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How to be an evil computer hacker
Hacker Scene

=   F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.   =

                      How To Be An Evil Computer Hacker

People are always asking me "Voyager, How do *I* become an evil computer
hacker like you?"  I almost always give them the straight truth, and
they very seldom believe me.

The secret to being a successful Evil Computer Hacker (tm-TNo(1991)) is
understanding systems.  To expolit a system, you must first understand
how that system works, both conceptually and practically.  Over 2500 years
ago, Sun Tzu wrote "If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you
need not fear the result of a hundred battles."  Make yourself knowledgable
about systems, and assess your knowledge fairly.  Do this and you will
not be defeated.

Here are a few tips on becoming an Evil Computer Hacker:

Read at least one book a week.

        Dilbert books don't count.  This week I've read _An AIX
        Companion_, _AIX RS/6000 System and Administration Guide_ and
        _AFS Users Guide_.  I'm working on _Troubleshooting
        Internetworks_ today.  Select books that are just a bit above
        your current skill level.  Books below your current skill level
        won't help you, nor will books too far above your current skill
        level.  Select books that interest you.  If a topic does not
        arouse your interest, you will not retain the information you
        are studying.  With every new fact you read, try to fit it into
        place with the facts you currently posess.  Look at the new fact
        and try to imagine a situation where you could put it to use.
        Personalize the knowledge and it will stay around for a long
        time.  As always, take good notes.  Review your notes when you
        finish the book.  Review your notes one day later and also one
        week later.

Keep up with periodicals in your field.

        Books are your best source for comprehensive information, but
        the lead time for a book to go to press means that books are out
        of date before they hit the shelves.  Periodicals are required
        to round out your knowledge base.  Public libraries subscribe to
        many periodicals.  Many industry periodicals are available free
        to qualified subscribers.  Remember, Evil Computer Hackers are
        _always_ qualified subscribers.  Do not ignore online
        periodicals like Phrack, CoTNo, The Infinity Concept and FEH.

Wander the Web.

        When you come across a new concept, term, phrase, vendor,
        product or technology -- head to the World Wide Web.  Visit one
        or more of the WWW search engines (my personal favorite is and search for references.  Each time you
        find a link to something that sounds interesting, follow that
        link.  An excellent way to expand our horizons is to find
        information that we were not _originally_ looking for.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

        Reading Is Fundamental, but reading isn't everything.  Practice
        is required to cement your recently obtained knowledge into
        place.  Practice everything that you can practice.  Build
        cables. Build circuits.  Code software.  Execute commands.
        Explore systems.  Without practice you are only a voyeur, not a

Find a job in the field.

        The best way to practice is to get paid for it.  This method
        also has the advantage of helping you to avoid time in the
        Penalty Box.  Although prison can be an interesting and learning
        experience, I really cannot reccommend it as a good step toward
        becoming an Evil Computer Hacker.  In addition, you come into
        contact with systems you simply can't get into by traditional
        hacker methods.  I may be able to remotely access the NSA's
        Cray's, but I certaintly cannot remotely access their biometric
        security devices.  As an employee (or contractor), I will be
        able to access these systems every day.

Do a good job at work.

        Become the wizard at the office.  Learn _everything_ about
        _every_ system in the building, even that horrid PRIME 9950 that
        no one wants to learn to use.  Be the person people come to with
        questions.  Every time someone comes to you with a question,
        they bring useful information with them.  Repeat after me "Sure,
        I'll take a look at the problem for you. I'll need an account on
        the system though."

Switch jobs regularly, but not too regularly.

        Switching jobs regularly is required to keep your skills up to
        date.  Not that long ago, three years was considered the
        shortest acceptable time to hold a position.  Today, it's two
        years and falling.

Teach others.

        When we teach a subject, we organize and clarify that subject in
        our mind.  We find (and fill) the gaps in our understanding of
        the subject matter.  Our conceptualization of the system
        improves, and our understanding of the system deepens.

There are no secrets to becoming an Evil Computer Hacker.  There are no
short cuts.  Sure, there are a thousand lamers with 31337 sUp3R s3Kr3t
r00t X-pL01tS, but they are still lamers.  They pretend to be Evil
Computer Hackers, but when their particular toy exploit is patched, they
are back to begging for scripts on #hack.

One more note: Avoid IRC, it's a pit from which few escape.


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