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A real hack
Hacker Scene

=   F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.   =

                                A Real Hack

        Received this in the mail the other day, fakemailed to me.
Let this be a good lesson to the media and their shitty bias.


Hackers have the unfair reputation of being evil. Always up to no good 
and out to destroy every computer they come across and to use every 
credit card number they can find.

The media is, in our eyes, the sole entity responsible for this 
misrepresentation in the public eye. Hackers make media headlines only 
when they have damaged or stolen something. Hey, sensationalism and 
ratings are all they give a fuck about, and stories about good hackers 
don't produce either.

On April 8th of this year, a young girl disappeared from northern 
California and was believed to be in the Los Angeles area. Police and 
federal agencies were not making any progress, as trying to find a 
missing girl in Los Angeles is pretty much a hopeless cause because of 
the geographical size of it.

An interesting idea was sparked when in conversation with a federal 
agency, familiar with some of the hobbies of the family member of the 
missing girl, suggested that his resources were "better than theirs" in 
such a situation.

This hacker then got on the phone and starting calling all of his friends 
dispersed throughout California, seeing who was available and what 
resources could be tapped. It was Sunday afternoon, April 21st.

The informal group believes that every persons mistake is in their use of 
the phone. So, naturally, the first resource was the phone company. Once 
in, call details were pulled of the missing person and then call detail 
reports pulled from each of those numbers covering a three month period 
of time.

Frequent numbers were tallied starting from newest to oldest and then 
distributed for the calls to begin. Meanwhile, hackers were weaving their 
way through the network of local and federal law enforcement agencies, 
credit companies and bank and gas company card user databases. Everything 
was coming up blank. The only information found all led back to the point 
of disappearance.

Except for one small piece of information. An SSA search listed a 
temporary mailing address used many years earlier for corresspondence to 
that individual. Back into the phone company to pull the customer 
information on that address. Bogus call to see who answered was then made.
No one familiar.

It was now late Monday morning. A hacker friend located in the area of 
the address parked across the street armed with printouts of .jpg files 
scanned earlier that morning and emailed to him. He was going to stick 
around and see what was happening.

The call came at 12:05 p.m. Monday afternoon. She was there! The 
appropriate calls were made and the whole thing came to an end thirty 
minutes later with another phone call between family members.

Hackers come in many ideologies. There are those who destroy and steal, 
but most are just intellectually curious with an abundance of knowledge 
of how the system works. This was just the kind of people who used their 
resources to settle a missing persons case in less than twenty-four hours 
after a federal agency couldn't do it themselves, and basically suggested 
they do what they had to do.

The irony is that these data trackers committed close to a hundred 
felonies in the process of tracking this missing person. The federal 
agencies would have used the same type of methods to accomplish the same 
thing, but they wouldn't have had broken a single law. And these federal 
officers work for us, yet they are also the ones who will kick in your 
door at six in the morning and terrorize the fuck out of you and drag you 
into jail for doing the same thing.

No one was defrauded, not a single thing damaged or stolen. Justifiable, 
unofficially-sactioned activities that may have ultimately saved the 
taxpayers millions of dollars. Yet, we're the criminals.

This story was intentionally written to be vague, non-descriptive and 
non-incriminating. Yet the story is very much true. We wish not to be known.

Version: 2.6.2


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