                                            negative results.

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