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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: fuck011.htm

You know you're an evil computer hacker when...
Hacker Scene

=  F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.  =

       You Know You're an Evil Computer Hacker When...

You buy a truck, so you can carry away more when you go trashing.

You type in ECHO Y | FORMAT C:, but do not press , every
time the doorbell rings unexpectedly.

You refuse to upgrade to a newer PC, because you know that it
will only make you feel worse when the Secret Service siezes it.

For three years you have been trying to meet a nice girl, who can
code in C.

You know what OS every fast food restaurant you frequent uses,
and the system defaults.

Your mother calls you by your nick.

If the Secret Service raided your apartment, the only thing they
would leave behind would be junk food packaging.

You can name every federal 3 letter and 4 letter agency by heart,
and describe most of their networks, but you can't match more
than half a dozen professional football teams with the cities
they live in.

Your favorite computer game is "Unix."

In the middle of the night, lamers come to dig through *your*

You wonder why everyone does not know all of the RFC numbers by

Daylight makes you feel sick and dizzy, as you vaguely recall,
from the last time you saw it, whenever that was.

When you meet a young lady who seems to be interested in you, you
pull her criminal and credit records and check her employment to
make certain she is not a federal agent.

When someone asks you what you do, you go through a mental
checklist of what you can and cannot tell them.

You can name every member of LOD and TNO, but you can never
recognize the person on the cover of _People_.

Your lawyer simply simply does not approve.

You memorize peoples phone numbers by converting them to
hexadecimal and remembering the Op Codes to which they

You have security badges from more companies than you have ever
legitimately worked for.

You installed dosemu on your Linux box, just so you could run

Your FBI file weighs more than you do.

You have not has a single vacation in three years where you did
not see GrayAreas.

You can recite the computer crime statutes of your state by
heart, and yet can't find one you haven't broken.

You wish you could stop automatically decoding DTMF tones in your
head every time someone dials the phone.


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= Paradise Lost        414.476.3181    Black SunShine       513.891.3465  =
=  514.683.1894    Digital Fallout      516.378.6640  =
= PSYCHOSiS            613.836.7211    Bad Trip             615.870.8805  =
= Plan 9               716.881.3663    suicidal chaos       718.592.1083  =
= Phallic Paradise     801.944.7353    Purple Hell          806.791.0747  =
= Atrocity Exhibition  905.796.3385    The Keg              914.234.9674  =
= Files through Anonymous FTP: FTP.NETCOM.COM - /pub/je/jericho/FUCK      =
=                              FTP.FC.NET - /pub/deadkat/misc/FUCK        =
=                              FTP.WINTERNET.COM - /users/craigb/fuck     =
=                              FTP.GIGA.OR.AT - /pub/hackers/zines/FUCK   =
=                              ETEXT.ARCHIVE.UMICH.EDU - /pub/Zines/FUCK  =
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