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Why the scene is lame
Hacker Scene

=  F.U.C.K. - Fucked Up College Kids - Born Jan. 24th, 1993 - F.U.C.K.  =

                            Why The Scene is Lame

Why am I bringing this damned subject up in the first place?  Well, there are
a few (actually, QUITE a few) reasons why.  The scene is lame.  Not because
the 0-day isn't flowing, but for other reasons.  I'm gonna explain a few to
you, in laymens terms, and if you want to get into more detail, think about
it yourself, for I do not have enough time, nor enough patience to explain it
all myself.

Lets start with the basics, shall we?   First off, lets discuss this
damned Internet.  Or for you puds, The Information Superhighway.  What a load
of crap.  I remember when no one could get on, and it was barren, and only
the k-eleetest could get on.  Now it's a gathering place for puds from all
around the world, so you have to deal with thousands of puds from all over,
rather than the typical hundred or so in your area code (Who also have
Internet access, and are on there presently)...  [quote from a friend of
mine] 'There are alot of kids out there, who's parents are rich, and they
think internet is better than sex'..  Isn't that the damned truth.  I'm
getting sick of hearing about all the lame-asses that get access.  I dont'
have access presently, nor do I ever plan on it, because A) I'm not willing
to pay to be hanging out with a LARGE group of puds, asking for the zero-day,
and B) It's too lame.  Maybe if we could put each person who wants access
to a test, to see if they are truely lame, that would be cooler.  Most of the
problem lies in the attitudes of the stuck up brats that hang around there
with their 0-days.  That is one, and the other problem with attitudes is
the people that hang out in #ansi all day long, just asking if they could
do an ansi for someone, or asking for money to do an ansi for someone.
That's lamer than hell.  Who out there is truely into making money out of a
hobby, whoch you must be good at (I admit, ansi takes skill, especially you
ACiD d00ds, which we all love and adore).  Selling a peice of information,
which is just 1's and 0's, which really isn't REAL at all...  Anyone else
think this sounds a little lame?   Yes.  Why can't we limit it...  damn you
all in #ansi.

Another reason the scene is lame.  z3R0-d4Z3 d00d!!  Now we have a
large portion of people that do nothing but leech from their favorite TDT or
RAZOR board to courier to their bestest friends.  What the hell..  Heard a
comment not too long ago, that the reason he does it, is (and I quote) 'It's
easier than H/P'..  What the hell type of comment is that?  Go buy a mac and
sit all day in front of it playing pong, see if we miss you.  Easier?  Pishah!

Now a days, getting the zer0-daze is harder than it was a year ago.  The
security (which makes NO sense) is stricter, and no one has a sense of fucking
humor anymore.  They're all too damned uptight with their warez, they forget
about having a >grunt< LIFE!  get a grip on reality!  I think my second grade
teacher said it best : 'If you have to go to the bathroom, don't go on the
carpet'.  If you can figure out the relavance that that quote had with the
conversation topic at hand, you are k-rad.  It really does have significance,
just dig a little deeper than SUBST C:\WAREZ E:...   I must admit now, I
love games, I'd play them all day if I didn't have a life...  but I do, so I
can't courier my warez to my friends...  And the people that actually GET the
warez, are always so uptight about the eFfBe3eYe knocking on their door, they
keep the ware locked up securly on their password protected tape drive...
Thusly, not getting anywhere.  I believe in spreading your warez, so I can
find a game that will run on my 386sx/25 w/ 2 megs of ram.  Damn you all with
the z3r0-d4z3...

Ache/Pee..  What the hell.  I respect most of the people that study
the knowledge..  it's amazing to watch most of you, just working your asses
off to get the nf0 on some d00d.  It's nice to see that the hacking down of
boards has gone down (NOT!).  I've seen people talking about it on my board
even, about another board.  It could be the lamest board in the world, and
nothing could possess me to hack it down to the bare bottom.  What would come
of it?  If it's so right to kill the lamers, lets hack out #ansi & #warez and
grab everyones nf0 and bomb their houses.  Damnit, I'm trying to make a point
here.  You're not h/p if you hack boards. It's unrewarding.  You are in
h/p if you are willing to take risks, go out and do something, not just sit
at home and read texts.  You could be the most knowledgable h/p text reader,
and you could still know nothing about what REALLY could happen, until you get
out there and do it.  I've heard people chicken out of trashing, for satan's
sake.  Damnit, trashing.  Easiest thing to do, if you are willing to stick
your dick out once in a while...  Damnit, you fuckers are lame (not the true
h/p people, you're k-rad d00ds).  Go out and do something, make the scene a
little better, raise the scene's iq.  Damn you lamers who think they are h/p.

Narq's.  You suck my asshole.  You sit at home all day, looking for
the first person to post FUCK on a message, and go narq them out to the feds.
HE SAID THE F WORD!  Get a fucking life.  Software companies say they lose
money every year because of software piracy.  How can they lose something
they never got?   If you're not selling games to people that pirate them,
you're not loosing anything, at the least, you're spreading your name around
a bit.  Narqs go out, tell off to these companies, and fuck the warez kiddie's
life up.  He can't courier the 0-day!  That's not really bad, but it's like
religion.  It's gives people direction in their lives, no matter how
insignificant they are.  Narqs, I have only 3 letters to throw at you.  B-B-Q.

People, your attitudes have GOT to change, or we'll all turn out like
those people you see in the windows and mac commercials.  Sitting around,
TALKING to our computers, not using your typing skills at all.  I don't want
to get in the way of development, but as long as we're going in this
direction, there's no way I can stay out of it's way.  Change your needs,
you people.  Make the scene a better place.  This includes everyone I did
not mention in this little peice.  The lamers on the local boards that always
get flamed for being lame.  The Sysops who carry warez, but no one knows,
'cuz he doesn't let anyone have access to them.  The Users who do nothing but
leech.  This is for you too.... Take it to heart, I'm sick of this fucking

narq me out lamers.

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