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The Hacker Job Hunt
Hacker Scene

=   F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.   =

                          The Hacker Job Hunt

A job is like a system.  It's out there.  You want it.  Someone else
controls it.  You must find a way in.

What tools are at your disposal?  Nothing but your own skills as a top
notch computer hacker.  Can these skills get you the job you desire?


Are you not an excellent social engineer?  Didn't you convince the
switch tech to turn off Gail Thackery's phone line?  And yet you worry
about convincing some overworked underpaid pencil pushing manager into
making you a job offer?  Worry not.

As a hacker, your technical skills are better than 99% of the working
stiffs in the industry.  They access computers because they _have_ to,
you access computer because you _want_ to.  Who has the advantage here?

As a hacker, you most likely know a good number of people in the
industry.  These connections can help you get your foot in the door.
Of the five hackers that comprise TNo, four of them got their current
positions through contacts made in the underground community.  Look at
all of the hackers who work for UUNet.  Or consider Coup's company,
(which shall remain unnamed here) which employs hackers almost
exclusively.  Real hackers stick together.

As a hacker, you have world class research skills.  These skills include
wandering the Web, penetrating internal corporate machines, social
engineering information out of unsuspecting employees and (last, but not
least) trashing.  These skills will give you the information needed to
determine what type of person the company is looking for.  Your task
then is to *become* that person... for at least the duration of the
interviews.  Throwing in bits and pieces of information about the
company during the interview is an excellent way to show the
interviewers that you are serious about wanting the job and that you
will fit in well with the corporate personality.  How is your average
Joe College going to compete with an information machine like you?


In the job hunt, social engineering starts with the resume.  The purpose
of a resume is not to get you a job.  The purpose of a resume is not to
explain who you are.  The purpose of the resume is not to show your work
history or your qualifications.  The purpose of the resume is to get you
an interview.  Do not put too much on your resume, nothing past the
first five lines of body text is normally read anyway.  Bullet the
important information right at the top of the document.  If you are
applying for a position as a Unix System Administrator, make certain
Unix System Administrator is the first thing the Human Resources Chimp
sees when he looks are your resume.  Remember, these fools look at
dozens of resumes every day.  If your goes into the wrong stack, it's
gone.  The resume is your password to accessing the system.  Once you're
in, you will need to correctly manipulate the interviewers to proceed to
the finish.

For your interview, dress nicely.  I don't care if your nick is "Garbage
Heap," you had better find a nice suit for your interview.  This shows
respect for the organization (truth is immaterial, image is everything).
This shows that you really want the job, which makes it easier for the
manager to give it to you.

Your first interview will be with a Human Resources Chimp.  This is
easy. This person is 100% likely to be scared to death of technical
people.  This person is intimidated by your mere presence.  This person
is inferior, and they know it.  Impress this person with the fact that
you know something other than purely technical information.  Talk about
how the company is doing in the stock market, talk about how much you
like the companies product, talk about the corporate presidents last
speech.  Talk about anything *BUT* technical topics. Technical topics
will not impress this interviewer because they are simply too stupid to
understand anything you are likely to tell them. This interviewer wants
to know you are a good team member.  This interviewer wants to know you
are personable.  This interview wants to be told that you really want to
work for this company.  Give the appropriate input, and you will get the
desired output.

Your second interview will be with a Technical Chimp.  Your first
interviewer will describe this person in glowing terms.  You will hear
how this person received his Doctorate in Computer Science from M.I.T.
and went on to receive the Turing Award for his outstanding
contributions to computer science.  At this point, you might be
stressing. Don't.  The reality is that the Technical Chimp doesn't know
a damned thing about the position for which you are applying.  He may
have at once known something, or he may never have known anything.
Either way, he will be afraid to talk tech with you for fear he will
reveal his inadequacies.  Go with the flow.  Talk about whatever he
wants to talk about.  Be agreeable.  Smile.  Interject additional
information into the conversation to support whatever point he is trying
to make.  Flash bits of technical knowledge whenver you get the chance,
but do not pressure him into a deep discussion of any particular
technical topic.  Ask non-technical questions about the company.  The
more you keep him talking, the less questioning you are going to
receive. Ask him to explain fully the systems the company uses.  Listen
intently and take careful notes, but do not press him for additional
information.  If he's not saying it, it's probably because he doesn't
understand it.  Don't make him look bad, and he won't have a gridge to
hold against you.  Even if you turn down the job, this information about
the companies systems may still be useful to you...

Can't get past the Human Resources Chimp because you don't have the
required degree?  Call early in the day, late in the day, or during
lunch.  Find a time when the Human Resources Chimp is not there.  Or,
call as a customer having a problem and ask to speak with the manager.
Remember, as a customer, you are not required to be reasonable or calm.
As soon as you get the name, find an excuse to get off the line.  Hang
up, call back the next day, and ask for the manager by name.  Speak
directly with the manager who has the opening.  Often, these folks are
not even aware of a corporate policy requiring degrees.  And they
usually don't give a damn either way.


Even if you don't get this particular job, one more thing you have
learned penetrating systems will help you: persistence.  You can't get
into every system every time.  But, there are always more systems.
Turned down by U.S. West?  I was.  But then I received an offer from
U.S. West Enhanced Services.  Turned down by AT&T?  How about applying
at one of the many companies that provide contractors for AT&T?

You scan the Internet with ISS.  You scan the PSTN with ToneLoc.  Scan
the employment field with your fax modem.  Go through the Sunday paper
and fax a resume to *every* fax number in the Computer Science section.
Go to the Yellow Pages and call every company you would like to work for
and ask for the fax number of their human resources department.  Make a
list of all of these numbers and fax them your resume more than once.
Too many resumes get lost for you to expect it will get to an actual
hiring manager the first time.  Wait at least a week between faxes.


Remember: If you can hack into a system, you can hack into a company.
And this usually pays better.


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