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Becoming a truly bad person
Hacker Scene

=   F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.   =

                       How to be a Truly Bad Person

Choose your associates carefully

The greatest dangers to a person attempting to become a truly bad person
are not his enemies, but his friends.  We arm our friends with all of
the tools necessary to effect our destruction.  We let them know what is
important to us, we let them know details of our activities, we let them
know how we think and operate.  We would never think of giving any of
these advantages to our enemies, yet we forget how easily the friend of
today can become the enemy of tomorrow.  Remember: If you need a friend,
get a dog.

Choose your dwelling carefully
As bad people, we often do bad things.  Many of these bad things are
loud, odorous, or otherwise obvious to non-bad people.  The dwelling of
a truly bad person must support his lifestyle in every way possible, it
must be a base of operations for him to conduct his nefarious affairs
from with the maximal amounts of both convenience and safety.

The dwelling must be as far away from prying eyes as possible.  One
elderly neighbor sitting up at night staring out at the neighborhood can
be your undoing.  When you choose a domicile, check the access routes to
it and determine who can see you when you drive home at night.  Be
especially careful of neighbors who do not have regular work schedules.
Children and elderly people are your worst enemies.

Find a free standing dwelling with a garage.  You must have a free
standing dwelling because you cannot afford to have your neighbors
listening into your evil plans through thin apartment walls or heater
vents.  Suppose you have to kidnap, torture and kill someone.  How do
you do that in an apartment?  The garage is important because it allows
you to load and unload your vehicle in relative privacy.  In addition,
the garage will allow you to set up a workshop.  Many of to tools that
the truly bad person requires to do truly bad things are illegal and
very difficult to acquire.  Items that fall into this category include
silencers, auto-sears and explosive devices.

It is good to have both a front and rear entrance, in case you need to
leave unannounced.  In addition, it gives you two paths to use to avoid
nosy neighbors.

Choose your transportation carefully
Your transportation is important because it is your greatest tool in
making other peoples possessions your possessions.

Your transportation should be common.  A 911 Carerra looks very nice and
goes very fast, but is also very easy to spot.  Which is easier for a
witness to ID, a red 911 Carerra or a white van?

Whatever you choose should have a large capacity for storage space and
very little window glass.  Plan something that has room for everything
you will need.  Plan for both the tools of your trade and for cargo. One
bad person may need to plan for burglars tools and television sets,
while another may need to plan for several rifles and two bodies.  You
do not want to find yourself with more corpses than you can easily
dispose of.  Storage space that can be seen through glass windows does
not count as usable storage space.

Control your ego
Many bad people are tripped up because they begin to think of themselves
as invincible.  Burn down a few building, kill a few people, burglarize
a few companies, you will begin to feel invincible.  This is one of the
rewards of being a truly bad person, but it is also one of the risks.

No matter how good you are, there is always a risk factor.  No matter
how careful you are, there is always a risk factor.  Do not allow
yourself to become excited or emotionally involved with the task at
hand, once you do you lose control of your actions and their results.

And whatever you do, do not brag about your exploits.  Remember: Even
fish wouldn't get caught if they kept their mouths closed.

As a truly bad person you will be involved with many things that common
people do not become involved with.  Most people do not need to know how
to manufacture their own explosives or prepare their own poisons.  Being
a truly bad person is not for everyone.  Study basic chemistry and then
back it up be studying advance chemistry in your fields of interest.
Study martial arts and practice practice practice.  As a truly bad
person you are going to be doing a truly bad things to people.  Those
people tend to resist, occasionally violently.  Be prepared to both
defend yourself and push for your goals using any means necessary.  For
the same reasons, study firearms and practice their use.

Military manuals are a good source of information.  In addition, there
are publishers who specialize in printing information of interest to the
truly bad person.  When purchasing these materials, purchase locally and
pay cash when possible.  When that is not possible, use a mail drop and
a false identity.

Be a good person
The last technique to master to be a truly bad person is to become a
good person.

Join the local police protective association.  Join local social
organizations.  Do not give money to national charities or
organizations, focus on people who can be called upon to testify as to
your upstanding character.  In addition, these local social
organizations are excellent places to identify and research potential
victims.  If you know Bob is always at the Kiwanas on Tuesday night, you
know when Bob's home will be unprotected.

It is important to convince those around you that you are a good person,
but is it essential that you first convince yourself.  When you first
convince yourself, convincing anyone else is much easier.  Remember: "I
wasn't there, I have no idea what you are talking about, I am offended
that you would even suggest such a thing, and I want to speak to my

                                -- Anonymous

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